what is a knot pillow used for

what is a knot pillow used for

The Knot Pillow is a model new idea that blends fashionable Scandinavian decor and conventional knotting kinds. To totally grasp the paintings of the Knot Pillow, one should perceive the intriguing origins of knotting artwork, Scandinavian fashion, and our discovery of the kinds that influenced the creation of the Knot Pillow!

Knotting As An Artwork

The Ashley Book Of Knots

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“[The] easy act of tying a knot is an journey in limitless house that’s restricted solely by the scope of our personal imagery and the prolonged of the rope maker’s coil.” – The Ashley E book of Knots

The Ashley E book of Knots (written by Clifford W. Ashley) options over 3,900 knots and seven,000 drawings, and took Ashley 11 years to finish the e-book! His e-book not solely defined methods to tie 1000’s of knots; it defined the aim of each knot, the place it originated, and even who was identified to make use of it. Knotting had lengthy been considered as a possible for fancier decor, particularly by the olden hands-on folks artists (and we’re knot speaking about music). But it surely wasn’t till the artwork of knotting was practiced by sailors that it started to become an intricate, widespread artwork with infinite variables. Knotting was a leisurely exercise for a lot of sailors, as they spent lengthy stretches of time on ships and most of them couldn’t learn or write. Curiously, the kind of knots that may be tied largely trusted the department of service; the Navy specialised in “sq. knotting”, which is now higher referred to as “macrame”.

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Over time, the curiosity and participation in tying knots grew to become very intense and started to unfold like wildfire. Many sailors ultimately turned it right into a kind of aggressive sport as a type of ongoing leisure. Others created their very own specialty knots that have been notably advanced, and solely taught it to those that swore secrecy – by means of this, they created secret social circles.

Scandinavian Artwork Decor

knot pillow living room

Simplicity. Accents. Textures.

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That is what defines the distinctiveness of the Scandinavian decor fashion. The fashion is usually vivid and makes use of white as a major colour, with tastefully daring accent colours. The fashion accompanied the “modernist” decor pattern that initially emerged within the Nineteen Fifties, and slowly however certainly grew to develop into a well-liked pattern in present Europe. The modernist motion centered on clear traces and impartial colour palettes; in juxtaposition, the Scandinavian design was as an alternative based mostly on the will for a vivid and comfortable environment, because it was influenced by the chilly and quick winter days within the Nordic areas. The elegant fashion grew to become very fascinating within the space, and because it expanded to the neighboring areas, the fashion started to evolve to incorporate lighter colours, open-plan areas, and even additional growing the quantity of brightness within the decor. Curiously, because the fashion advanced, it grew to become simplified and centered round minimalism because the “much less is extra” mindset started to manifest. This mindset was utilized throughout the board – much less ornamentation, much less muddle, and even much less colour. As an alternative, now the main target of the room grew to become textures and evenly utilized accent colours. The minimalistic tendencies of the decorators implementing the Scandinavian fashion elevated the performance of open-plan areas. What was only a front room might now develop into a really versatile space that would serve any variety of wanted functions. It grew to become a really clear and sensible design.

Our Story


Whereas touring all through Europe, we fell in love with the breathtaking Scandinavian fashion and have been instantly impressed. We puzzled why such a brilliantly lovely and versatile fashion wasn’t in style in additional nations. The decor in locations like Finland and Sweden was a culturally eye-opening expertise. Then we had an concept – what if we might deliver an thrilling piece of the fashion again with us?

The Knot Pillow is an modern invention that blends the creativity of the sailor’s knotting, and the Scandinavian fashion. It’s KNOT simply your common throw pillow; it’s actually a singular murals. The Knot Pillow is totally useful, comfy, and past typical decor. It could possibly add the proper “pop” into any room – it’s excellent for youths, adults, residing rooms, and bedrooms. Every Knot Pillow is handmade to perfection for excellent performance and stylish decor.

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Tie the knot, get a murals, and expertise a chic, unique tradition in your personal dwelling!