what is 180 degree angle called

what is 180 degree angle called

180 Diploma Angle

The 180-degree angle is a straight angle because it kinds a straight line. It’s precisely half of the total angle (360-degree angle). If we discuss a real-life instance of a 180-degree angle, then an ideal instance is the angle between the 2 palms of a clock at 6 o’clock. The angle between the 2 palms of the clock is 180° as a result of it kinds a straight line.

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A 180-degree angle is a straight angle and it’s precisely half of a revolution. It’s also known as a half-circle angle. A straight angle is produced by a straight line. The 2 arms of the angle that are making 180-degree are simply reverse to one another from the frequent vertex. A 180-degree angle modifies the path of some extent. 90-degree angle is half of 180-degree angle and it is called a proper angle. Have a look at the picture given under exhibits how a 180-degree angle seems. 180 degree angle

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Within the above picture, rays AO and OB share a typical level O. AO and OB rays are reverse to one another. AB is a straight line and forming an angle of 180 levels.

An angle that measures 180 levels is known as a straight angle. At any time when we assemble a 180-degree angle, it at all times kinds a straight line, that’s the reason it is called a straight angle. There are completely different names for angles of various measurements. For instance, half of a 180-degree angle, i.e a 90-degree angle is called a proper angle in geometry. Equally, double of 180 levels, that’s 360-degree angle is called a whole angle. Angles which might be lower than 180 levels are categorized as acute and obtuse angles.

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Two angles that collectively type 180 levels are generally known as supplementary angles. Whereas two or extra angles combining collectively at some extent on a line forming 180 levels are generally known as linear pairs of angles.

The 180-degree angle may be drawn with the assistance of a protractor and compass.

Establishing 180-Diploma Angle Utilizing a Protractor

Comply with the given steps to assemble a 180-degree angle with the assistance of a protractor:

  • Step 1: Draw a ray OA.
  • Step 2: Place the protractor at level O.
  • Step 3: Within the internal circle of the protractor, search for 180° studying and with a pencil mark a dot and identify it C.
  • Step 4: Be part of O and C. Now, ∠AOC=180 diploma angle.

180 degree angle construction by protractor

Establishing 180-Diploma Angle With a Compass

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Comply with the given steps to assemble a 180-degree angle with the assistance of a compass.

  • Step 1: Draw a straight line with assist of a ruler and identify it AB.
  • Step 2: Mark some extent O wherever between A and B.
  • Step 3: Take O as a middle level, draw an arc of any radius with assist of a compass, the arc ought to be from the left of level O to the suitable of O, or vice-versa, touching the road AB.
  • Step 4: The arc cuts the straight line at two factors. Mark the cuts as factors C and D.
  • Step 5: Thus, the angle COD is 180 levels angle.


Essential Notes

  • The 180-degree angle can also be known as a straight angle, half-circle, or semi-circle.
  • A 180-degree angle may be constructed with a protractor or a compass.

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