what is a baitcaster used for

what is a baitcaster used for

Baitcasting Vs Spinning Reel – Which One Is Finest?


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by Robert Ceran

Baitcasters and spinning reels are the 2 hottest varieties of fishing reels these days, and between them make up the overwhelming majority of reels utilized by anglers.

This raises the next questions: what’s the distinction between baitcasting and spinning reels, what are the professionals and cons of every reel kind, and what do you have to use every of them for?

On this article we’ll cowl these 3 questions in flip, and gives you a advice on which reel kind is finest in your goal.

What’s the distinction between a spinning reel and a baitcaster?

Baitcasters and spinning reels have a really totally different design and construct, and should be used with totally different rod varieties. Now let’s take a better take a look at every of them, to get a greater understanding of how they work.

Photo of spinning reel vs baitcaster

What’s a baitcaster?

A baitcaster is a sort of fishing reel that comes with a rotating spool connected to the highest of the fishing rod. The spool is rotated by turning the deal with on the facet of the reel, which spools line on to the reel.

With the intention to forged a lure with a baitcaster, the spool is allowed to rotate at excessive velocity, releasing line throughout the forged. In essence, the spool ‘unwinds’ the road, by rotating extraordinarily quickly and easily throughout the forged, which is enabled by its ball bearing system.

What’s a spinning reel?

A spinning reel is a sort of fishing reel that’s connected to the underside of a fishing rod, and that comes with a spool that doesn’t rotate. As an alternative, it has a bail arm that rotates across the spool, thereby spools line on to the spool. The bail arm is rotated by turning the deal with on the facet of the reel.

When casting with a spinning reel, the bail arm is folded again, which permits the road to easily slip off the reel, so the spool doesn’t must rotate throughout the casting course of.

What are baitcasting and spinning reels used for?

Baitcasters are used for all kinds of functions, starting from casting lures, to surf casting and massive recreation fishing. The most well-liked use of baitcasters in North America is for freshwater fishing for bass.

Spinner reels are additionally used for a variety of functions, a lot of which overlap with baitcasters, together with spin fishing, surf casting, and offshore fishing. Nevertheless, normally, they don’t seem to be used for very heavy functions, similar to large recreation fishing, which is a site reserved for baitcasters.

This raises one other query: why are these two varieties of reels used for lots of the identical functions, and is there a distinction between them in how they carry out in every state of affairs?

Let’s take a look at the benefits and downsides of baitcasting vs spinning in additional element:

Professionals and cons of baitcasting reels

Photo of baitcaster attached to rod

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  • Lengthy distance casting skill
  • Excessive diploma of casting accuracy
  • Work effectively with heavy lures
  • Sturdy design
  • Larger line capability on giant fashions
  • Lighter weight than comparable spinner reels


  • Harder to grasp
  • Excessive danger of backlash whereas casting
  • Spool rigidity must be adjusted for lures of various sizes
  • Typically dearer than spinning reels
  • Not good for casting very mild lures

What are the benefits of a baitcaster vs spinner?

Baitcasters have higher casting qualities than spinner reels – each by way of distance and accuracy achieved.

Nevertheless, baitcasters are typically dearer and harder to grasp than spinning reels, particularly for freshmen.

The rationale for this instantly turns into obvious throughout the casting course of: it’s important to use spool rigidity (managed by an adjustable magnetic rigidity system) to decelerate spool rotation throughout the forged.

If you happen to don’t decelerate the spool throughout the forged, it would proceed to rotate quickly even after the lure slows down and hits the water, which instantly ends in line backlash and birds nest technology, which is a big problem to untangle.

A second technique to management the rotation of the spool is by inserting your thumb on the spool throughout the forged. This has the added benefit of enabling correct management of the casting distance, which lets you forged the lure to a really particular location, after getting mastered the approach.

With the intention to keep away from baitcaster backlash, it’s important to know the principle baitcaster components and what their features are. It’s additionally essential to know how one can spool a baitcaster accurately, since this will even assist to keep away from line twisting.

All in all, baitcasters supply a number of key benefits over spinning reels, together with longer and extra correct casting skill. On the draw back, nevertheless, they’re dearer and more durable to grasp.

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Professionals and cons of spinning reels

Photo of spinning reel attached to rod

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  • Very straightforward to make use of
  • Typically cheaper than baitcasting reels
  • Extremely versatile
  • Spool will be modified simply
  • Quite simple upkeep
  • No backlash throughout casting
  • Nice for casting with ultralight lures and light-weight traces


  • Decrease casting distance and accuracy
  • Not nearly as good for heavy lures
  • Not good for large recreation fish
  • Heavier in weight than comparable baitcasters
  • Normally not fairly as sturdy

What are the benefits of a spinning reel vs baitcaster?

The truth that spinning reels are typically cheaper and simpler to make use of makes them a well-liked selection for many eventualities that don’t require the particular strengths of a baitcaster. Many anglers use spinner reels as basic goal reels, and they’re additionally a best choice for freshmen.

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As well as, spinner reels are extremely versatile, which suggests they are often tailored to nearly any kind of fishing. The identical reel mannequin can be utilized for spin fishing, trolling, backside fishing, reside bait fishing, and plenty of different functions.

On the draw back, their casting qualities are not so good as these of baitcasters, which is why some skilled anglers desire casting vs spinning reels for particular functions. As well as, it’s important to know how one can spool a spinning reel accurately to keep away from line twisting and fouls ups whereas casting.

Lastly, if you happen to determine in favor of utilizing spinner reels, you need to familiarise your self with the fitting spinning reel sizes in your goal, plus get to know the spinning reel components, to be able to use them optimally.

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Baitcaster vs spinning reel for bass – which is healthier?

Baitcasting reels are higher for bass fishing when utilizing heavy lures (similar to swimbaits, frogs, or heavy jigs), whereas spinning reels are higher for bass when utilizing finesse methods with lighter lures (similar to micro jigs or drop shot rigs).

A query I’m typically requested is: “casting reel vs spinning reel – which one is finest for bass fishing?” However there’s really no easy reply to this, as each fishing reels are completely tremendous for bass fishing, and which one you select is determined by your particular fishing tactic, in addition to your private desire.

There’s a standard false impression that bass professionals solely use baitcasters, however that is removed from true. For instance, Jordan Lee likes to make use of spinning reels for bass tournaments and will get nice outcomes with them.

The rationale why baitcasters are usually most well-liked by many bass anglers is due to the higher casting accuracy they supply. Bass are sometimes discovered near heavy cowl, and the lure should be positioned near that cowl with pinpoint accuracy to be able to catch them.

Additionally, if you happen to’re fishing for bass from a ship or a kayak, it’s possible you’ll end up casting in direction of the shore. In that case, you want to have the ability to cease the lure earlier than it hits the shore itself, which is less complicated to realize with a casting reel.

With that being stated, if you happen to’re a newbie beginning out in your bass fishing journey, it’s higher to begin with a spinning reel, because you’ll have the ability to grasp it way more simply, and can nonetheless have the ability to catch loads of fish with it. Along with this, a spinning setup can also be significantly better when utilizing finesse ways, as it really works very effectively with light-weight deal with.

Baitcaster vs spinning reel casting distance

As talked about above, one of many key benefits of a baitcasting reel vs spinning reel is its skill to forged longer distances.

If you happen to pair a surf casting baitcaster with the fitting casting rod (and if you happen to can grasp the artwork of controlling spool rotation throughout the forged), you’ll have the ability to obtain report casting distances. On this respect, baitcasters clearly outperform spinning reels, which is why many anglers desire a casting vs spinning reel for surf fishing.


To summarize the professionals and cons of a spinning reel vs casting reel: spinners are typically cheaper, simpler to make use of, and extra versatile. This makes them a wonderful selection for freshmen, and as basic goal reels for skilled anglers.

If you happen to’re considering of shopping for a spinning reel, check out our opinions on the highest spinning reel below $100, in addition to the highest spinning reel below $50. Additionally, if you happen to’re excited about making an attempt finesse methods, or different light-weight functions, take a look at our assessment on the very best ultralight spinning reel.

Baitcasters, alternatively, have significantly better casting qualities than spinners, however are usually dearer and harder to grasp. Due to this, they’re finest suited to skilled anglers who need to use them for particular functions.

If you happen to’re out there for a brand new baitcaster, you should definitely take a look at our assessment on the very best baitcasting reel below $100.

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