how to stop puppy digging holes in garden

how to stop puppy digging holes in garden

Cocker Spaniel dog digging holes in yard

Does your yard appear like the floor of the moon – filled with craters?

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It’s your canine. He gained’t cease digging, proper?

I’ve been there. I’d usually return residence to seek out my canine’s head in a gap along with his butt sticking up within the air – spraying filth behind him.

Not solely are holes ugly, however when it rains, they flip to mud. The one repair is to cease your canine from digging.

However how do your decided digger from tearing up your yard?

We have now the reply to that…

We surveyed over 500 canine homeowners and consulted with an animal behaviorist to seek out the very best options to cease a canine from digging.

With their assist, we put collectively this record of 26 ideas. By the point you attain the tip, you’ll know precisely tips on how to cease your professional gap digger from tearing up your yard.

To start out with, I’m going to provide suggestions that you need to use to cease a canine digging proper now. in a while, I’ll cowl the causes of digging – fixing these can create a long-lasting digging resolution.

Let’s begin with…

1. Cowl the world with unhealthy smells

Bulldog being deterred from digging after smelling cayenne red pepper powder

Ever discover how your canine sniffs the filth as he digs his gap? We’re going to use this habits in opposition to your furry earth-mover.

Yep, by assaulting your canines eager sense-of-smell you may cease his digging in his tracks. All you want is a nasty scent.

The simplest digging deterrent scent we examined was purple cayenne pepper.

Sprinkle a small quantity of this powder wherever your canine is digging. As soon as your canine takes a sniff, he’ll keep away from the world fully.

When inhaled, this purple pepper will irritate your canine’s nostrils. You’ll understand it’s labored as a result of your canine will doubtless snort, shake his head and even run…

Most canines don’t suppose digging is price placing up with this ache – however don’t fear, it’s solely short-term and innocent.

Better of all, you doubtless have a bottle of purple cayenne pepper sitting in your pantry. Particularly when you like spicy meals as a lot as I do!

Nonetheless, In case your canine is a dig-o-holic, the small-sized jar in your pantry may not be sufficient. Because of this, I like to recommend shopping for in bulk – 6lbs can be greater than sufficient for many yards.

It’s price mentioning that you’ll want to reapply cayenne pepper when it will get moist. Rain, dew, and water out of your sprinkler system will wash it away.

Different scents that will deter your canine from digging embrace:

  • Citrus fruit (oranges, lemons, grapefruit)
  • Espresso Grounds
  • Citronella Important Oil
  • Canine poop (bury your canine’s poop the place he digs

A few of our readers have even had luck with by spraying areas with anti-chew spray.

Nonetheless, these scents are a lot much less aggressive than purple cayenne. It’s possible you’ll discover they aren’t sturdy sufficient to cease a decided canine from digging.

2. Block off your canines entry

Beagle being prevented from digging in garden by fence

Is you canine focusing his digging efforts on a selected part in your yard?

He can’t dig up your garden or backyard mattress if he can’t get close to it.

The simplest strategy to cease your canine accessing his favourite digging spot is to fence it off.

Precisely the way you do that will rely in your yard.

For fencing off the garden, you may connect patio fencing to posts with zip ties, sectioning off the yard.

Another choice is to purchase an outside child gate to your porch steps. This manner your canine can’t make his manner off the porch to the grass beneath.

Fencing is a well-liked resolution for stopping canines from digging in vegetable gardens and flower beds

When selecting a fencing resolution, think about the breed of canine you are attempting to maintain out…

A small fence will doubtless maintain a pug out. Extra athletic canines, resembling German Shepherds, can leap as much as 6 ft and can want a a lot taller fence.

When unsure, purchase the tallest fence doable.

Whereas it might take some creativity to fence off your yard, the result’s price it – your pup gained’t be capable to entry his favourite digging spot.

3. Create a digging barrier

Basset hound unable to dig hole in soil due to chicken wire blocking him

What when you may create a barrier within the floor that may cease your canine from digging?

Effectively, you are able to do simply that. All you want is a roll of rooster wire and a day to put in it.

This wire mesh is usually used to maintain chickens from digging in your vegetable backyard. But it surely works simply as effectively for canines.

Roll out the rooster wire laying it flat. Pin it down, and also you now have a horizontal barrier that your canine can’t dig by means of – when you don’t just like the look, cowl it with a skinny layer of soil.

When your canine tries to dig, his paws will scrape alongside the rooster wire – stopping him from scratching up the soil beneath. Even essentially the most decided digger will ultimately quit!

Nonetheless, it is best to know that steel rooster wire has a extreme downside. It has sharp items, particularly if it rusts.

In case your canine scrapes his foot throughout the rooster wire whereas trying to dig, he can injure his paw pad – you don’t need that.

That’s why I desire to make use of plastic poultry fencing. It’s inexpensive, sturdy and gained’t hurt your pup’s paws.

Better of all, as soon as coated with a layer of soil or grass, plastic poultry fencing is invisible. Your company won’t ever know you might be battling a digging drawback!

Certain, you’ll have to put aside a day to put in a digging barrier. However the time spent right here is price it – it’s a long-lasting digging resolution.

You too can make a barrier by burying giant rocks the place your canine digs. You probably have loads of stones available, this may very well be a less expensive resolution to rooster wire.

4. Blast your canine with water

French Bulldog running from motion activated sprinkler

My canine hates water. Baths, sprinklers, rain, puddles on the bottom – if it will get her moist, she is going to exit of her strategy to keep away from it.

In case your pup feels the identical manner, then water could be the excellent digging deterrent.

Each time your canine goes close to his favourite digging spot, spray your pup with water and he’ll run away, he’ll overlook all about digging.

However you don’t have to attend round with a backyard hose till your canine decides to dig – a motion-activated sprinkler will do the job for you.

If the sprinkler detects motion, it should unleash a jet of water in a selected path – soaking your canine.

Now your pup must decide:

Is digging up your garden price getting moist?

To my water-hating pooch, that’s a simple reply. No!

Better of all, motion-activated sprinklers even work at midnight. Even sneaky night-time diggers will get sprayed – it’s a 24/7 resolution.

You need to ensure that your canine hates water earlier than selecting this resolution – in any other case, your canine can be digging in mud as an alternative!

5. Create a brilliant enjoyable dig-pit

collie puppy digging in sandbox

As an alternative of letting your canine select the place to dig in your yard, why not resolve for him?

All you want to do is create a digging zone, simply to your canine.

This may very well be as straightforward as tilling the earth in a selected part of your yard – canines desire to dig the place the soil is mushy and sandy.

You probably have the money and time, you possibly can take this idea a step additional and create a sandy space simply to your canine to dig in – kids’s sandboxes work nice right here.

Canine’s like to dig within the sand as a result of it’s mushy and straightforward to maneuver round.

You’ll be able to encourage your canine to make use of this space by sprinkling or burying treats. You’ll be able to even disguise canine toys beneath the floor – when your canine digs right here, he’s rewarded!

By repeatedly hiding surprises in your canine’s dig pit, he gained’t need to dig anyplace else!

Don’t have room in your yard to arrange a devoted doggy digging zone? Take a look at this toy as an alternative…

This toy options many layers of fabric which you could disguise treats inside. Your canine can be overjoyed as he digs by means of the layers to seek out these treats.

6. Scare your canine with a balloon

Chihuahua being deterred from digging yard by popped balloon

An enormous thank-you to Carol, a reader who shared this tip.

Carol seen that her Basset Hound, named Droopy, was afraid of loud noises – particularly thunder and fireworks.

Every time her Droopy is startled, he runs for canopy.

Droopy additionally wished to dig his strategy to China – he was decided to dig the deepest gap he may.

So, Carol used inflated balloons as a digging-deterrent. After they popped with a loud bang, Droopy ran for the hills.

Droopy now associates his gap with a scary noise and now gained’t go close to it.

Is your canine simply startled? Right here’s how you need to use his worry to cease him digging for good:

Blow up a balloon and place it in your canine’s gap. Cowl the balloon with a layer of filth, simply sufficient to carry it in place.

As your canine begins digging, his sharp nails will pop the balloon. The loud popping sound will scare your canine away.

It might take just a few tries earlier than your canine understands that when he hears this loud bang when he begins digging. It took 4 makes an attempt earlier than Droopy stopped his digging methods.

Don’t overlook to select up all of the rubber balloon items as soon as you might be executed – you don’t need your canine swallowing them!

7. Prepare your canine

Australian Shepherd being trained to stop digging in yard

Are you able to think about asking your canine to cease digging and have him obey?

It may appear onerous to consider, however with correct coaching, you are able to do exactly that.

By instructing your canine the cease or sit command, your canine will cease what he’s doing once you inform him to.

Nonetheless, my favourite command is “place”

This command can be utilized to get your canine to return to his doghouse, mattress, or crate. I desire this command as a result of it strikes your canine away from the place he was digging.

After you have commanded your canine to cease digging, it is best to redirect his habits elsewhere – resembling a enjoyable toy, or sport.

Having issue coaching your canine? Attain out to your native canine coach for assist!

8. Train your canine

stopping beagle from digging by taking him for a walk

I do know all of us get busy infrequently, however there isn’t an excuse to not train your canine – particularly when it might assist cease your canine digging up your yard!

Have you ever ever seen that once you go on a stroll, your canine spends more often than not sniffing? Being uncovered to new smells is vital to a canine.

One of many causes your canine digs up the yard is to reveal himself to new smells.

By taking your canine for an extended day by day stroll, you might be fulfilling this want for brand spanking new scents. Your pup can be much less more likely to dig for brand spanking new smells if he is aware of he can be uncovered to them every day.

Many canines love “sniffy walks.” As an alternative of strolling as quick as doable, enable your canine a extra leash and cease and let him sniff no matter he discovers alongside the best way.

As when you wanted one more reason to stroll your canine, train is a superb strategy to burn off power. In case your pup doesn’t get a superb run, then that undisturbed earth begins to appear like an effective way channel that extra power.

In the event you don’t have time to train your canine, think about hiring a canine walker.

9. Distract your canine

Welsh Corgi being distracted from digging a hole in grass

Some canines dig as a result of they don’t have anything higher to do.

The following time you catch your canine digging, strive distracting him with a sport of fetch, giving him a toy, performing a trick and even giving him a deal with.

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In case your canine doesn’t return to digging after his distraction, you’ll know he was wanting leisure.

On this case, you’ll need to think about as to how one can make your yard extra enjoyable to your canine. One of the best resolution right here is to provide your canine toys to play with.

Talking of which…

10. Give your canine toys

Jack Russel Terrier playing with rubber ball on lawn

Whereas researching this text, I spoke to quite a few individuals who depart their canine of their yard with nothing to do.

They had been then shocked to return residence and uncover that their canine had dug up half their yard.

Are you able to think about being locked in a yard all day with nothing to do? You’d go loopy.

So, quite than let your canine amuse himself by digging, try to be offering leisure for him.

That’s the place canine toys are available.

However not any toy will do. You need toys that your canine can play with by himself if you end up not round. All these toys are known as interactive canine toys.

Fashionable interactive toys embrace treat-dispensing balls, tether-tugs, and computerized ball throwers.

A preferred interactive toy is the Babble Ball…

Chew toys are one other nice toy for solo play. My pup will spend hours gnawing on his chew-ring.

On the lookout for different toys to maintain your pup entertained? Take a look at our greatest canine toy overview – now we have examined over 1,000 completely different toys!

11. Use an uncomfortable floor cowl

American Staffordshire Terrier deterred from digging by covering ground with pebbles

Canines have a choice for digging in mushy soil – it’s straightforward to dig and mild on the paws.

If the bottom in your yard is just too onerous or hurts your canine’s paw pads, he’ll keep away from digging it up.

That’s exactly what this trick focuses on: Making the bottom in your yard unenjoyable to dig in.

To try this, you need to cowl your soil or grass in a tough, dense or coarse materials.

Giant pebbles are a terrific anti-digging floor cowl. By layering pebbles or rocks on to one another, they’re too heavy to dig up.

A thick layer of crushed gravel may also work. Canines gained’t dig by means of them because the coarse chunks will scratch your canine’s paw pads.

Mulch is one other floor cowl that may stop your canine from digging. Specifically, giant wooden chips. These pointy wooden chunks aren’t enjoyable to dig in.

The trick right here is that you really want the bottom cowl to be thick sufficient to discourage your canine. Shallow cowl can simply be moved round and expose the tempting soil that hides beneath.

The place it is sensible, you possibly can even lay down stone pavers.

In the event you reside close to wooded areas, chances are you’ll not even want to purchase floor cowl. Pointy pine cones and clippings from spiky crops, like blackberries, might be laid on prime of areas the place your canine digs – you simply have to exit and gather it!

I’m positive there are many different floor covers you possibly can use too – get artistic!

12. Use pointy crops

prickly cactus planted in garden to prevent dog from digging

Have you ever ever been stabbed by a cactus? Hurts, proper? Your canine thinks the identical.

Your pup is sensible. If a plant pricks your canine, he’ll keep in mind it. If he sees that plant once more, he’ll keep away from it.

You need to use this to your benefit by planting prickly crops in places the place your canine digs.

The following time your canine tries to dig right here, he’ll obtain a nasty prickle for his efforts.

Your canine might attempt to dig a couple of times, however he’ll quickly study his lesson: Spikes damage and digging will not be definitely worth the ache.

The varieties of prickly crops you may select from will fully rely on the place you reside…

Numerous thorny rose varieties might be grown in most places within the USA whereas cactuses thrive in dry, arid areas.

It doesn’t matter the place you reside, there’s a prickly plant to discourage your canine from digging.

However do your analysis first…

You’ll be able to’t exit and purchase any outdated spiky plant. You see, many crops are poisonous to canines…

For instance, whereas holly will cease your canine from digging, it’s additionally poisonous to canines. In case your canine eats holly leaves or berries, it might trigger vomiting and diarrhoea.[1]

Different pointy crops like sago palms are notably lethal. Even a single seed can kill your canine.[2]

As you may see, researching dog-safe prickly crops is important. You are attempting to cease your canine from digging, not kill him!

13. Remedy your canine’s seperation anxiousness

Anxious Golden Retriever digging a hole in the lawn

Is your canine overly hooked up to you? He might miss you a lot that he acts up once you depart him alone.

This excessive attachment is known as separation anxiousness and is a surprisingly widespread situation.[3]

Troublesome behaviors related to separation anxiousness embrace:

  • Your canine going potty the place he shouldn’t.
  • Pacing
  • barking and howling
  • Chewing or being damaging
  • and, you guessed it… digging holes

In case your canine is an anxious digger then the answer is straightforward:

You could remedy his separation anxiousness!

Sometimes, this entails instructing your canine to take pleasure in (or not less than tolerate) being left alone.

Take a look at this video on tips on how to practice your canine to beat separation anxiousness:

There are additionally all kinds of merchandise that assist to deal with separation anxiousness in canines.

One of the well-liked is calming treats. Because the title suggests, you give your pup a deal with, and he’ll grow to be noticeably extra relaxed.

Different short-term options embrace calming sprays, leaving unwashed clothes at residence that smells such as you and strain wraps.

To make the very best use of those merchandise, mix them with coaching your canine out of separation anxiousness.

As soon as your pup’s separation anxiousness mounted, the digging can be too!

14. Make your scaredy-dog really feel protected

scared dog digging a hole in the yard for safety from loud noises

The world is a loud place. However some sounds are a lot louder than others. I’m speaking about fireworks, thunder, gunshots, loud vehicles, trains and alarms…

In fact, you and I do know that loud noises are fully innocent. Sadly, your pup doesn’t know any higher.

When your scared canine hears these sounds, he thinks that it’s one thing threatening. His first response? To seek for a protected place to cover…

If there isn’t a protected house round, your canine might frantically dig, to make a protected gap to cover in.

Happily, loud noises are a simple repair.

Hold your canine inside when you recognize there are going to be loud noises. 4th of July fireworks? Incoming thunderstorm? Carry your pup inside.

Want to depart your canine outdoors? Present him with a comfy shelter, resembling a canine home. In case your canine does get spooked by a loud noise, he’ll disguise in his home, quite than dig a gap.

A preferred resolution for scaredy-dogs is the Thundershirt. These canine coats gently constrict your canine with reassuring strain – many canine homeowners swear by them for conserving their canine calm throughout thunderstorms and fireworks

Different well-liked merchandise designed to maintain canines calm throughout loud noises embrace the Mutt Muffs, listening to safety for canines and the calming chews talked about within the earlier part.

15. Remedy your canine’s boredom

Bored Siberian husky digging up lawn in yard

Are you able to think about being locked in your yard all day with nothing to do? Sounds fairly boring, proper?

Effectively, your canine feels the identical manner….

To maintain himself entertained, your pup might take up digging as a pastime. It might be damaging, however to your canine, digging a gap is healthier than being bored.

By curing your pups boredom, you gained’t return residence to a yard filled with holes.

I coated a few boredom busters earlier on this information, resembling toys and taking your canine for a stroll.

Different boredom options embrace coaching your canine and even getting a second canine to maintain your pup firm.

16. Cease the deal with hiding

Golden Retriever hiding treat dispensing toy in hole that is dug in yard

Again when canines roamed wild, they’d dig holes to cover their unfinished meals. As soon as the meals was inside, they’d cowl it again up.

Consider this gap as a fridge for canines. The following time they had been hungry they’d dig up their hidden meal.

These days, canines have it too straightforward. They don’t have to hunt, a tasty meal hand to ship to them. And in case your pup is like mine, he will get a gentle provide of treats in between meals too.

Even so, your canine nonetheless has these pure instincts. Regardless of figuring out that he gained’t go hungry, the will to cover meals is irresistible.

And so he’ll flip your yard into his personal meals storage. Some canines will even go as far as to cover their chew toys in holes.

Look carefully on the gap your canine has dug. In the event you see meals, treats or toys inside, you’ll know you want to cope with your pup’s instincts.

However how do you struggle what comes naturally to your canine?

Step one is to take away something your canine has buried in your yard. In the event you don’t, your pup will dig it up once more. You don’t need one other gap in your yard, do you?

Now you need to be sure you aren’t over-feeding your canine. In case your canine is full, however there’s meals left over, he can be extra more likely to disguise it.

Subsequent canines are much less more likely to bury bite-sized treats. Bigger treats like bully sticks, yak chews or bones, however, usually tend to be saved for later.

Making the swap to a smaller deal with may very well be all it takes to cease your canine from digging up your yard.

In the event you supervise your canine, you may nonetheless give him giant treats. Nonetheless, when you discover he has completed consuming or chewing it is best to take the deal with off him for later.

One other different is to simply provide the bigger treats inside. There isn’t any mushy soil to dig up right here.

Digging holes to cover meals is taken into account to be extra widespread in searching breeds resembling Labradors, Beagles, Golden Retrievers and Weimaraners.

17. Be vigilant when modifying your yard

Jack Russel Terrier preparing to dig in freshly tilled soil from planting a tree

Canines usually dig as a result of they scent one thing new and thrilling. If that scent is coming from underground then your curious pup will dig till he can discover the reason for the scent.

You see, your canine is a super-sniffer. He can scent issues that people can’t. That’s why canines love going for walks a lot…

Walks open your canine as much as a complete vary of latest smells and smells that he wouldn’t get to scent at residence in your yard.

Your canine is aware of what your yard smells like. It’s boring. It’s not new or thrilling. Until…

You resolve to do some landscaping or modifying your again yard.

While you do that, you might be bringing in new smells into your yard. And to your canine, that’s extremely thrilling.

Let’s say you plant a brand new tree in your yard. Don’t be shocked to seek out your canine digging up the roots in a hunt for brand spanking new smells.

Even rolling out recent sod (grass turf) – your canine will fortunately dig by means of the grass roots.

Identical goes for digging up newly put in sprinkler heads and irrigation techniques.

But it surely’s not simply what you add to your yard. Even making ready a backyard mattress for flowers or greens could cause your canine to dig.

You see, canines love freshly tilled soil. It brings a complete new vary of smells to the floor. These smells had been beforehand locked underground.

With the soil unearthed, your canine is now inspired to dig. To not point out all of the worms and bugs that come to the floor – digging after these critters is nice enjoyable!

One reader even informed us a tragic story of after they buried their cat of their yard and positioned a memorial statue on prime…

They had been horrified to find their canine digging the grave up days later. Canines will fortunately dig up lifeless animals – to your canine, they scent nice!

Does your canine solely dig once you add one thing to your yard? The answer is straightforward:

You might want to know: how to build a raised garden box with legs

Fence off the world.

By fencing off the world, you gained’t have to fret about your canine digging up your model new flower backyard.

18. Examine to see in case your canine is pregnant

Pregnant American Staffordshire Terrier dog digging a hole to keep her newborn puppies safe

Is your canine pregnant? Congratulations, puppies are on the best way! And in case your mama-to-be is digging holes in your yard, they could be right here prior to you suppose.

You see, shortly earlier than a pregnant canine offers beginning, she is going to search protected shelter for her pups. Even when she has to make it herself.

In case your pregnant canine is digging a gap, she is attempting to create protected spot to cover her newborns.

When canines had been within the wild, this pure intuition would maintain the puppies protected from predators.

These instincts are so sturdy that your canine nonetheless has them right now. And is the very motive why your canine is digging up your yard.

In the event you left your pregnant pooch alone to seek out the right nest for her pups, she would dig up your whole yard.

That’s why it’s on you to create a protected and comfy spot to your pup to provide beginning.

And the simplest manner to do this is to make use of a whelping field. A whelping field is an enclosure that your mama canine can simply stroll out and in of, however new child puppies can be unable to flee.

Only one drawback. Whelping bins are costly. It’s onerous to justify the associated fee for a single litter…

However don’t fear, I’m going to share an inexpensive choice that native German Shepherd breeder really helpful:

Merely lay this Backyard mattress over a rubber mat (or whelping field liner), add a comfy blanket or two and you’ve got a comfy whelping field to your pregnant pooch – rather more comfy than the opening she was digging in your yard.

19. Present your canine with shelter

Husky hiding in a hole he dug in ground and using it as shelter from weather

Some yards have patios, shady bushes and all method of cozy locations for a canine to relaxation when the climate turns unhealthy…

Nonetheless, different yards are little greater than a discipline of grass bordered by a fence. If that seems like your yard, then it may very well be the rationale your canine is digging – particularly if this digging happens when the climate adjustments.

You see, a yard like this presents no safety from the weather.

However your canine is resourceful. He’ll take it upon himself to construct his personal shelter. Effectively, dig one up anyway.

Don’t need your canine to dig a gap for cover? Then it is best to present shelter for him.

Notice, even when your canine does have a canine home, he may nonetheless dig. You see, in case your canine home sits in full solar, it may be hotter in the home than outdoors. This brings me to the subsequent motive why canines dig…

20. Settle down your sizzling canine

dog laying in hole that he dug in dirt to cool down on a hot summer day

Summer season is nice and all, however can we discuss that warmth? There’s nothing worse than feeling sizzling and bothered on a scorching summer season day.

In the event you had been coated in fur, it will be a lot worse. Proper?

In sizzling climate, many canines endure. Particularly these with thick coats resembling Huskies, Golden Retrievers, and Border Collies.

Happily, canines have a sensible trick to remain cool – digging a gap.

You see, the soil beneath your grass hasn’t been uncovered to the scorching summer season solar.

In truth, this soil might be 10 – 15 ˚F cooler than the present temperature. And if the soil is within the shade, say behind a bush or close to the inspiration of a constructing, it may be colder once more.

When your canine rests on this uncovered soil, it cools him down dramatically. The chilly earth is like an icepack created from filth.

In the event you take a look at the thermometer, or reside in a sizzling space (taking a look at you Arizona) then this may very well be the very motive your canine is digging – particularly in case your canine is panting as he digs.

The answer is straightforward! Hold your canine recent on scorching summers days.

The simplest choice is to deliver your canine inside on sizzling days, the place the temperature is probably going cooler.

If bringing your canine inside isn’t an choice, you then offering shelter can go a great distance. A tarp stretched between two bushes, or a pop-up umbrella can present a shaded spot to your pup to relaxation.

For these of you that need to spoil your canine, it’s onerous to beat a canine pool for cooling down.

My aunt has a canine pool and swears by it. When summer season rolls round, her black Labrador will lay within the pool all day – his tail wags with pleasure each time my aunt units it up.

A big plastic container may also work as canine pool, so long as your canine can match inside.

There’s additionally a spread of cooling merchandise obtainable resembling cooling collars and vests. Nonetheless, many of those depend on you soaking them in chilly water for them to be efficient.

Cooling pads are one other resolution, however these are much less suited to outside use.

21. Rid your yard of rodents

Doberman Pinscher digging up grass while hunting a mole

Is your canine digging in a single location again and again? He could also be attempting to dig up an animal hiding in your soil.

You see, there are all kinds of various animals that may name your yard residence – particularly when you reside within the suburbs.

Some widespread pests that disguise within the filth embrace:

  • Gophers, groundhogs moles and voles
  • Rats, mice and rabbits
  • Squirrels and chipmunks
  • Lizards and snakes
  • Bugs, bugs and grubs
  • Frogs and toads

And in case your curious canine will get a scent, he’ll dig up your yard till he finds his prey.

Canines that had been bred to hunt or herd are most certainly to dig for small animals in your yard. This contains Border Collies, Greyhounds, Beagles, and Dachshunds – these are all canines with a excessive prey drive.

The answer is straightforward: Take away the animal your canine is are searching, and your gap drawback is solved.

Sometimes, one of the simplest ways to maintain these pests out of your yard is to take away their meals supply. As an example, moles will transfer on if there are not any grubs to eat. Relying on the pest, chances are you’ll have to contact the exterminator and even animal management.

No matter pest elimination technique you utilize, be certain that it’s canine protected. Many pesticides are poisonous to canines.[4]

22. Settle down your excited canine

Excited dog digging after meeting another dog on his walk

I need to admit, it’s cute watching canines get excited. It’s like they lose management of their physique. They leap, wag, shake and, sadly, dig.

One in every of our product testers, Boots, a Corgi, will get excited when it’s stroll time. When he sees the leash come out, he’ll bounce from one spot to the subsequent, frantically pawing on the ground.

Now, whereas this doesn’t trigger any injury inside, outdoors is a unique story. This frantic pawing wears down the grass and creates shallow holes within the garden.

Frequent causes of pleasure embrace:

  • It’s stroll time
  • It’s time for dinner
  • Assembly different canines
  • On the point of throw the ball in a sport of fetch
  • Listening to a squeaky toy
  • A brand new visitor arriving in your house

Does your canine dig in any of those situations?

You then’ll want to coach this habits out of him. Typically, this entails instructing your canine to take a seat or cease when the thrilling occasion happens.

Right here is a superb video on calming an excessively excited canine:

Once more, if you’re having hassle coaching your canine, it is best to converse to your native canine coach!

23. Eliminate the mushy, sandy soil in your yard

Vizsla dog digging in in soft sandy soil

The kind of soil in your yard could also be encouraging your canine to dig. Particularly when you’ve got mushy, sandy or freshly tilled filth.

I discovered this primary hand…

You see, my pup isn’t a digger. I can depart her within the yard and be assured she gained’t dig holes all over the place.

However after I take my pup to the seashore, she is going to spend half the time digging holes alongside the shore.

After I requested and canine behaviorist about this, she inquired about my yard. Extra particularly, she requested in regards to the soil in my yard.

Now, the soil in my yard will not be solely rocky however very compacted. As you might need guessed, that is very troublesome to dig in – My husband nearly gave up digging a backyard mattress, and he was utilizing a shovel!

It turned out that my canine was digging on the seashore as a result of the sand was mushy. This mushy soil supplied my canine with a brand new strategy to play that she couldn’t expertise at residence.

Compacted, rocky soil can scratch or injury your canine’s paw pads. By comparability, unfastened, sandy soil is mushy and mild on the paws and should encourage your canine to dig.

Happily, unfastened, mushy soil might be compacted. A hand tamper can be utilized for smaller sections of floor whereas bigger areas might require a garden curler.

In case your whole yard accommodates simply dug soil, then chances are you’ll have to strive one of many different options on this record.

24. Cease your canine digging for consideration

Fluffy Elo puppy digging in yard for attention

It’s no secret your canine likes to be showered with consideration. And who can blame him? Reward, cuddles, stomach rubs and treats – it’s the great life.

It saddens me to say that not all canines obtain the identical love. Some homeowners ignore their canines.

So what can your canine do if feels you might be ignoring him? On this case, to your pup, any habits that will get your consideration is barely a superb factor

And your canine is aware of that digging within the yard is definitely a great way of getting your consideration.

The second you discover your canine digging, you rush over to cease your canine from destroying the grass. You pull him away, and chances are you’ll even give him a deal with or a pat.

For this transient second, your canine seems like he’s receiving consideration.

Sadly, your canine has now related digging as a strategy to get the eye he so wishes. He now is aware of that each time he must get your consideration, he simply has to dig a gap.

Happily, that is a simple repair: Don’t neglect your canine!

Play together with your pup and provides him consideration when doable. Pet him, stroll him, give him treats, play with him. Even when it’s simply sitting together with your canine in entrance of the TV, your canine will find it irresistible!

In case your canine is digging for consideration, one resolution is to disregard your pup when he digs. As soon as he has completed, reward your pup for any good habits that doesn’t contain digging, resembling strolling across the yard or taking part in along with his toys.

25. Is your breed a digger?

Two Jack Russel Terriers digging holes in the yard

For some breeds of canines, digging comes as naturally as peeing on a fireplace hydrant and sniffing butts.

Pure born diggers embrace Terriers (Yorkies, Jack Russels, Fox Terriers, and so forth.) and Dachshunds.

These breeds are generally known as earthdogs and had been bred to chase rats and different undesirable rodents by means of underground tunnels – usually they must dig their manner in.

For these canines, digging is of their blood, and this habits will not be one thing that that you just rapidly practice out.

Whereas proudly owning one in every of these canines doesn’t assure a garden filled with holes, it does increase the possibilities of drawback digging.

Contemplating getting a brand new canine? In case your yard is your delight and pleasure, you may need to cross these digging breeds off your record.

26. Is your canine consuming filth when he digs?

Jack Russel Terrier digging in dirt then eating it

Does your canine have filth throughout his mouth when he digs? He’s most likely consuming it, which suggests it’s most likely time for a visit to the vet.

Now I’m not speaking a couple of style of soil every now and then. But when your canine is continuously consuming filth or eats giant quantities of it then it might be a difficulty.

You see, continuously digging and consuming filth could also be an indicator that your canine’s food regimen is missing in important vitamins. That is usually a results of an unbalanced home-made food regimen.

When you will not be conscious of this, your canine is and can eat filth to attempt to make up for the vitamins he lacks in.

In accordance with our in-house Vet, Dr. Sara Ochoa, a number of different medical problems could cause a canine to dig and eat filth:

  • Anemia
  • Pica
  • Upset abdomen
  • Gastro intestinal parasites

These are all points that you just need to tackle as early as doable. When unsure, ask your vet.

If this can be a one-off event, your canine could also be digging as a result of there was meals spilled there, resembling sauce from a hotdog, or spilled soda, which may give the soil a yummy style – effectively, to a canine.

Dr. Sara Ochoa recollects a time when she thought her canine was consuming filth. It seems it was outdated cat meals that had soaked into the soil – her cat had knocked over his bowl per week earlier.


As you may see, canines dig for all kinds of causes – none of them unfixable.

Digging deterrents like cayenne pepper, fencing and limitations are improbable to cease your canine digging proper now.

Nonetheless, these are solely short-term options and won’t essentially repair the reason for the habits.

As an example, in case your canine is digging as a result of he’s bored, then it doesn’t matter how a lot cayenne pepper you utilize, your canine remains to be going to be bored and sad.

It’s, for that reason, it is best to use digging deterrents along with fixing the trigger – your canine can be happier for it!

It is for that reason that digging deterrents ought to be used alongside coaching and fixing the underlying reason for digging.

How did you cease your canine from digging holes in your yard? Let me know within the feedback beneath, I’d love to listen to your ideas!

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