how to store potatoes from the garden

how to store potatoes from the garden

Do you develop your personal potatoes or purchase in bulk from the farmers market? Comply with these 5 simple steps to maintain your potatoes contemporary all winter lengthy.

Do you grow your own potatoes or buy in bulk from the farmers market? Follow these five easy steps to keep your potatoes fresh all winter long.

I’ve an unheated nook in my basement that’s excellent for storing potatoes for winter. This nook stays darkish, cool, and performs like a root cellar. I’ve added a good-sized shelving space the place I retailer the meals preserved throughout the rising season. The cabinets are filling up with baskets of onions, garlic, and canned tomato sauce, jelly, salsa, beans, carrots, grape juice, pickles, and applesauce.

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I can’t assist however really feel a way of delight and accomplishment as I look over the jars and baskets of homegrown bounty. Not solely as a result of we have now this meals to feed us however I additionally really feel good figuring out precisely the place my meals comes from and that it was grown with no chemical substances.

The Subsequent Harvest to Add to the Cabinets is the Storing Potatoes

I harvest contemporary potatoes right here and there as wanted for meals, however the majority of the tubers are left within the floor to mature totally. The potato foliage normally begins dying again in August sending the final of the crops power beneath the bottom to the tubers. I like to attend a number of weeks or longer after the foliage has died again utterly to permit the skins toughen up. This can assist defend the tubers from abrasions throughout harvest.

The large dig of the primary crop of storing potatoes is in October earlier than the bottom freezes. I watch the climate carefully and select a heat, dry day after a interval of little or no rain.

Do you grow your own potatoes or buy in bulk from the farmers market? Follow these five easy steps to keep your potatoes fresh all winter long.

I dig fastidiously utilizing a digging fork to loosen the soil after which sift by way of with my palms to tug out the tubers to keep away from damaging them. The potatoes are positioned in a backyard cart. If the solar is out, I shade the cart as a result of daylight will trigger the potatoes to show inexperienced.

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Do you grow your own potatoes or buy in bulk from the farmers market? Follow these five easy steps to keep your potatoes fresh all winter long.

Sometimes, I’ll come throughout just a few potatoes broken by moles or voles, or by chance stab one with the digging fork. Broken potatoes needs to be stored separate out of your storing potatoes as a result of they’re extra more likely to rot and probably infect the remainder of the tubers. So place these apart to be trimmed and eaten first.

5 Steps to Storing Potatoes for Winter

1. Discover an Space Appropriate for Storing Potatoes

Potatoes needs to be saved in a darkish atmosphere at about 45˚F to 50˚F (7˚C to 10˚C). The relative humidity needs to be round 95% to stop them from drying out. I retailer potatoes in an unheated nook of the basement that stays darkish, cool, and performs identical to a root cellar. In case you don’t have a basement, think about a few of these different storing potato choices at Mom Earth Information.

2. Select Potato Varieties which might be Good for Storing

Some potato varieties recognized for his or her long run storage capabilities are Yukon Gold, Katahdin, Kennebec, and Yellow Finn. I develop Darkish Crimson Norland, a mid-season selection and Kennebec, a late season selection. Kennebec lasts longer in storage so we attempt to eat the Darkish Crimson Norland first. If you’re buying from a farmers market, ask the growers which varieties they advocate for long run storing potatoes.

3. Treatment the Potatoes Earlier than Storing

Curing your potatoes toughens up the pores and skin and helps prolong the storage life. To treatment, unfold out the unwashed potatoes in seedlings trays or bins lined with newspapers. Cowl the trays with a darkish towel to eradicate gentle however permit air to flow into and allow them to treatment for a number of weeks in an space that’s between 50-60˚F.

Do you grow your own potatoes or buy in bulk from the farmers market? Follow these five easy steps to keep your potatoes fresh all winter long.

4. Pack Up the Potatoes for Storing

Retailer unwashed, cured tubers in a darkish space in lined bins or bins with some holes for air flow. I retailer my potatoes in recycled paper bins nestled in shredded paper recycled from payments and different paperwork. I minimize just a few holes within the sides of the bins for air circulation, add a layer of shredded paper, and unfold out the potatoes, cowl with extra shredded paper, and proceed till the field is full.

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As you pack up your potatoes, calmly brush off extra dust and examine them fastidiously. Tubers with damaged pores and skin or harm needs to be separated and used instantly as a substitute of saved. As soon as the field is full, place the duvet on it, add a label, and retailer in a cool, darkish space. Superb storage circumstances for potatoes are at 45˚F to 50˚F (7˚C to 10˚C) and 80-90% relative humidity. Can final 4-9 months in storage relying on the range.

Do you grow your own potatoes or buy in bulk from the farmers market? Follow these five easy steps to keep your potatoes fresh all winter long.

5. Verify on the Saved Potatoes

Each few weeks I look by way of the bins to take away any potatoes which will start to rot. Normally you possibly can inform by the scent if there may be one within the field. In case you discover a musky, bitter dust scent, it is best to undergo the field to take away the rotten potato earlier than it infects the others.

Storing potatoes this fashion will assist preserve them contemporary for a number of months relying on the temperature and humidity. Ours normally final till March earlier than they start sprouting. Sprouted potatoes might be planted in spring so long as they give the impression of being wholesome and the earlier season was illness free.

Further Ideas:

  • Retailer potatoes separate from onions and fruits. These give off ethylene fuel that may trigger your potatoes to sprout prematurely.
  • Preserve saved potatoes in the dead of night. Publicity to gentle will trigger a build-up of Solanine, a chemical that causes potatoes to show inexperienced, produces a bitter style, and if eaten in giant amount could cause sickness. Trim off potato pores and skin that has turned inexperienced. If the inexperienced has penetrated into the potato, throw it away.

Need to Be taught How one can Develop Potatoes?

You will see that every thing it’s essential begin rising potatoes in my PDF eBook, Develop a Good Life Information to Rising Potatoes. Whether or not you’re striving for just a few gourmand fingerling potatoes or a big crop for winter meals storage, this information will show how one can develop your personal, natural, homegrown potatoes. Click on right here to be taught extra.

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