how to stop possums eating vegetable garden

how to stop possums eating vegetable garden

Residing with possums isn’t at all times straightforward, however there are some things we will all do to reside in concord with possums in our shared city areas. Let’s face it… we’re by no means going to do away with all of them collectively, and why ought to we? They have been right here lengthy earlier than we have been, and it’s our destruction of their habitat that has compelled them into our homes, our gardens, and lives. So, what steps can we take to ensure we will all get alongside collectively?

Possums within the roof?

There’s one purpose that possums will shift in to our roof areas… lack of hollows of their habitat. You see, Frequent Brushtail possums utilise tree hollows for resting and nesting throughout the day, and are fairly completely satisfied to take action. However, the elimination of remnant timber in city areas has severely diminished the variety of hollows out there, and thus, we find yourself sharing our homes with them. So, what can we do to assist them… and us? In case you presently have possums within the roof, listed here are a few ideas that ought to encourage them again into the wild:

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1. Make or purchase an acceptable nest field for the Frequent Brushtail possum, and set up it in your backyard to behave as an alternate den web site for our furry pals. For more information on nest bins, try web sites reminiscent of this for more information.

2. Find the nest the possum has in-built your roof, take away it (when the possum is out and foraging) and place this contained in the nest field. This can encourage the possum to maneuver to its new location.

3. Place a bit of fruit contained in the nest field. Apple or bananas appear to work finest. This can entice the possum to research the nest field, and hopefully resolve to remain. It ought to be confused that feeding of possums will not be really helpful (besides as a one off throughout relocation).

4. Block of entry to your roof. This may be finished by loping any overhanging branches, and inserting collars across the trunks of timber that possums utilise to entry the roof. Collars could be constructed from a lot of merchandise, however 60cm huge sheet iron appears to work fairly nicely.

5. Place camphor blocks OR mothballs within the roof area, notably across the space the place the nest web site was. DON”T place each! Possums actually dislike these smells, and shall be reluctant to return.

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6. If doable, pop a light-weight up within the roof area, and go away it there for a number of days (on after all!). The mix of alternate nesting web site, unhealthy smells and light-weight ought to be ample to discourage them.

7. As soon as you’re happy that the possum has left the constructing, block any recognized entrance factors. Wiping across the entrance factors with family bleach will take away possum scent, and make re-entry fairly unappealing!

Possums consuming your crops?

Even probably the most affected person and wildlife pleasant gardeners tear their hair out over this one, however, after important analysis, I can let you know that there are answers to cease your treasured crops being wolfed by hungry possums! Possum repellents work by two strategies: style and scent! Analysis carried out has proven that scent deterrents are considerably simpler than style, but additionally suggests {that a} ravenous possum will eat absolutely anything! So, here’s a checklist of some tried and true strategies of deterring possums.

1. Internet affected crops with shade fabric or white chicken netting at night time time. Fast, low cost, and darn efficient! That is completely one of the simplest ways to guard younger crops and seedlings from possum assault. Why not complement this with a dangling cat scare face or two? Accessible from nurseries, these scare faces appear to be cats and have reflective eyes, fairly scary if you’re a possum!

2. Sprinkling blood and bone fertiliser across the base of decorative crops and fruit timber can act as a big possum deterrent. They hate the scent, and shall be much less inclined to munch on handled crops!

3. A hand-crafted garlic spray of two tablespoons of crushed garlic in a single litre of scorching water, left to face over night time, strained and sprayed onto foliage, fruits and engaging rising ideas is an previous favorite of mine, and it appears to work. Subsequently, strive chillies or Indonesian fish sauce. Simply keep in mind to scrub your produce earlier than consuming!

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4. A sprig constructed from Quassia chips (chips of bark from a South American tree). Add 100 g chips to 2 litres water and warmth for one hour earlier than straining. Add one tablespoon detergent. Dilute at fee of 1 a part of resolution to 4 elements water and apply as a twig. Quassia chips can be found at many nurseries, and are fairly affective, forming the bottom ingredient of many commercially out there possum repellents (e.g.: Poss-Off).

5. My grandmothers’ private favorite, and one she swears by, is the tea-based deterrent. Boil two litres of water; add 4 heaped teaspoons of Lapsang Souchong tea and go away to chill. Pressure of liquid and apply from a plastic spray bottle immediately onto affected crops. Reapply each two weeks and at all times after rain. Make a contemporary brew each time.

6. Wack a little bit of undiluted Tabasco sauce on affected crops……a certain resolution until your possum likes it scorching!

7. A watered down resolution of a little bit detergent and a few English mustard sprayed immediately onto the foliage and fruits of tasty crops.

8. Commercially out there possum deterrents reminiscent of Poss-Off or Scat, work by emitting an disagreeable odour, so, when used in response to the directions on the merchandise, declare to discourage the little blighters!

It ought to be remembered that nobody resolution is assured, and reapplication of sprays ought to be a daily and on-going exercise. It’s endorsed that almost all sprays be re-applied each two to a few weeks, and after rain. Attempt utilizing these repellent sprays alongside “possum highways” as nicely (e.g.: tops of fences, nicely used tree branches). As possums are creatures of behavior, any disruption to there common routine could be actually upsetting, and can typically consequence within the possum transferring away to hunt a feed elsewhere.

Persistence is the important thing! A behavior (as everyone knows) will not be damaged in a day, so sustain the spraying, re-apply, and over time the undesirable behaviour ought to dissipate. Good luck!

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