what is a five sided polygon called

what is a five sided polygon called

A pentagon is a geometrical form, which has 5 sides and 5 angles. Right here, “Penta” denotes 5 and “gon” denotes angle. The pentagon is likely one of the varieties of polygons. The sum of all the inside angles for an everyday pentagon is 540 levels.

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  • Definition
  • Form
  • Common and Irregular Pentagon
  • Convex and Concave Pentagon
  • Properties
  • Space
  • Perimeter
  • Instance
  • Equilateral Pentagon
  • Cyclic Pentagon
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Types of polygons

In Geometry, we research about various kinds of shapes. The 2-dimensional form that’s composed of straight traces and inside angles is called a polygon. The examples of polygons are:

  • Triangle (three-sided polygon)
  • Quadrilateral (four-sided polygon)
  • Pentagon (five-sided polygon)
  • Hexagon (six-sided polygon)
  • Heptagon (seven-sided polygon)
  • Octagon (eight-sided polygon) and so forth.

On this article, you’ll be able to study in regards to the five-sided polygon referred to as “pentagon” with correct definition, form, sides, properties together with its perimeter and space of a pentagon method intimately.

Pentagon Definition


A pentagon is a polygon with 5 sides and 5 angles. The phrase “pentagon” is made up of two phrases, particularly Penta and Gonia, which implies 5 angles. All the perimeters of a pentagon meet with one another finish to finish to kind a form. Subsequently,

The variety of sides of a pentagon = 5

Pentagon form

Like different polygons corresponding to triangle, quadrilaterals, sq., rectangle, and so on., the pentagon can also be a polygon that incorporates 5 sides and 5 angles.

Relying on the perimeters, angles, and vertices, there are various kinds of pentagon shapes, corresponding to

  • Common and Irregular pentagon
  • Convex and Concave pentagon

Common and Irregular Pentagon

If a pentagon is common, then all the perimeters are equal in size, and 5 angles are of equal measures. If the pentagon doesn’t have equal facet size and angle measure, then it is called an irregular pentagon.

Regular and Irregular Pentagon

Common Pentagon

As outlined above, a common pentagon incorporates 5 congruent sides. Thus, we are able to simply discover the perimeter of this kind of pentagon. This may be noticed from the under given determine.

Regular pentagon

Right here, all of the 5 sides are equal so the perimeter of an everyday pentagon is 5 instances the size of any one in all its sides.

Additionally, we are able to divide an everyday pentagon into 5 comparable triangles as proven under.

Regular pentagon area

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Thus, we are able to say that the world of an everyday pentagon is the same as the 5 instances space of a triangle with sides the identical because the pentagon.

Convex and Concave Pentagon

If all of the vertices of a pentagon are pointing outwards, it is called a convex pentagon. If a pentagon has at the very least one vertex pointing inside, then the pentagon is called a concave pentagon.

Convex and Concave Pentagon

Pentagon Properties

Some properties of the pentagon are as follows:

  • Within the pentagon, the sum of the inside angles is the same as 540°.
  • If all the perimeters are equal and all of the angles are of equal measure, then it’s a common pentagon. In any other case, it’s irregular.
  • Within the common pentagon, every inside angle measures 108°, and every exterior angle measures 72°.
  • An equilateral pentagon has 5 equal sides.
  • The sum of the inside angles of an oblong pentagon is 540°.

Space of a Pentagon

Area of a Pentagon Formula

For an everyday pentagon with facet and apothem size, then the method to seek out the world of a pentagon is given as

Space of a Pentagon, A = (5/2) ×Facet Size ×Apothem sq. items

If solely the facet size of a pentagon is given, then

Space = 5s2 / (4 tan 36°) Sq. items

If solely the radius of a pentagon is given, then

Space =(5/2)r2 sin 72° Sq. items

Perimeter of Pentagon

Since all the perimeters “a” of an everyday pentagon are of equal measure, then the perimeter or circumference of a pentagon is written as,

The perimeter of a pentagon, P = 5a items

Pentagon Solved downside

Query: Discover the world and perimeter of an everyday pentagon whose facet is 5 cm and apothem size is 6 cm.



The facet of a pentagon, a = 5 cm

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Apothem Size = 6 cm

We all know that

The world of a pentagon, A = (5/2) ×Facet Size ×Apothem sq. items

Substitute facet = 5 cm, Apothem = 6 cm in method,

A = (5/2) × 5 × 6

A = 5 × 5 × 3

A = 75

Subsequently, the world of a pentagon is 75 cm2

The perimeter of a pentagon, P = 5a items

P = 5(5)

P = 25 cm

Therefore, the perimeter of a pentagon is 25 cm. Based mostly on the properties of pentagons, there are different varieties of pentagons that exist in geometry. They’re:

1. Equilateral pentagon

A polygon with 5 sides of equal size is known as an equilateral pentagon. Nonetheless, all of the 5 inner angles of a pentagon can take a variety of units of values. They’re thus permitting it to kind a household of pentagons. Subsequently, the common pentagon is exclusive as much as similarity. As a result of it’s an equilateral and equiangular (since its 5 angles are equal) pentagon.

2. Cyclic pentagon

If all of the vertices of a pentagon lie on the circumference of a circle, then it’s referred to as a cyclic pentagon. The common pentagon is the perfect instance of a cyclic pentagon. The world of a cyclic pentagon may be represented as one fourth the sq. root of one of many roots of a septic equation. Right here, the coefficients of the equation are features of the perimeters of the pentagon. This is applicable to each common and irregular pentagons.

Line of Symmetry of a Pentagon:

When coming to the road symmetry, each polygon has a sure variety of traces of symmetry. For instance, a sq. has 4 traces of symmetry. In the identical means, an everyday pentagon has 5 traces of symmetry.

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