Uncommon house cures for vegetation

Whether or not they have some scientific foundation or they’re purely folklore, there are some WEIRD fertilizers on the market! From banana water to aquarium water to weed tea to buried pennies … gardeners are prepared to strive nearly any house cures for vegetation to spice up their veggies and enhance yield.

Not all of those have scientific backing, however they’re fashionable house cures for a purpose. And value a strive! It’s enjoyable to assume we will flip to our kitchen and different home goods to assist our vegetation on a budget.

Learn on for some examples of bizarre fertilizers and residential cures for vegetation and find out how to use them.

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Aquarium water

fish tank aquarium with blue and purple lights and small fish fertilizer

If in case you have a fish tank in the home, you’re looking at some actually nice fertilizer.

Fish want their tank cleaned commonly so that they aren’t swimming in waste – however there’s no want to clean it down the drain.

That waste is stuffed with nitrogen, phosphorus, ammonia, and different vitamins. Merely use this waste water to water the backyard.

Do remember the fact that it is advisable be cleansing it commonly so the vitamins aren’t too concentrated, and don’t apply it to vegetation if in case you have needed to deal with it chemically. Additionally make sure to not use salt water.

And may a small fish sadly meet their demise, don’t be afraid to place them proper within the soil, too. I imply … it’s unhappy to lose a fish pal, however fish emulsion is a tremendous and fashionable fertilizer for a purpose.

Baking soda

Baking soda is a fungus fighter and a well-liked house treatment for vegetation and gardens. If you happen to’re beginning to see mildew in your fruit-bearing vegetation, dissolve a tablespoon of baking soda in a gallon of heat water.

Rigorously spray your vegetation till they’re drenched and dripping onto the soil. This could assist halt mildew in its tracks!

Banana water

empty banana peel on a table used for banana peel fertilizer

Banana peels are clearly an ideal piece of “rubbish” so as to add to your compost pile, however do you know it’s also possible to merely drop them onto the soil as effectively?

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Nevertheless, they take a while to decompose, which isn’t excellent in a container backyard. So to get essentially the most profit from banana peels, strive making a banana tea or banana water from them. Some gardeners are skeptical concerning the precise advantages of banana water, however others swear by it for lush, potassium-fueled development!

And both means, it will probably’t damage to strive.

Hold a pitcher of water within the fridge and add peels as your loved ones consumes the bananas. After a few week, the tea may have steeped sufficient to have useful potassium.

Some vegetation that particularly love potassium are tomatoes and peppers, so use the banana tea each few weeks once you water them. Notice: It’s finest to dilute banana tea in a 1:5 ratio with plain water.

Burying pennies

pile of copper pennies used for weird fertilizer

Copper is a handy and customary fungicide. Once you bury some pennies in your soil, they may slowly leach their copper and might minimize off fungus on the spore stage.

For that purpose, and contemplating the price of inflation at this time, pennies simply may be extra worthwhile in your soil than in your pocket …

Coconut water

coconut cracked open with palm leaves on a table used for fertilizer

Coconut is stuffed with electrolytes, which is why athletes drink coconut water for restoration.

These identical components that assist our bodies recuperate may even assist seeds germinate. They’ll additionally assist roots develop in your plant cuttings.

Whereas it may be an acquired style for people, vegetation simply care concerning the vitamins.

Add an 8-ounce carton of coconut water to the water in your watering can or spray bottle as soon as each couple of weeks.

Espresso grounds

used coffee grounds in a coffee filter weird fertilizer

Some gardeners use brewed espresso so as to add acidity to their soil. Needless to say used grounds have given up their acid to the brew, so they’re now impartial.

Let used grounds dry so that they don’t create a fungus-growing surroundings! Then you’ll be able to sprinkle them amongst your vegetation so as to add antioxidants, nitrogen and potassium.


broken eggshells weird fertilizer

Usually we’re advised to keep away from animal merchandise in our compost and vegetation so animals don’t come digging. Eggshells are an …. egg-ception … so long as you clear them first.

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Rinse and dry the eggshells to make sure there is no such thing as a uncooked egg remaining. As soon as dry, you should use a espresso or spice grinder to grind them up, or just crush them in a sandwich bag.

Add the crushed shells on high of your potting soil however underneath the mulch, if in case you have a mulch layer, so calcium leaches into the soil as they decompose.

Added bonus: Eggshells are sharp and might deter some pests.

Epsom salt

Epsom salts include magnesium, which is ideal for soaking your legs after a long term. Magnesium can be a element of chlorophyll – so our plant pals love a very good epsom salt bathtub too!

That’s why epsom salts are a well-liked house treatment for vegetation.

Sprinkle some natural epsom salts across the base of your vegetation as soon as every week. That is particularly useful when they’re bearing fruit, like pepper vegetation, they usually’ve been falling off the department.

Give them assist with salt so the fruit has an opportunity to mature.


These purple gelatin cubes look cool and people love the cherry goodness, however make sure that to make use of unflavored, clear gelatin in your vegetation.

Seize a packet of unflavored gelatin in your subsequent grocery retailer run.

If you happen to dissolve this in a single cup of sizzling water after which add 3 cups of chilly water, you received’t be making jigglers. As an alternative, water your vegetation immediately with this combination so that they obtain useful collagen.

That is nice for each your houseplants and your backyard.

Human hair

… what? Human hair? YEP. If in case you have a squirrel or hen downside, there’s nothing prefer it!

I minimize my household’s hair myself and with every haircut, I hold a couple of locks in a ziplock bag. Then each time I plant a brand new container of one thing or have squirrels digging in my present containers, I’ve some able to go.

I simply push a couple of pinches of hair clippings a 1/2 inch or so beneath the floor of the potting soil, in a couple of spots across the pot, and depart it’s. That’s it!

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The scent deters squirrels safely and with none dangerous chemical substances or cumbersome covers or cages. It’s really easy and it really works each time!

If you happen to don’t minimize your personal hair at house, simply convey a baggie with you to the salon subsequent time you get a minimize and ask for a few of the clippings. It’d sound bizarre, however I guess they’ve heard it earlier than!


Milk does a physique (I imply plant) good! It comprises calcium, vitamin B, proteins and different useful vitamins and minerals.

Straight milk isn’t the perfect concept for vegetation, so dilute it 1:5 with water and provides it a strive round a couple of vegetation. Some say this dilution can fight mildew and makes for sturdy vegetation.

Simply make sure that not to do that too typically in a small container backyard, so the milk doesn’t rot and provides off an disagreeable stench.

Rusty nails

pile of rusty nails used for weird fertilizer

If in case you have yellowing leaves the place the veins are nonetheless inexperienced, this is usually a signal of iron deficiency.

Set some rusty nails in your watering can or a sprig bottle, so that they launch their iron into the water. Spray this immediately on the leaves to assist them take up the iron.

Weed tea

Wish to get revenge on weeds? Pull them up, chop them up (roots and all) after which toss them in a bucket of water within the solar for a couple of days.

This can “brew” the nitrogen from the vegetation and you’ll then use it to water your vegetation. Voilà … a house treatment that additionally takes care of the weed downside in your yard.

Make sure you pressure the tea, to forestall any stowaway seeds from taking over residence in your containers.

These bizarre house cures for vegetation may be old-wives tales, however personally I believe outdated wives are fairly smart … so that they’re value a strive. Have you ever used banana water, weed tea, aquarium water or one other bizarre fertilizer in your container backyard? Are there different uncommon tips you’ve discovered useful? Tell us within the feedback!

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