Financial Wellness Programs In The Workplace: A Comprehensive Guide

You’ll come across plenty of discussions that focus on mental and physical health, but what about financial health? Here’s a comprehensive guide for financial wellness programs in the workplace. A major part of the workforce is facing a financial crisis in light of the pandemic. The rising cost of living, exorbitant medical bills, uncertain job … Read more

13 Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips to Keep Your Health on Track

Need some healthy grocery shopping tips that also don’t break the bank?

With the cost of everything going up — including groceries – it’s important to remember healthy eating doesn’t necessarily need to be sacrificed. Planning ahead, shopping in bulk, and keeping an eye out for sales are just a few ways to save money and eat healthy.

Want even more ideas for shopping smart?

Read on for tips on ways to save money and shop for foods that are healthy.

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How Leadership Can Support Wellness Program Participation

A major reason why employees feel their work leaders don’t care much about their well-being is because the leadership isn’t seen participating in the company wellness programs. Here are eight examples of how leadership can support wellness program participation and be involved and contributing to everyone’s success and wellness. Impact When Leadership Can Support Wellness … Read more

Why Employers Need to Take a Look at the Monkeypox Virus

While the monkeypox virus has been declared a public health emergency, it’s important for workers and employers not to panic.

What’s helpful is learning how the virus is contracted, ways to avoid it, and what to do if an employee does contract the virus. Luckily, the symptoms tend to be mild and the virus is rarely fatal, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

 Below, we take a look at the virus and offer tips for employers on handling another public health concern with ease and confidence. Here’s what you need to know about the monkeypox virus.

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Enhance Employee Commitment: How Wellness Programs Help

Employee commitment is a force that connects an employee to their role, the company goals, and the organization as a whole. It entails a positive attitude, devotion, and attachment to the cause. A strong tie to work is manifested through the employee’s dedication, responsibility, and reliability. How wellness programs can enhance employee commitment is an … Read more

The 7 Workplace Distractions That Are Unhealthy for Employees

Workplace distractions.

These pesky diversions in the workplace can prevent productive workflows and even create unhealthy behaviors in some cases. From cell phone usage to clutter and gossip to last-minute meetings, distractions galore exist if you let them. Without a doubt, these distractions lead to productivity loss, and, in some cases,  poor health.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to avoid or manage distractions that cost you time and energy.

Below, we cover the top unhealthy distractions and how employers can help workers avoid these time-sucking traps.

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9 Simple Ways to Improve Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing — how is it faring in most companies these days?

This won’t be a shocker for most: Employees are unhappy. As a result, their wellbeing is suffering, too. Overall, globally, unhappiness has been on the rise for the last decade.

Recent Gallup research found that emotionally, the second year of the pandemic was more draining than the first one. Stress, worry, and sadness plagued more people and set new records in 2021 for Gallup’s Negative Experience Index survey. Unfortunately, those negative feelings leak over into the work experience, too.

So what can you do to help improve employee wellbeing? Here’s a look at some simple ways to take charge of creating a healthier and happier workspace for your team:

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Why a Workday Shutdown Ritual is a Good Idea for All Workers

Nowadays, many employees work remotely and the lines of when work ends and relaxation begins are quite blurred.

That’s where a workday shutdown ritual can be helpful.

Even if it’s as unceremonious as closing a laptop and putting it away, it’s a way to mentally and physically disconnect from work in a healthy way. By creating an end-of-day routine, workers can create a more restorative period of time off — whether it’s just for the evening or for a whole weekend.

 Here’s a look at why every employee should consider a workday shutdown ritual:

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