what is a bee expert called

what is a bee expert called

Query:What do you name an individual who’s an knowledgeable on bees?

The brief reply is:Phrases generally seen are ‘mellitologist’ and ‘apiologist’, each are barely totally different and are branches inside entomology (the examine of bugs).

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The Identify For A Bee Knowledgeable

There are a few names which are used to explain an individual who has a specialist information of bees, and it relies upon whether or not the particular person is learning honey bees particularly, or is learning different wild bee species.


An individual who research bees usually, is a mellitologist.

In response to the Journal of Melittology, the topic of mellitology is about “bee biology, ecology, evolution, & systematics”.

Nicely Identified Mellitologists

Halictus rubicundus female on lilac colored knapweed flower.Halictus rubicundus feminine on knapweed.

  • William Kirby, (1759-1850), (additionally thought of the “founding father of entomology”), writer of the primary scientific treatise on English bees. Kirby produced his first main work, the Monographia Apum Angliae – (Monograph on the Bees of England) in 1802.
  • American mellitologist, Charles D Michener, writer The Social Conduct of the Bees1 and The Bees of the World. Michener’s work contains examine of social evolution within the Halictidae bee household. (Halictidae contains the furrow bees, similar to Halictus rubicundus).
  • Professor Dave Goulson – English writer of A Sting In The Story and Bumblebee Behaviour And Ecology (amongst others), Goulson has a specific curiosity in bumble bees. He’s based mostly on the College Of Sussex, England.

Apiology – The Identify For An Knowledgeable On Honey Bees

An individual with a specialist understanding of honey bees is an apiologist, a phrase shaped from ‘Apis’ – the genus to which honey bees belong. There are numerous associated phrases:

Apiology: The scientific or systematic examine of honey bees. Apiculture: Involved with the examine and apply of rearing and preserving of honey bees.

Apiculturist: An individual who engages within the examine and apply of the rearing and preserving of honey bees.

Apiarist: A ‘bee farmer’ – an individual who retains an apiary for the aim of harvesting merchandise like honey, normally alongside business strains.

Honey bees are probably essentially the most extensively studied and researched residing organism on the planet, after people. Some years in the past, I did as soon as learn that almost all scientific research revealed on the planet, associated to people, and after that, the second largest quantity of scientific works pertains to honey bees particularly (versus different bee species, about which there are comparatively fewer revealed analysis papers).

Well-known Honey Bee Specialists

4 bee hives against a wall

  • Charles Butler, (1560-1647), was vital within the historical past of beekeeping in England as an early beekeeper and researcher. He’s typically often known as ‘the daddy of English beekeeping. It was Butler that seen that bees produce beeswax themselves quite than gathering it from crops. His well-known guide ‘The Female Monarchie’ was revealed in 1609.
  • Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth (1810 -1895) is named the daddy of American beekeeping. It’s Langstroth who invented the Langstroth beehive, which continues to be in use worldwide at this time.
  • Jan Dzierzon, (1811-1906), a Polish apiarist who found parthenogenesis in bees.
  • Karl von Frisch, (1886-1982). Born in Austria, Von Frisch studied animal behaviour, significantly honey bee communication, and he was the primary particular person to precisely describe and interpret the ‘waggle dance’. He was awarded the Nobel prize in 1973 for his pioneering work in communication between bugs.
  • Karl Kehrle (aka “Brother Adam”) (1898-1996) was a Benedictine monk at Buckfast Abbey in Devon, England. He was a beekeeper, and an authority on bee breeding. It was at Buckfast Abbey that he developed the Buckfast bee.
  • Thomas D. Seeley, world-renowned writer of Honey Bee Democracy and The Knowledge of the Hive. American Professor based mostly at Cornell College. He’s identified for his work on swarm intelligence, drawback fixing and interplay in honey bees (and far more!). Extra not too long ago he wrote The Lives Of Bees. Presently his primary curiosity is in conservation biology.
  • Fictional knowledgeable – Sherlock Holmes!

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Each mellitology and apiology are a department of entomology. Entomology is the scientific examine of all bugs and their relationship with the surroundings, crops, people and different animals.

So, in a way, it is perhaps mentioned that apiology is a subdivision of melittology, and that each are branches of entomology.

The Work Of Mellitologists, Apiologists (And Entomologists)

What kind of work do apiologists and melittologists do?

A spread of occupations might be undertaken by apiologists and melittologists.

Maybe most work is undertaken inside the realm of educational establishments. The analysis can fluctuate from primary science similar to genetics, bee physiology and biochemistry, bee illnesses and parasites to analysis on methods to guard bees and their environments, conservation and bee pollination.

Apiologists could discover different work associated to the business beekeeping sector.

Authorities our bodies may make use of specialists, usually supporting the work of the agricultural, horticultural and surroundings sectors as a result of vital function bees play in pollination and meals manufacturing (each from the attitude of plant pollination and honey for human consumption). Different authorities businesses concern themselves with the regulation of pesticides and different agrochemicals, the place testing on insect species (together with bees) is a key element, in addition to bee illnesses.

The agrochemical business and consultancies supporting them, could have interaction staff with specialist backgrounds in entomology, apiology and/or mellitology through the improvement and testing of their agrochemicals.

For entomologists there’s a wider alternative of profession alternatives.

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For instance, the Liverpool College Of Tropical Medication employs entomologists inside their Vector Biology division to help the examine of insect unfold illnesses, prevention and treatment2. Likewise, the pharmaceutical business and varied public well being our bodies could make use of entomologists to help the event of remedies and vaccinations.

Forensic entomology is the examine of bugs and arthropods in legal investigation, for instance, as a way to grasp a time and reason behind death3.


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