what is a 360 degree angle called

what is a 360 degree angle called

The 360-degree angle is a full angle or a whole angle because it kinds a circle round some extent. It’s precisely double the straight angle (180-degree angle). If we discuss a real-life instance of a 360-degree angle, then an ideal instance is the angle between the 2 arms of a clock at 12 o’clock. The angle between the 2 arms of the clock is 360° as a result of it kinds a whole flip or a circle. Each the arms will overlap one another at 12 which represents an angle of 360 levels.

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What’s 360 Diploma Angle?

A 360-degree angle is a whole angle and it is the same as a revolution. It’s also referred to as a full angle. The 2 arms of the angle making 360-degree overlap one another from the frequent vertex. A 360-degree angle doesn’t change the route of some extent or a line. Have a look at the picture given beneath reveals how a 360-degree angle appears. 360 degree angle

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From the above picture, it’s clear {that a} 360-degree angle kinds a whole circle. It’s six occasions of 60-degree angle, 4 occasions of a proper angle, and twice a straight angle.

360 Diploma Angle Identify

An angle that measures 360 levels is known as a full angle. Every time we assemble a 360-degree angle, it all the time kinds a circle, that’s the reason it is named a whole angle. There are completely different names for angles of various measurements. For instance, half of a 360-degree angle, i.e a 180-degree angle is named a straight angle in geometry. Equally, one-fourth of 360 levels, that’s 90-degree angle is named a proper angle. Angles which might be lower than 360 levels however better than 180 levels are categorized as reflex angles.

The best way to Draw 360 Diploma Angle?

The 360-degree angle might be drawn with the assistance of a protractor and compass.

Drawing 360-Diploma Angle With Protractor

To attract a 360-degree angle utilizing a protractor, there’s a 360 levels protractor accessible which is spherical in form. It has a middle within the center which might be traced to attract a 360-degree angle.

Establishing 360-Diploma Angle With a Compass

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Comply with the given steps to assemble a 360-degree angle with the assistance of a compass.

  • Step 1: Draw a ray with the assistance of a ruler and identify it AB.
  • Step 2: Place compass tip at A and select an appropriate width on the compass.
  • Step 3: Place the pencil tip anyplace between A and B on ray AB and begin drawing an arc.
  • Step 4: Cease if you attain the identical level once more. That’s the required 360° angle.

drawing 360 degree angle with compass

Necessary Notes

  • The 360-degree angle can also be referred to as a whole angle.
  • The angle across the middle level of a circle is 360 levels.

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