i’m gonna do what is called a pro gamer movie

i’m gonna do what is called a pro gamer movie

I’m gonna do what’s referred to as a professional gamer transfer meme was first mentioned on a YouTube video by a gamer, since then it grew to become an web meme celebrity. Learn all about it under.

On the earth of gaming, there are two extremes: pro-gamers and, properly… noobs.

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It doesn’t really feel proper calling them that, however all people’s acquired to start out someplace – a beginner is a beginner. Some players progress over time, possibly even as much as the purpose of getting an expert ability stage.

Others gained’t actually transfer past being a novice, although they do sport. Then there are those that, by selection or circumstance, stay as informal or occasional players.

And it’s not simply the participant; what makes you professional or noob will depend on how complicated your gameplay is.

What would possibly appear to be a super-advanced transfer to a noob will simply be a cute little hiccup for a pro-gamer. It’s no shock, then, that somebody who claims to make use of a pro-gamer transfer in a easy sport will be a focus for the gaming group on the web.

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She or he would possibly even be fortunate (or unfortunate) sufficient to earn web fame, and what’s a greater option to get web well-known than to be become a meme?

On your leisure, that is the Professional-Gamer Transfer Meme.

What’s the professional gamer transfer meme?

The professional gamer transfer meme comes from the quote “I’m gonna do what’s referred to as a pro-gamer transfer.” It was mentioned by YouTuber Michael Stevens on considered one of his movies, which was titled “Let’s Play Tremendous Mario Quadratics.”

Since then, it has become a meme that makes enjoyable of stereotypically snobbish players who assume they’re higher than amateurs.


The long-lasting quote turned meme got here from the Youtube channel of Michael Stevens. His channel additionally goes by the title of VSauce, and it has movies which can be primarily informational or academic.

Some matters coated on his channel are science, philosophy, know-how, and gaming.


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Youtube customers who watched the video have been fast to make enjoyable of it within the feedback part. One remark from person Sir Alban the Daring reads as follows: “I’m gonna do whats referred to as a professional gamer transfer – Michael Stevens (our favorite gamer) 2019.”

It obtained 490 likes in two months and is presently one of many high feedback with 538 likes.

Simply a few days later, a reddit person posted a screenshot from the video with Sir Alban the Daring’s touch upon Reddit, the place it earned a number of hundred upvotes.

Development of the I’m gonna do what’s referred to as a professional gamer transfer meme

The meme initially poked enjoyable at players who’re stereotypically identified to indicate off and act superior. Since then, it has progressed past gaming.

It’s used to check with any type of boasting, whether or not it’s occasions in historical past and faith, college students one-upping a math instructor, or somebody attempting to catch his crush’s consideration in school.

To see how else the meme has grown even funnier, try a few of our favourite ones under:

1. Let’s be sincere, although: Steve Irwin was the pro-gamer for dealing with crocodiles and wildlife.

Supply: me.me

2. Chernobyl reacting after staying quiet? That’s a sick pro-gamer transfer, man.

Supply: Meming Wiki

3. She will’t resist my pro-gamer strikes.

When you see your crush in but you see she
Supply: knowyourmeme

4. When Soundcloud pulls a pro-gamer transfer in your music.

r/Monstercat - [meme] I’m gonna do what’s called a pro-gamer move.
Supply: reddit

5. That is what we name an explosive pro-gamer transfer.

Pro, Gamer, and Move: I
Supply: me.me

6. Don’t do this at dwelling. It’s a transfer for pro-gamers solely.

Supply: Meming Wiki

7. GTA: educating children pro-gamer strikes as younger as age 12.

12 year old me using GTA cheat codes without looking them up THINA FIRE I
Supply: knowyourmeme

8. Youtube strikes are actual professional out right here.

Supply: Youtube

9. Now that is the true pro-gamer transfer for all of the historical past geeks on the market.

Italy: There
Supply: knowyourmeme

10. Once you pull a pro-gamer transfer for a pro-gamer transfer.

r/dankmemes - I
Supply: reddit

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