what is a 6010 welding rod used for

what is a 6010 welding rod used for

In Transient: 6010 Vs 7018 Welding Rods

The merchandise are each delicate welding electrodes typically utilized in welding purposes akin to pipe welding, fabrication, and so forth. The first distinction between the 2 arises when the welding is carried out on contaminated surfaces (rust, filth, and so forth.). The 6010 produces much less and simply detachable slag. The 6010 is, nevertheless, a DC solely electrode not like the 7018 which can be utilized by way of DC in addition to AC present.

A welding wire is a metallic rod which is utilized to provide a heated arc for the aim of becoming a member of metals by way of the method of welding.

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These wires are gas-shielded electrodes with an array of attribute mechanical and chemical properties, arc habits, high quality, and value.

Wires additionally are available varied diameters and are often chosen on the idea of the welder getting used and the fabric of the job.

The next sections will present important info on each the merchandise.


  • In Transient: 6010 Vs 7018 Welding Rods
  • Overview of 6010 welding rods
  • Overview of 7018 welding rods
  • Key Variations between 6010 and 7018
  • Abstract

Overview of 6010 welding rods

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E6010 is an all-position, cellulosic electrode that has a quick-starting, regular, and deep penetrating arc. It produces x-ray high quality welds in flat, horizontal, overhead, vertical-up, and vertical-down positions.

The electrode is used for fabrication, restore, upkeep welding, out-of-position x-ray welds, building and shipbuilding, pipe welding. The electrode can be used for vertical and overhead plate welding.

The product is a DC solely welding wire and is designed for max penetration, as an example placing the foundation bead on the within of a chunk of pipe. The 6010 is most popular when the job has rust, oil, paint or filth on its floor.

It additionally works in all positions and is appropriate for pipeline work, however may show to be a bit of troublesome for novice customers.

The wire doesn’t produce a lot slag and what slag is produced might be simply eliminated. The all-positional attribute of the wire makes it appropriate for welding in a whole lot of areas.

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The fabric of the wire is delicate metal and the wire coating is of excessive cellulose sodium. The welder has good elongation and good energy traits.

One other characteristic of the 6010 electrodes is the pace at which it burns. This makes it ultimate for welding at a stiffening angle or downhill passes. The 6010 electrode has ample energy to do the job and is quicker than different electrodes in its class.

ParameterDetails MaterialMild Metal Wire CoatingHigh cellulose sodium Welding CurrentDC+ Tensile Strength78,000 psi Yield Strength60,000 psi Elongation22% PositionAll positions


  • All place
  • Simply detachable slag
  • X-ray high quality welds
  • Deep penetration


  • DC solely

Overview of 7018 welding rods

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The 7018 is a DC all-position electrode which is usually used when the welder requires excessive ranges of polish of their welds on troublesome to soften metals. It’s a excessive deposition electrode appropriate for low and medium carbon steels.

The electrode is an iron powder, low hydrogen electrode with distinguished mechanical properties that make the wire crack resistant and assist present x-ray high quality welds.

The 7018 has the aptitude of delivering uniform welds on steel and has higher affect properties at temperatures under zero.

That is exactly why the 7018 is used for ship hull building, strain vessels, boilers, piping, heavy-duty tools, upkeep, manufacturing or fabrication.

The wire is used for jobs that require low penetration and facilitates a quiet and spatter-free arc.

The electrode is taken into account extra of a “drag” rod, the 7018 can be generally often called a low-hydrogen or “low-high” rod within the discipline.

Plenty of {hardware} outlets, discipline welders, and residential hobbyists typically fail to inventory the 7018 rods correctly. The electrode is a low-hydrogen rod, requires a moisture-free surroundings in order that the flux stays protected against it.

The flux accommodates a really scarce quantity of hydrogen, and the electrode produces clean welds which might be ductile by nature.

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That is the rationale why the 7018 can be used extensively in structural welding, as an example, in a procuring advanced, nuclear or different power energy vegetation, factories, powerhouses, dams, and bridges.

ParameterDetails MaterialMild Metal Wire CoatingLow hydrogen potassium Iron powder Welding CurrentAC, DC+ or DC- Tensile Strength70,000 psi Yield Strength58,000 psi Elongation (in 2 inches)22 %


  • Quieter operation
  • Splatter free arc
  • Secure arc
  • Excessive weld high quality


  • Low penetration
  • Requires further storage

Key Variations between 6010 and 7018

The 6010 has a deeper weld penetration capability into the bottom steel of the job. The 6010 additionally leaves considerably much less slag after the method is accomplished.

The 7018 requires an oven to bake the rods at 300 levels Fahrenheit, which the 6010 doesn’t.

Though the elongation in each the welding wire is identical, 6010 possesses greater tensile and yield energy.

The 7018, nevertheless, is appropriate with each AC and DC currents not like the 6010.

The variations are summarised within the desk –

70186010 MaterialMild SteelMild Metal Wire CoatingLow hydrogen potassium, iron powderHigh cellulose sodium Welding CurrentAC, DC+ or DC-DC+ Tensile Strength70,000 psi78,000 psi Yield Strength58,000 psi60,000 psi Elongation (in 2 inches)22 %22%


The electrodes are fairly totally different of their traits in addition to their purposes. The 6010 is utilized in all out of place jobs the place different electrodes fail.

Whereas utilizing 6010, the job doesn’t should be clear, because the electrode often burns by way of all of the rust, filth, and so forth. from the floor to ship weld.

That is important as many instances the person won’t have the time to wash the floor or take away rust, the 6010 helps eliminate the difficulty.

The place the 7018 delivers a greater weld, the 6010 doesn’t produce a lot slag after the method.

The 7018, alternatively, is an appropriate weld rod if the foundation of the weld is definitely accessible and will get a couple of passes into the bottom steel of the job. That is largely because of the lesser penetration capabilities of the welding wire.

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