what is a bezel on a watch used for

what is a bezel on a watch used for

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We love our excessive problems and luxurious masterpieces as a lot as the subsequent watch nerd. However our bias is for timepieces that may “do issues,” watches which can be every a necessary piece of package. Certain, it’s an instrument for telling time, but it surely may also be used to time a dive or a racing lap, take a pulse, or calculate remaining gasoline or crosswind pace or the gap of thunder or artillery.

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How, you ask? The reply has little to do with the watch’s motion. It’s all concerning the bezel, that outer ring of steel (or maybe, these days, ceramic) surrounding your watch’s crystal. Those we’re speaking about have numbers or different markings; they could rotate in a single path or each, or by no means; they could function another mixture of all that. How every kind of bezel works just isn’t difficult per se, however it’s deserving of a fast information.

Depend-Up Bezel With a 0-60 Scale


Maybe probably the most generally seen bezel markers are on dive watches. These scales go from zero to 60, indicating minutes in an hour, and are used to maintain monitor of time spent underwater, a essential parameter together with depth and remaining air. The primary 15 (generally 20) minutes are marked in one-minute increments whereas the remainder of the size is normally marked in five-minute increments. The elevated decision for the primary quarter-hour on the size permits divers to time decompression stops with relative precision throughout ascents on the finish of a dive. To make use of a dive bezel, set the zero marker reverse the minute hand; as time passes, you’ll be able to learn off elapsed time on the bezel with out having to do any psychological calculations.

Countdown Bezel With a 60-0 Scale


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Just about the alternative of a count-up scale, a countdown scale is used to set the time remaining earlier than or throughout an occasion. Rotate the bezel so the time remaining in your parking meter is reverse the minute hand. When the minute hand reaches zero on the size, you’re in parking ticket territory.



The tachymeter bezel is the distinguishing function on iconic chronographs just like the Omega Speedmaster and Rolex Daytona. The logarithmic scale is proportional to “one over elapsed time” (1/elapsed time) and due to this fact is used to measure items per time increments. Commonest of those is pace in miles per hour. Nevertheless, you too can calculate items per hour on a manufacturing line, pitches per hour throughout a baseball sport, or the typical charge of some other repeating occasion. Begin the chronograph when one unit passes (mile marker, widget, no matter), cease it when the subsequent unit passes, and skim items per hour on the size.



Specialised “medical watches” have a pulsometer on the fringe of the dial. It is a specifically calibrated tachymeter used to find out coronary heart charge. Begin the chronograph timer and rely the beats till you get to the quantity for which the size is calibrated — normally 15, generally 30. Cease the timer and skim the center charge in beats per minute. A associated scale, usually discovered on the identical watch, is the asthmometer, used to find out a affected person’s respiratory charge. The dimensions is learn the identical means and is usually calibrated to 5 respirations.



It is a scale used to find out the gap from the wearer to an occasion that may be each seen and heard. Sudden lightning storm transfer in whilst you’re in your backcountry trek? Set off the chronograph timer whenever you see the flash, cease it whenever you hear the thunder clap. See should you’re protected from hurt by studying the gap in miles or kilometers on the telemeter scale. The pace of sound in air is successfully a operate of air temperature (we’ll ignore the minor results of humidity and altitude), so the size is normally calibrated at a typical ambient temperature.



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The time period GMT (Greenwich Imply Time) has been deserted by the scientific group however the label nonetheless sticks within the tradition-bound world of timepieces. The bezel on a GMT watch is marked in 24 equal increments, changing into the chapter ring for the watch’s 24-hour GMT hand. This makes the watch a two time zone watch. If a second 24-hour ring is included on the dial, that creates a 3rd time zone. The bezel can also be usually in two colours, roughly designating day and night time. To make use of this bezel, set the hour marker on the bezel reverse the 24-hour hand for the time zone you need to monitor. It’s that straightforward. Simply keep in mind that a 24-hour hand solely goes round as soon as a day. You’ll get the cling of it.



You’re mountaineering the Excessive Sierra and also you misplaced your compass? Properly, okay, you’re a watch nerd, not a woodsman. When you’re within the northern hemisphere (hopefully you’ll be able to inform that a lot), rotate the compass bezel till the south mark is midway between the hour hand (subtract an hour should you’re on daylight saving time) and 12 o’clock. Level the hour hand on the solar and use the bezel orientation to find out north, south, east and west. Simply reset the bezel about as soon as an hour and also you’ll discover your means residence.

Slide Rule


We’ve saved the good bezel for final right here; it’s additionally probably the most difficult. The slide rule bezel is mainly two matching logarithmic scales — one stationary and one on a rotating outer ring. You carry out multiplication and division by rotating the outer ring. That is old-school math, people; Chilly-Conflict-era engineers will wax nostalgic should you present them this one.

Say you need to multiply 8 by 14. You place the 14 on the outer rotating bezel scale reverse the ten (a unit index used as a conversion issue) on the internal scale (at round 2:30). Reverse the 8 on the internal scale, learn the reply, 112, on the outer scale. Easy, huh? Okay, we didn’t suppose so both. We gained’t inform anybody should you pull out your iPhone as a backup.

You need to use a slide-rule bezel to deal with all types of navigational calculations: airspeed, charge/time of climb or descent, flight time, distance and gasoline consumption in addition to distance unit conversions. Sadly, these are somewhat difficult to enter right here — seek advice from your instruction booklet for these (Breitling’s does a very good job). The slide rule bezel is mostly discovered on aviator’s watches; sadly, understanding how you can use the bezel doesn’t get you any nearer to your pilot’s license. That half is as much as you.

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