what is a flamethrower used for

what is a flamethrower used for

Elon Musk has been promoting flamethrowers. Which begs the query: What use may your common American probably have for one?

A flamethrower is a weapon that operates very like a squirt gun, however as an alternative of water it spews flammable liquid that is ignited because it exits the barrel.

Musk introduced on Twitter onSunday that his The Boring Firm was promoting flamethrowers for $500 to lift cash for his tunnel drilling mission. The CEO who’s identified for corporations like Tesla (TSLA)and SpaceX instructed his followers on Thursday that the corporate had bought out.

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Now {that a} slew of Musk followers will doubtlessly be operating round with flamethrowers, CNNMoney reached out to the makers of two widespread fashions,Throwflame and Terra Torch,to learn the way to make use of them.

Listed below are 5 good makes use of for a flamethrower:


World Battle I marked the debut of the trendy flamethrower when troopers used them in trench warfare. The weapon additionally figured prominently in World Battle II. The U.S. Marines used them to lethal impact in opposition to Japanese bunkers within the jungles of the Pacific islands. However they had been hazardous for the consumer in addition to a goal for enemies. The U.S. navy hasn’t used them in fight because the Vietnam Battle.

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Dan Jones, proprietor of GelFire Techniques in Oregon, stated the Military makes use of his Terra Torch incendiary system, however not for fight. He stated it is to burn brush to clear firing ranges and ferret out any “sizzling mortars” that may be mendacity within the grass.

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It may appear unusual, combating wildfires with fireplace, however that is precisely how they do it. Jones counts amongst his shoppers the Kern County Fireplace Division of California. The Terra Torch is a handheld flamethrower than can spray greater than 50 ft, and is linked by a gas line to a 50-gallon tank that is mounted in a truck or off-road car. He calls it a “glorified, modified spray gun designed to deal with gelled gasoline.”

He stated firefighters use it for managed burns, the place they cease a fireplace from spreading by burning the whole lot round it. “They name it backburning,” he stated. “You get forward of [the wildfire] and lay a fireplace line behind it. Principally you might be controlling the extreme fuels.”

The Terra Torch from GelFire Techniques is used for firefighting and land administration.

Land administration

Jones has additionally bought Terra Torches to the Inside Division, the Forest Service, the Fish and Wildlife Service and any rancher who can afford the $20,000 worth. He stated farmers will use them to clear land for crops, and the federal government makes use of them to burn out overgrowth to create habitats for animals or to stop uncontrolled fires. He stated freeway departments use them to burn grass in medians so it will not ignite unintentionally from cigarette butts.

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“Initially once we began off promoting flamethrowers we had been this strictly from an leisure function,” stated Quinn Whitehead, founder and CEO of Throwflame. He stated flamethrowing is “exhilarating and leaves you grinning ear to ear.”

Whitehead, who expenses as much as $3,200 for his handheld XL18 flamethrowers, stated his clients found many different makes use of as properly, similar to utilizing them as film props or for clearing farm land or eradicating “pesky insect hives” or “torching their driveways and melting ice and snow.”

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Zombie apocalypse

Tesla founder Musk stated flamethrowers can be helpful “when the zombie apocalypse occurs.” However Max Brooks, writer of “World Battle Z,” doesn’t advocate flamethrowers for combating zombies. In his guide “The Zombie Survival Information,” he wrote, “Do not suppose a flamethrower and a number of other Molotov cocktails are the answer to all of your issues. In precise fight, fireplace will be as lethal a risk as it’s a protector.”

He stated that the flamethrower “strikes folks as the last word zombie eliminator” as a result of it “can flip an undead crowd right into a wailing funeral pyre.” However he stated the flamethrower would merely flip a zombie into “a shambling torch,” and that “fireplace itself has no loyalty.”

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