what is a bee keeper called

what is a bee keeper called

For these not skilled with beekeeping, you could discover numerous unfamiliar phrases. A standard query I get is, what’s beekeeping referred to as? It’s true that there are technical phrases for beekeeping, beekeepers, and bee yards.

What’s Beekeeping Referred to as?

Beekeeping is named apiculture. Apiculture refers back to the upkeep of bee colonies in synthetic hives. Mainly, apiculture is the scientific methodology of elevating honey bees.

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It comes from the latin phrase “apis”, which implies bee. You can find that many beekeeping phrases derive from the phrase apis. For instance, apis mellifera is the scientific title for the Western Honey Bee. Whereas the genus title Apis means bee, mellifera is latin for honey bearing.

Beekeeping is named apiculture.

People have been training apiculture for a really very long time. There are photographs which might be 10,000 years outdated that present honey being collected from bees. Egyptian artwork exhibits proof of domesticated bees 4,500 years in the past.

Within the 18th century, scientists started to review bee biology, resulting in a higher understanding of honey bees. Then, within the nineteenth century, apiculture was revolutionized by the invention of the moveable comb beehive by Lorenzo Langstroth. This design continues to be extensively used immediately.

One other Phrase for Beekeeper

One other phrase for beekeeper is apiarist. An apiarist is an individual who cares for and raises bees. Apiarists elevate bees in synthetic hives for agricultural or business functions.

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Most apiarists are passion beekeepers, which means that they personal just some hives. Passion beekeepers sometimes elevate bees for the enjoyable of it, and since it’s fascinating. They might additionally make some extra cash by promoting honey, pollen, and beeswax.

Whereas beekeeping has lengthy been fashionable in rural areas and farms, extra apiarists have been popping up in cities, because of a brand new curiosity in city beekeeping. City beekeepers elevate bees in densely populated cities, even by inserting their hives upon their rooftops.

Industrial beekeepers, however are answerable for a whole bunch, and even hundreds of hives. These colonies produce a considerable amount of honey for revenue. The primary business beekeepers emerged within the early nineteenth century and continues immediately, all around the globe.

Of all of the apiarists on the planet, solely 5% are business beekeepers. Nevertheless, they produce a lot honey that they’re answerable for as a lot as 60% of the world’s honey crop.

One other phrase for beekeeper is apiarist.

The place are Beehives Stored?

The place the place beekeepers hold their beehives is named a bee yard, or an apiary. There is no such thing as a one method to arrange an apiary, because it is dependent upon the realm and what number of hives are being saved. If you’re new to beekeeping, make sure you try your native ordinances to see if there are any rules concerning the place you could hold bees.

Apiaries will need to have correct spacing for every hive, in addition to area for the beekeeper to work. As a rule of thumb, most beehives needs to be saved 2 toes aside. When you have predators in your space, you might also wish to fence your apiary.

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You additionally need your apiary to be principally degree, freed from vegetation, and in an space that will get an excellent quantity of each solar and shade. For extra info on how to decide on one of the best location for beehives, see right here.

The place the place beekeepers hold their beehives is named a bee yard, or an apiary.

What’s a Collective Group of Bees Referred to as?

Contained in the hive, a gaggle of bees is known as a colony. Every bee colony consists of 1 queen bee, feminine employee bees, male drones, and brood – eggs, larvae, and pupae. A bee colony will sometimes have 10,000 to over 60,000 bees.

The variety of bees in a colony adjustments through the seasons. Within the spring, when the hive is most energetic, the colony may have essentially the most bees. Within the winter, the inhabitants of the colony will lower dramatically.

Outdoors the hive, a collective group of bees would extra usually be known as a swarm. A swarm happens when one colony splits into 2. The queen bee and half of the colony will depart the hive in seek for a brand new house.

First they’ll go to a brief location whereas they await scout bees to discover a good place to stay. Whereas of their momentary location they are going to appear like a big clump of bees. Swarming bees are often docile as a result of they haven’t any house or brood to guard.

Contained in the hive, a gaggle of bees is known as a colony. Outdoors the hive, a collective group of bees would extra usually be referred to as a swarm.


Beekeeping can also be referred to as apiculture, from the latin phrase, apis. One other phrase for beekeeper is apiarist, whereas a bee yard is named an apiary. A bunch of bees inside a hive is named a colony, whereas a gaggle of bees outdoors a hive is named a swarm.

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