what is 19 19 19 fertilizer used for

what is 19 19 19 fertilizer used for

19-19-19 fertilizer, additionally generally known as “triple nineteen” fertilizer, is continuously used to inexperienced lawns and different vegetation, together with flowers, timber, and greens. It accommodates a steadiness of vitamins that may assist grasses and vegetation turn into illness resistant. It is usually used to thicken lawns that look skinny and patchy and make the grass thrive.

This fertilizer is simple to make use of and may help you create a wholesome garden that’s thriving and appears nice. Nonetheless, some gardeners don’t advocate utilizing 19 19 19 fertilizers on lawns as there are extra appropriate garden fertilizers accessible. Let’s have a look at whether or not you must use 19 19 19 fertilizers in your garden.

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Ought to You Use 19 19 19 fertilizer?

Should I use 19 19 19 fertilizer

19-19-19 fertilizer is mostly offered as an all-purpose backyard fertilizer generally used on vegetation, shrubs, timber and to assist create a greener garden. Whereas it’s broadly used on lawns, it will not be your best option. Most typical garden grasses desire a high-nitrogen fertilizer if they’re properly established, whereas garden starter meals can be found that comprise larger ranges of phosphorous for brand spanking new grass seedlings or just lately laid sod.

Should you’re to develop a thick, lush garden, you must select a fertilizer with a better nitrogen content material. Whereas a triple nineteen fertilizer gained’t hurt your grass, a fertilizer with an NPK of 32-0-4 could also be a more sensible choice. Such a fertilizer has 32% nitrogen, no phosphorus as established grass doesn’t require the nutrient, and 4% potassium.

What’s in it, anyway?

What's in 19 19 19 fertilizer

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19 19 19 fertilizer accommodates an equal quantity of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Triple 19 fertilizers comprise 19% of nitrogen to assist grass and vegetation flip inexperienced and promote development. It’s a good suggestion to provide your garden a fertilizer containing nitrogen within the early spring because it comes out of dormancy. The components additionally accommodates 19% phosphorous, which is nice for brand spanking new grass seedlings and sod because it helps the roots set up themselves. Lastly, triple 19 fertilizer accommodates 19% potassium which helps strengthen the grass and makes it immune to drought and illness.

What is nineteen 19 19 Fertiliser used for?

19-19-19 fertilizer uses 19 19 19 is greatest used for backyard vegetation somewhat than on lawns. It accommodates excessive quantities of phosphorus which can helps fruit timber resembling apples and peach timber to provide blossoms and ultimately fruit. Triple 19 fertilizer can be used on greens and flowers because it helps them develop sturdy and wholesome. The components can also be nice for nut timber, shade timber, and shrubs, and evergreen timber.

Nitrogen is appropriate for every type of vegetation and grasses because it helps the vegetation to develop and leaves and flowers to develop. The nutrient produces a vivid, inexperienced leaf coloration. Phosphorous can assist tree, plant, and shrub roots develop healthily and can also be wanted for the creation of flowers, fruit, and seeds on timber. Potassium helps timber and vegetation develop stronger and makes them drought, illness, and pest resistant. This nutrient is typically known as potash.

Some folks additionally use triple 19 fertilizer on new sod or grass seedlings as they want extra phosphorus than a longtime garden. Nonetheless, you could discover {that a} garden starter fertilizer is extra appropriate. These shall be more practical and should even be cheaper.

Find out how to Use

When utilizing 19 19 19 fertilizer or every other components, at all times comply with the path on the label and make sure that you utilize the proper ratios. It will assist when you additionally water your vegetation after software to permit the answer to soak into the soil and attain their roots.

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19 19 19 fertilizer is a good all-round answer; nonetheless, it could be a clever thought to check your soil earlier than deciding which sort of fertilizer you require. Residence testing soil kits can be found from backyard shops or {hardware} shops. You’ll must ship a pattern of your soil to your native cooperative extension workplace, the place will probably be examined. The outcomes will allow you to find out which vitamins needs to be added to your soil. You’ll then have the ability to select the proper kind of fertilizer or maybe add extra minerals to your soil.

Triple 19 fertilizer is made by varied producers and is on the market in each a liquid and granular type. Liquid fertilizers are straightforward to use and could be sprayed across the base of timber and shrubs. They’re additionally straightforward to unfold if you’re treating your complete garden. Granular fertilizers, then again, are additionally simple to make use of. They are often sprinkled onto the bottom round your vegetation after which watered in.

Granular merchandise provide the benefit of delivering vitamins to your timber and vegetation slowly, typically over a number of months. This may make sure that the soil’s vitamins are stored on the appropriate ranges. You might want to use liquid fertilizer two or thrice a yr, whereas granules dissolve slowly and solely must be used as soon as yearly.

When utilizing granular fertilizer for greens, you possibly can lay them in a line parallel to your plant­ing row. To be used on timber, sprinkle the granules across the trunk, and when you use an irrigation system, you possibly can sprinkle them close to the water provide. This may enable the granules to scrub into the bottom and dissolve slowly.


19 19 19 fertilizer accommodates equal quantities of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous, making it nice for timber that produce flowers and fruit. It’s additionally wonderful for backyard vegetation resembling flowers and greens and may help these vegetation develop wholesome and inexperienced. Whereas some folks use triple 19 fertilizer on their garden, it’s usually not thought of your best option. Established grass doesn’t require phosphorus.

A 32-0-4 fertilizer is a more sensible choice for many lawns. You possibly can additionally take a look at 5-10-10. New grass seeds or sod that’s simply been laid does require phosphorous to determine its roots, however a starter fertilizer could also be a more practical and cheaper selection.

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