what is a fencing sword called

what is a fencing sword called


There are three completely different weapons utilized in fencing: Epee, Foil and Sabre. All weapons usually, are primarily based off of the identical primary algorithm making it comparatively simple to change between epee, foil and sabre. Though, every weapon has its personal distinctive subset of guidelines which impacts the pace, length and elegance of a fencing match.


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The epee is taken into account the unique dueling sword. It was developed in the course of the nineteenth century to coach people for duels. When you’ve seen any film with lots of swordplay in it chances are high you might be watching epee. The weapon’s blade is considerably triangular in form and fairly stiff to bend. Because the complete physique is taken into account goal, the guard is massive and bell-shape to guard the hand from hits. Hits to focus on are made with the purpose of the blade solely.



The foil developed from the brief courtroom sword of the seventeenth and 18th centuries, and began as a lighter and extra versatile weapon for the observe of fencing. The blade is quadrangular in form and since solely the back and front of the torsos are thought of goal, the bell-shaped guard is way smaller than the epee. As with epee, hits are made solely with the purpose of the blade.



The sabre is the weapon developed from the backsword of the Elizabethans and the heavy cavalry sabre. The sabre blade is V- formed with the purpose folded over to type a button. This weapon differs in that it’s a lower and thrust kind weapon. Goal contains the pinnacle, arms, and trunk to the waist. As a result of the hand is once more thought of goal, the guard is half rounded to guard the fingers. Attributable to the truth that saber is a slicing weapon it’s the quickest out of the three weapons.


The times of getting suited up in 3 inch thick plate mail are lengthy gone. Now fencing armour consists of thick cotton and even the bullet proof materials Kevlar. (Kevlar is required at larger ranges.) The armour permits quite a lot of safety making fencing a really secure and enjoyable sport.



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Fencing masks are probably the most essential piece of protecting gear in fencing. Masks are made up of a steel wire mesh that covers the entrance and sides of the pinnacle. A cloth bib is connected to the underside to guard the throat and neck. On the within of the masks there’s padding soak up the pressure of successful in addition to make it comfy to put on. Foil and epee use a regular masks (left), whereas sabre masks (proper) have a steel threaded bib much like a lamé to differentiate between legitimate and non legitimate hits (see description under).


Gloves (Gauntlets)

Gloves cowl roughly half of the forearm and have further padding on the again of the hand. Gloves are worn on high of the jacket to stop blades from slipping below the sleeve. A velcro slit runs up the the wrist of the glove to permit the physique wire connect to the weapon.



Fencing jackets are made up of both heavy cotton denim or of kevlar related to what’s utilized in bulletproof jackets, although not as sturdy. Cotton jackets are thicker and provide extra padding in opposition to a powerful hit, whereas kevlar jackets are thinner permitting much less restrictive motion in addition to higher safety in opposition to puncturing. Kevlar gear is normally reserved for aggressive fencing, thought it’s not required on the Provincial Circuit.

Fencing Weapons

Sous-Plastron (Underarm Protector)

Sous-Plastrons are a fail-safe piece of protecting gear which is worn on the fencer’s weapon arm, beneath the jacket. Whereas the jacket protects the higher physique fully, a sous-plastron doubles the safety within the armpit the place the jacket has a seam.

Fencing Weapons

Chest Protector

Initially, chest protectors had been solely utilized by feminine fencers. Extra lately nonetheless, it has grow to be extra widespread for males to put on them as nicely. Chest protectors are fabricated from sturdy exhausting plastic which forestall bruising and assist unfold the pressure of successful throughout a bigger space.


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Breeches shield from slightly below the knee to a number of inches above the waist. They’re fabricated from both heavy cotton or kevlar. Breeches prolong above the waist so that there’s an overlap between them and the overlying jacket. lengthy, padded socks are worn to cowl the legs from the knee down.

Electrical Gear

Fencing Weapons


Lamés are jackets threaded with steel wires that conduct electrical energy permitting the scoring system to differentiate between on and astray hits. These jackets are worn solely in foil and sabre are placed on over high of the protecting jacket. In foil, the lamé covers the torso, whereas in sabre it coves from the waist up.

Fencing Weapons

Physique Wire

Physique wires are used to attach the fencer’s weapon and lamé (foil & sabre solely) to the reels. There are three forms of bodywires. The primary, which is particularly used for epee is straightforward and goes straight from reel to the epee. Sabre and foil share a typical bodywire which splits off a single wire that attaches to the lamé. The third wire is just utilized in sabre and it connects the lamé to the bib of the masks.

Fencing Weapons


Fencer’s connect their physique wires to retractable wire that’s spooled on a reel. Because the fencer strikes up and down the the piste, the reel releases and retracts the wire in order that the fencer doesn’t journey over it. Reels are then connected to a scoring field situated in the course of the piste by a protracted ground wire.

Scoring Containers

Scoring containers notify the choose to cease the motion and help him with figuring out legitimate hits. There are 4 primary lights which present the situation of successful on a fencer. The white lights illuminate when an invalid or off-target hit is made. When the inexperienced mild illuminates, it implies that the fencer on the choose’s left hand aspect has made a sound, on-target hit. Ther purple mild implies that the fencer to the choose’s proper made the legitimate hit.

Fencing Weapons


The piste is the identify given to the steel strip that denote the enjoying subject for the game of fencing. The piste measures 14m lengthy by 1.5 to 2m huge, and is marked by a number of strains: (C) Centre Line; (G) En Guard Line; (W) 2 Metre Warning Line; (E) Finish Line. There’s an extra metre or two added at every finish of the piste to permit of run offs, however is taken into account out of bounds.

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