what is a jewish prayer shawl called

what is a jewish prayer shawl called

The tallit (tall-EET) or tallis (TALL-us) is a big rectangular scarf made from wool, cotton or artificial fibers. In every of the 4 corners of the scarf are strings tied in a selected sample, referred to as tzitzit. The origin of the tzitzit is biblical; the follow is prescribed in Numbers 15. The principle is to place these strings on the 4 corners of 1’s garment — in historic custom, with a single strand of blue as well-as a reminder of the duties and obligations of a Jew. Since we now not put on four-cornered clothes, the tallit is worn particularly to satisfy the biblical principle.

Historically, males put on a tallit throughout morning companies; in non-Orthodox synagogues, many ladies additionally put on a tallit. In some Orthodox congregations, solely married males put on a tallit. One may even see folks gathering the tzitzit of their left hand and kissing them when the paragraph from the Torah referring to them is recited.

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Women participating in a Rosh Chodesh worship service near the Western Wall in Jerusalem in 2013. (Michal Patelle/Women of the Wall)

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Most synagogues have prayer shawls out there for guests to make use of throughout companies. Nonetheless, many individuals desire to buy their very own prayer scarf. All kinds are offered at most Judaica shops and on the Web.

Earlier than placing on the prayer scarf, it’s customary to say the next blessing (Click on right here for the Hebrew textual content):

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Baruch atah adonai Eloheinu melech ha olam Asher kidishanu b’mitzvotav Vitzivanu l’hitatef b’tzitzit.

Blessed are you Lord our God Ruler of the Universe Who has sanctified us along with your mitzvot And commanded us to wrap ourselves in tzitzit.

Watch the video beneath for extra on tips on how to placed on tallit:

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