What’s a Jake Brake?

Have you learnt what a jake brake is? If not, you’re not alone. A jake brake is a tool that helps to decelerate a truck by utilizing the engine’s compression to create a again strain. This strain helps to maintain the brakes from overheating and permits for a smoother cease. Whereas they’re principally utilized in vans, there isn’t a purpose they will’t be utilized in automobiles as effectively. In reality, many states at the moment are requiring them on all business automobiles. If you happen to’re on the lookout for a option to safely and easily decelerate your automobile, take into account investing in a jake brake. You received’t remorse it!

What Is Jake Brake? 

A Jake Brake is a kind of engine brake that’s used to decelerate or cease a automobile. It really works by utilizing the engine’s compression to create resistance in opposition to the wheels, which slows the automobile down.

Jake Brakes are named after their inventor, Joseph B. Johnson, who created them within the Nineteen Fifties. They’re generally used on vans and different heavy automobiles, as they will considerably cut back put on on the brakes and lengthen the lifetime of the tires.

Jake Brakes may be very noisy, so it is very important pay attention to this in case you are utilizing one close to different folks or buildings. Some states have legal guidelines regulating using Jake Brakes, so it is very important examine earlier than utilizing one.

The place Does the Title Jake Brake Come From?

The title Jake Brake comes from the brake’s first inventor, Jacobus Bekker. He initially designed them to be used on vans within the Nineteen Fifties. The brakes work by utilizing the engine’s exhaust to sluggish the automobile down. When the driving force prompts the brake, a valve opens and permits exhaust gasses to circulation into what are basically chambers situated above the pistons within the engine. The pressurized gasses push in opposition to the pistons, which slows the engine down and in the end stops the automobile.

Jake Brakes have been more and more used since their inception and at the moment are commonplace on many several types of automobiles together with vans, buses, development tools, and even some passenger automobiles. Whereas they’re mostly used when descending steep grades, they can be utilized in a wide range of conditions the place engine braking can be helpful.

There are some drawbacks to utilizing Jake Brakes, nevertheless. They are often fairly loud, which may be disruptive to each the driving force and people round them. Moreover, they will put extra put on and tear on the engine, which can shorten its total lifespan. However for a lot of drivers, the advantages of Jake Brakes outweigh the negatives.

How Does a Jake Brake Work?

A Jake Brake is a kind of engine brake that’s used to decelerate or cease a heavy automobile. It really works by utilizing the engine’s compression to create resistance in opposition to the pistons, which in flip slows down the engine. The Jake Brake is known as after its inventor, Jacobus “Jake” Visser, who patented the system in 1954.

There are two essential kinds of Jake Brakes: those who use exhaust valves and those who use consumption valves. Exhaust valve brakes are extra frequent, as they’re much less prone to trigger engine harm. Consumption valve brakes are usually solely utilized in very heavy automobiles, akin to 18-wheelers.

To make use of a Jake Brake, the driving force brings the engine up to the mark after which prompts the brake. The brake will robotically start to sluggish the engine down. The motive force can modify the quantity of braking energy by adjusting a knob or lever contained in the cab.

Jake Brakes are very helpful for slowing down or stopping a heavy automobile, however they will also be harmful if not used correctly. If the Jake Brake is activated too instantly, it might probably trigger the engine to stall and even harm the engine. It is very important learn the directions fastidiously earlier than utilizing a Jake Brake and to all the time use warning when working one.

How Do I Know If My Automotive Has One?

If you happen to’re unsure whether or not or not your automobile has a Jake brake, there are a couple of methods to search out out. The obvious manner is to examine the proprietor’s handbook. Many more moderen automobiles have them, however not all.

One other option to inform is by listening to a loud, metallic clicking noise once you let off the accelerator. This noise is made by the valves within the engine that open and shut quickly, and it’s a lifeless giveaway that your automobile has a Jake brake.

Lastly, you may search for an exterior swap on the sprint or close to the pedals. This swap is normally marked with an image of a truck or an arrow pointing down and flipping it prompts the Jake brake.

Jake Brake Phrases You Ought to Know

If you happen to’re new to trucking, you’ve in all probability heard the time period “Jake Brake” and puzzled what it meant. A Jake Brake is a tool that helps decelerate a heavy automobile by utilizing the engine to brake. It’s named after its inventor, Jakes Manufacturing Firm.

Listed here are another phrases associated to Jake Brakes that it is best to know:

Engine Braking – This happens when the engine is used to decelerate the automobile, versus the brakes. Jake Brakes are one kind of engine braking, however there are others, like exhaust brakes.

Retarder – A retarder is a tool that helps decelerate a automobile with out utilizing the brakes. Retarders may be mechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatic. Jake Brakes are a kind of retarder.

Service Brake – The service brakes are the brakes which might be used most frequently to decelerate and cease the automobile. They’re normally activated by a pedal within the cab.

Parking Brake – The parking brake is used to maintain the automobile stationary when it’s parked. It’s normally activated by a lever within the cab.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) – It is a system that forestalls the wheels from locking up when the brakes are utilized. It may be useful in conditions the place you might want to brake instantly

Jake Brake vs. Exhaust Brake

If you happen to’ve ever been driving behind an enormous rig truck on the freeway, you’ve in all probability seen that they use what feels like engine braking to decelerate. This braking methodology is named a Jake Brake, named after the corporate that first designed and put in them, Jacobs Car Programs.

Jake Brakes work by opening the exhaust valves on the high of the compression stroke, releasing strain and permitting the piston to push down on nothing however air. This successfully turns the engine into an enormous air compressor, slowing the automobile down with out sporting out the brakes.

what is a jake brake

Whereas Jake Brakes are extremely efficient at slowing down giant automobiles, they are often noisy and disruptive, which is why many cities have banned their use. If you happen to’re driving a smaller automobile, chances are you’ll need to take into account an exhaust brake as an alternative.

Exhaust brakes work by utilizing a valve to redirect exhaust gasses again into the engine, which will increase backpressure and slows the engine down. Whereas they’re not as efficient as Jake Brakes, they’re a lot quieter and can be utilized in city areas.

What New Truck Drivers Want To Know About The Jake Brake?

As a brand new truck driver, you’ll have heard concerning the Jake Brake and puzzled what it’s. The Jake Brake is a braking system that helps decelerate a heavy automobile like a tractor-trailer. It really works by utilizing the engine to assist decelerate the truck.

When the Jake Brake is engaged, the truck’s engine slows down the wheels which in flip slows down your complete truck. This may be useful when coming down a protracted, steep hill or when you might want to cease rapidly.

To make use of the Jake Brake, you’ll have to shift right into a decrease gear earlier than partaking it. As soon as it’s engaged, you’ll really feel the truck decelerate. Be sure you disengage it when you’ve come to a cease so that you simply don’t harm the engine.

The Jake Brake could be a useful software for brand spanking new truck drivers to find out about and use. It will possibly assist you decelerate rapidly and safely in sure conditions. Simply remember to observe utilizing it earlier than you might want to use it in an emergency scenario.

Advantages Of Utilizing Jake Brakes

Jake brakes may be extraordinarily helpful for each the driving force and the automobile. When used correctly, Jake brakes might help cut back put on and tear on the brakes, enhance gasoline economic system, and supply extra stopping energy when wanted.

When driving down a protracted, steep grade, Jake’s brakes might help take among the pressure off of the automobile’s common brakes. This might help stop brake fade and overheating, which may result in brake failure. Moreover, utilizing Jake brakes might help enhance gasoline economic system by lowering the quantity of labor the engine has to do to keep up velocity.

In some conditions, akin to when descending a mountain move or coming into stop-and-go site visitors, having further stopping energy may be lifesaving. Jake brakes can present this further stopping energy by utilizing the engine to sluggish the automobile down as an alternative of relying solely on the brakes.

Whereas Jake’s brakes may be extraordinarily helpful, it is very important use them correctly. Sudden or extreme use of Jake’s brakes could cause wheel lockup and skid, which may result in lack of management and a severe accident. When utilizing Jake’s brakes, it is very important apply them step by step and easily to keep away from wheel lockup.

Legal guidelines Towards Utilizing The Jake Brake:

There are a couple of states within the US which have legal guidelines in opposition to utilizing the Jake Brake. These states are: Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Wyoming.

If you happen to dwell in one in every of these states and you utilize your Jake Brake whereas driving by way of them, you can be fined and even arrested. So it’s vital to know the legal guidelines of the states you’ll be touring by way of earlier than utilizing your Jake Brake.

Why Are There Legal guidelines Towards Utilizing The Jake Brake?

The principle purpose for these legal guidelines is as a result of the loud noise made by Jake Brake could be a nuisance to others, particularly at night time. It will possibly additionally startle animals, which may be harmful in the event that they’re on the highway.

How To Use The Jake Brake Responsibly?

If you happen to do want to make use of your Jake Brake, be sure to accomplish that responsibly. Solely use it when crucial and provides folks loads of warning earlier than you activate it. Drive slowly and thoroughly after utilizing the Jake Brake so that everybody round you is conscious of what’s happening.

what is a jake brake

By following these easy ideas, you may keep away from breaking any legal guidelines and hold everybody secure whilst you’re on the highway.

How widespread are they at this time?

Whereas Jake Brakes are mostly discovered on semi-trucks, they’re really changing into more and more widespread on different kinds of automobiles as effectively. That’s as a result of as folks turn into extra conscious of the hazards of brake fade, they’re on the lookout for methods to enhance the efficiency of their brakes.

A technique to do that is by putting in a Jake Brake. A Jake Brake is a tool that’s put in between the engine and the transmission. It makes use of the engine’s energy to assist decelerate the automobile.

When activated, the Jake Brake applies the brakes tougher and for an extended time period than what you can do together with your foot alone. This might help stop brake fade and offer you higher braking efficiency.

If you happen to’re on the lookout for methods to enhance the efficiency of your brakes, a Jake Brake is certainly one thing to contemplate.

When do you have to use a jake brake?

A jake brake ought to be used when descending a protracted, steep grade to assist management the velocity of the automobile and forestall the brakes from overheating. The jake brake works by slowing the engine down, which in flip slows the wheels.

Whereas using a Jake Brake is helpful in lots of conditions, there are some situations the place its use will not be really helpful. These embody:

-On moist or icy roads, the braking motion could cause the wheels to skid.

-In built-up areas the place the sudden braking noise could trigger a disturbance.

-When towing a trailer, the deceleration could cause instability.

Jake Brakes are an incredible software when used accurately, however it’s vital to concentrate on the potential dangers earlier than utilizing one.


Suggestions For Utilizing a Jake Brake

When working a truck with a Jake Brake, there are some vital ideas to remember to be able to keep secure and keep away from harm to the brake. First, all the time make it possible for the Jake Brake is correctly serviced and maintained. Secondly, when utilizing the Jake Brake, step by step enhance strain on the pedal quite than making use of full strain suddenly. This can assist keep away from sudden stops which may be harmful. Lastly, pay attention to your environment and what kind of terrain you’re on, as utilizing the Jake Brake on sure surfaces could cause skidding or sliding. By following the following tips, you may assist guarantee secure and correct operation of your Jake Brake.

Do Jake Brakes Use Extra Gasoline?

Jake brakes are sometimes used to assist management velocity when descending lengthy, steep grades.  As a result of they sluggish the truck with out utilizing the service brakes, jake brakes might help cut back put on on the brake system and lengthen its life.  As well as, utilizing a jake brake might help save gasoline by lowering the necessity to use the truck’s engine to decelerate.

Nevertheless, some drivers imagine that utilizing a jake brake can really enhance gasoline consumption.  It is because when the jake brake is engaged, it places further pressure on the engine.  Consequently, the engine has to work tougher and use extra gasoline.

So, do jake brakes use extra gasoline?  There isn’t a definitive reply, because it depends upon a variety of elements, together with the kind of engine within the truck, the terrain being pushed on, and the driving habits of the driving force.  Nevertheless, generally, utilizing a jake brake mustn’t have a major affect on gasoline consumption.

Does Jake Brake Damage the Engine?

The aim of a Jake Brake is to decelerate a heavy automobile with out overworking the brakes.  Nevertheless, some folks imagine that utilizing a Jake Brake can harm the engine. So, what’s the reality?

Utilizing a Jake Brake doesn’t harm the engine of your truck so long as you utilize it accurately.  If you happen to have interaction the brake too early or too late, you can trigger put on and tear on the engine, but when used accurately, the Jake Brake won’t trigger any harm.  In reality, many truckers imagine that utilizing a Jake Brake can really extend the lifetime of your engine by taking among the stress off of the brakes.

So, there you’ve got it! Utilizing a Jake Brake won’t harm your engine, so long as you utilize it accurately. So, go forward and provides it a attempt the subsequent time you’re behind the wheel of a heavy automobile. Chances are you’ll simply be shocked at how effectively it really works!

Are Jake Brakes Unlawful?

Jake brakes are gadgets which might be fitted to vans and different giant automobiles. When the driving force applies the brakes, the Jake brake prompts and makes use of engine compression to sluggish the automobile down.

Whereas Jake brakes may be very efficient at slowing a automobile down, they will also be fairly loud. This has led to some folks questioning if Jake brakes are authorized, particularly in city areas the place noise air pollution is a priority.

The reply to this query depends upon what jurisdiction you’re in. In some areas, Jake brakes are completely authorized and there are not any restrictions on their use. Nevertheless, in different areas, there could also be noise rules that restrict when and the place Jake brakes can be utilized. So it’s all the time greatest to examine together with your native authorities earlier than utilizing a Jake brake in an city space.


A jake brake is a compression brake used on heavy vans and buses. When the driving force engages the brake, the engine RPM will increase and air is pressured into the cylinders. This creates a high-pressure air pulse that acts like a shock wave to sluggish the automobile. Jake brakes are named after James Henry “Jake” Jacobs, who invented and patented the system in 1935. If you happen to’re on the lookout for a option to decelerate your large rig or bus, a jake brake could also be simply what you want. Do you’ve got any questions on how they work or whether or not one can be proper to your automobile? Tell us and we’ll assist you out.

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