how to use pavers for garden edging

how to use pavers for garden edging

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Planning and Preparation

For this undertaking, you’ll want bricks, compactable gravel for the bottom, washed sand, and plastic paver edging to carry the bricks in place. In the event you’re fortunate sufficient to have a full-service panorama provider in your space, you may order all of your supplies there. In any other case, search for pavers and plastic paver edging at house facilities, backyard facilities or brickyards, and gravel at a panorama provider or at a sand and gravel quarry. Don’t overlook to ask about supply costs.

Clay pavers have a wealthy, genuine look, however cement pavers are rather less costly. Each varieties are sturdy and lengthy lasting. Most pavers are 4 x 8 in. and about 2-1/4 in. thick, however different sizes can be found. Measure the entire linear toes of edging you propose to put in and multiply by 3 to reach on the variety of 4-in.-wide paver bricks you’ll want. The plastic paver edging is critical to maintain the bricks from drifting. Use the entire linear toes of the border to order edging. You’ll additionally want sufficient 10-in.-long spikes to put in one each 12 in. Plus: Take a look at these surprising supplies used for panorama borders.

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To make sure that the bricks stay steady and gained’t tip once you wheel a garden mower over them, the brand new compacted base needs to be 6 in. wider than the brick and prolong 6 in. under the underside of the brick. This implies you’ll dig a 14 in. large by 8-in. deep trench for typical paver bricks. To find out how a lot gravel you’ll want for this dimension trench, seize your calculator and multiply the linear toes of the ditch by .02. The result’s the variety of cubic yards of gravel wanted. Order gravel that ranges in dimension from 3/4 in. right down to a powder (known as 3/4-in.-minus). For our undertaking, which was a complete of 60 linear toes, we ordered 1-1/4 cu. yds. of three/4-minus crushed limestone. Have the gravel dumped on the driveway the place it’s simpler to shovel up. You’ll additionally want a 1-in. layer of sand below the bricks. It’s normally cheaper and simpler to easily order luggage of sand quite than have a small amount delivered. Divide the linear toes of the border by 5 to find out what number of 50-lb. luggage of sand you’ll want.

We rented a sod cutter to slice a neat layer of grass from alongside the sting of the sidewalk, however a flat shovel may even work. Along with a shovel and rake, you’ll want a wheelbarrow, tamper and a few scraps of lumber and primary carpentry instruments to assemble the screeds. In case your sidewalk is straight and also you solely have just a few bricks to chop, you need to use a diamond blade mounted in a round noticed to chop the bricks. In case your sidewalk is curved otherwise you anticipate lots of slicing, lease a brick noticed.

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We put in a deep compacted gravel base below the bricks. You could possibly save lots of work by merely digging a small trench and laying the bricks proper on the soil, however you’d most likely must realign them each summer season. The tactic we show takes longer initially however ensures a long-lasting job that’ll look nice for many years.

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