what is 5 10 10 fertilizer used for

what is 5 10 10 fertilizer used for

What’s 5-10-10 Fertilizer?

Let’s begin by speaking concerning the three numbers and what they stand for. The three numbers separated by hyphens stand for Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Once you see these numbers, it’s a industrial fertilizer. Natural fertilizers aren’t labeled with the ratio of those 3 vitamins.

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This 3 digit quantity is the NPK quantity. N for Nitrogen, P for Phosphorus and Ok for Potassium as per the Desk of the Components.

So, 5-10-10 fertilizer is a industrial fertilizer with 5% Nitrogen, 10% Phosphorus and 10% Potassium. 5-10-10 fertilizer is taken into account a whole fertilizer as a result of it accommodates all 3 vitamins. Bone Meal will not be a whole fertilizer as a result of it’s nutrient ratios are 4-12-0. Bone Meal doesn’t include any Potassium or Potash.

For those who want extra progress or higher well being out of your crops go along with extra Nitrogen. Search for a ten% or larger worth. This may “kick begin” new progress and extra fruit.

When to Use 5-10-10 Fertilizer

5-10-10 is nice for sturdy and wholesome crops with just a little for brand spanking new progress and crop manufacturing. It’s a fantastic “All Round” fertilizer. For those who want extra leaf, stem or fruit productiveness and dimension then get extra Nitrogen like 10-10-10. The Nitrogen element helps crops get larger with extra fruit. Tomato crops actually like 5-10-10.

Listed below are some examples of fertilizers and their NPK

  • Lilly Miller Morcrop Tomato and Vegetable Fertilizer 5-10-10
  • JR Peters Traditional No 4 Blossum Booster 10-30-20
  • Espoma GFS1056 Backyard Meals Fertilizer 5-10-5

5-10-10 fertilizer

Methods to Apply 5-10-10 Fertilizers

5-10-10 fertilizer will be utilized on prime of the soil and/or blended with the highest 2 inches of soil. Use it when planting greens or seeds after which once more each 4-6 weeks. Water afterwards.

What Do Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium Do?


Nitrogen is an important nutrient for crops. Vegetation soak up extra Nitrogen that another nutrient. Nitrogen is important to type proteins and most residing issues are constructed from protein.

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Nitrogen will decide whether or not your crops develop, are wholesome and vibrant inexperienced in colour. It is usually accountable for plenty of foliage. I’ve had a number of crops, a small Oak tree and a Feather Duster bush, that had been Nitrogen poor. They didn’t develop new leaves or have new department shoots. The leaves had been yellowish inexperienced and had been falling off. There have been only a few leaves on the branches too, I believed they had been going to die.

So I purchased some compost and unfold it across the drip/root line of the Oak tree and the Feather Duster bush. I simply unfold the compost excessive of the soil in a layer about 1 inch deep. I then watered as traditional. After 2 weeks, I noticed a particular change. New leaves had been beginning to develop and had been darker inexperienced and wholesome trying. The Oak tree went from trying just like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree [very few leaves] to a wholesome and bushy Oak tree. It has grown about 2 ft in 2 years. It’s wonderful how a lot the compost modified these 2 crops. That’s what Nitrogen does.

It is suggested, and I do that, so as to add fertilizer each 6 months to take care of a very good stage of vitamins within the soil. I add compost to the soil and on prime. It’s good to combine natural materials into the soil to assist retain moisture and cease the soil from compacting. This enables water to penetrate deep into the soil and attain the roots.


Phosphorus is liable for serving to crops use and retailer power by way of photosynthesis. It helps crops develop and develop usually. Phosphorus is a mineral and is present in Phosphate rock.

Vegetation which are poor in Phosphorus will look irregular [leaves will be abnormally shaped] with attainable discoloration.


Potash or Potassium is principally liable for sustaining the crops immune system and fruit or crop growth. It is going to enhance the crop yield and high quality of the crop. So if you’re elevating a backyard, ensure that your backyard has ample Potassium. You’ll take pleasure in a productive backyard with giant and wholesome crops. Additionally, you will keep away from illness which may kill off your crops.

Why Use 5-10-10 Fertilizers?

Vegetation take away vitamins from the soil as they develop. Theses vitamins will grow to be depleted sooner or later in time and trigger crops to undergo. Vegetation will flip yellow and/or not develop. Some crops will even die. Vitamins have to be added to the soil so as to maintain optimum plant progress and well being. Fertilizers just do that. There are a lot of totally different fertilizers for various sort crops. Some fertilizers are particularly for tomato crops or citrus. They’re specialty fertilizers.

Some fertilizers are nice for almost any crops like 5-10-10. That is about superb for many vegetable gardens.

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Varieties of Fertilizers

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There are 2 forms of fertilizers, Natural and In-organic or artificial. Each sorts are utilized by industrial farmers and residential gardeners.

Natural Fertilizers

Natural fertilizers are primarily based on plant materials reminiscent of compost, mulch, manure and worm castings. They sometimes happen naturally and aren’t produced in a chemical manufacturing facility. They’re simpler to make use of and won’t hurt the atmosphere.

Natural fertilizers work extra slowly and over an extended time frame. Once you add compost to a backyard or plant for the primary time, it would take a number of weeks to see the outcomes. However the outcomes will be fairly important and “eye opening”.

Among the greatest natural fertilizers that I’ve used are compost, composted steer manure, grass clipping mulch and worm castings.

I’ve purchased and nonetheless purchase Kellogg’s N-Wealthy Soil Modification. It’s improbable. It’s a compost and is available in a big 3 CF bag. It prices about $8/bag however is compacted so that you get a ton of compost in a single bag. It goes a great distance within the backyard or yard.

One other favourite on mine is GardenTime Composted Mulch Soil Conditioner. It is available in a 2 CF bag and prices about $7/bag. I exploit it in my backyard with improbable outcomes. It actually helps the soil retain moisture and naturally produces massive wholesome greens. I combine it within the soil after which unfold a 2″ layer on prime.

In-organic/Artificial Fertilizers

In-organic fertilizers are constructed from the chemical elements and are nice for a fast enhance in vitamins. They’re manufactured in a chemical plant or fertilizer plant. For long run fertilization, go along with an natural fertilizer like compost.

In-organic fertilizers have to be used in accordance with the instructions in any other case it may well kill crops rapidly. An excessive amount of is harmful and will be dangerous to the atmosphere. So use them properly.

Fertilizer Varieties

Fertilizers come in several varieties and are utilized in several strategies. They arrive in 3 varieties, liquid, granular and powder. Liquid fertilizers are normally diluted and sprayed over crops. Powders are normally blended with water however will be unfold on the bottom after which watered. Granular fertilizers are unfold over the bottom and will likely be absorbed over time when watered.

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