what is a group of hyenas called

what is a group of hyenas called

The African savannah is house to an enormous number of wildlife species. With this a lot range, it’s not stunning that we’ve give you some equally various and attention-grabbing phrases to explain them, and among the many most attention-grabbing of those are the phrases (collective nouns) we use to explain teams of untamed animals. These are a few of our favourites!

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Why we love collective nouns

Collective nouns are nice phrases as a result of, within the first place, they’re fairly helpful. Utilizing one in every of these phrases is a fast and straightforward approach of describing a sighting of animals – listeners will know instantly that you simply’re not speaking about a person, however a bunch of untamed animals.

However there’s one thing extra to those phrases than simply utility or trivia! They’re additionally amazingly descriptive. These phrases inform us one thing concerning the animals in query – they describe their form or kind or character in a roundabout way, giving us an perception into their natures, personalities or behaviours. Take giraffe for instance: “a tower” is their collective noun, and we are able to’t consider a greater option to describe a bunch of those gangly giants, towering as they do above all however the tallest timber round them.

A group of giraffe (A Tower) walking through the African bush against a backdrop of green trees
A bunch of giraffe are referred to as a ‘tower’, which is a superb instance of collective nouns at their descriptive greatest.


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Africa doesn’t disappoint in the case of collective nouns. The Massive 5 all have their very own distinctive names, and what higher place to begin? Buffalo are referred to as a ‘herd’, a ‘gang’, or, better of all, an ‘obstinacy’. Elephants are additionally referred to as a ‘herd’ (as are many different herbivores), along with which they’re also referred to as a ‘reminiscence’.

Lions in a bunch are referred to as a ‘delight’, which describes these majestic animals very properly certainly, whereas leopards in a bunch (which is kind of uncommon to see by the way in which) are referred to as a ‘leap’. This leaves us with rhinos, that are a few of Africa’s most weak wild animals and infrequently the goal, sadly, of unlawful wildlife poachers. They’re additionally lovely and spectacular to see in individual; so massive and so completely different from some other African wildlife species. Not surprisingly, due to this fact, they’ve their very own particular collective noun: a ‘crash’, which is completely evocative of those lumbering, highly effective giants thundering by way of the bush.

Crocodiles are one other of our favourites – they’re recognized collectively as a ‘bask’ or a ‘float’. Then we have now zebras with one other completely descriptive collective noun – a ‘dazzle’. Hyenas have two collective nouns. They’re usually referred to as a ‘clan’ however the different time period, a ‘cackle’ completely captures the sound and spirit of those animals. A bunch of aardvark (one other terribly uncommon sighting – seeing simply one in every of these is particular sufficient) known as an ‘armory’, whereas a bunch of hippopotamus basking within the solar are referred to as a ‘bloat’! Wild canine are referred to as a ‘pack’, and baboons are referred to as a ‘troop’. Probably the most effective collective noun of all although have to be for the wildebeest – collectively referred to as an ‘improbability’.

A pack of African Painted Wolves or Wild Dogs on a dirt track in the African bush - flanked by green bushes
One among Africa’s most rewarding sights must be a pack of African wild canine, also referred to as painted wolves!


Vultures rank among the many most weak of Africa’s massive birds, with vulture species starting from threatened to critically endangered. Curiously sufficient, vultures are noteworthy for the truth that they’ve a really massive variety of collective nouns, which range in accordance with their behaviour at any given time!

Vultures circling overhead, using thermals as they seek for carcasses are referred to as a ‘kettle’. A bunch of vultures perched in a tree, in the meantime, are referred to as a ‘committee’, a ‘venue’ or perhaps a ‘volt’. Then, when the vultures descend to the bottom to feed on a carcass they’re referred to as a ‘wake’ which we predict is fantastically descriptive. This makes a complete of 5 collective nouns for a single sort of animal, which is kind of distinctive!

A blank and white photograph of a Kettle of Vultures circling above an African landscape composed of a river and trees stretching into the distance
Vultures are blessed with a stunning variety of collective nouns – 5 in complete! The vultures pictured right here could be referred to as a ‘kettle’ as a result of they’re in flight, using scorching afternoon thermals.

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A few of our different favorite collective nouns for birds embrace flamingoes – which collectively are referred to as a ‘flamboyance’. Then we have now a ‘parliament’ of owls; a ‘confusion’ of guineafowl; and a ‘convocation’ of eagles. One final extra-special collective noun for a bunch of birds can also be presumably the most effective of all of them: a bunch of parrots known as a ‘pandemonium’.

A cardboard box full of young, colourful parrots
Parrots (on this case fairly younger parrots) have one of many best collective nouns round: a ‘pandemonium’!

Different attention-grabbing Collective Nouns

There’s extra to African wildlife than birds and enormous mammals, after all, and a few of Africa’s smaller and lesser recognized animals have additionally obtained some attention-grabbing collective nouns. Take mosquitoes for instance, referred to as a ‘swarm’, which is a bit of boring, however they can be referred to as a ‘scourge’, which is way more descriptive of the impact that giant numbers of those tiny creatures can have – notably when you’re making an attempt to sleep!

A bunch of lizards is definitely referred to as a ‘lounge’ – are you able to consider it? After which we have now squirrels, that are very fittingly referred to as a ‘scurry’! One other fairly great collective noun is the one used to explain a bunch of porcupines – they’re referred to as a ‘prickle’. Bats can both be referred to as a ‘colony’, or, extra fittingly a ‘cloud’.

Africa’s creepy-crawlies have some wonderful collective nouns as properly. Scorpions are both a ‘mattress’ or a ‘nest’, whereas spiders can both be referred to as a ‘cluster’ or a ‘litter’. Snakes have 5 collective nouns – they’re both a ‘den’, a ‘nest’, a ‘pit’ (presumably solely once they’re really in a pit, which is much less widespread than you could assume), a ‘mattress’, or ‘knot’. Locusts, unsurprisingly, are referred to as a ‘plague’ each time they’re discovered collectively. And let’s not overlook the just about universally despised cockroach – these bugs are collectively referred to as an ‘intrusion’. It simply doesn’t get a lot better than that, does it?

At sure instances of yr scorpions are fairly simple to see – particularly with assistance from a UV gentle.

One of the best ways to place your new-found data of collective nouns into apply is by spending a while within the subject with actual consultants in conservation. For those who’re unsure which conservation challenge is best for you, then get in contact with us and we’ll enable you to determine.

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