what is a lap joint used for

what is a lap joint used for

A Primer on Joinery

– When making furnishings or woodworking tasks, you usually have to get items of wooden to affix collectively. This could actually be achieved with screws and glue, however a extra time examined (and honored) methodology is to make use of Joinery. Joinery is the method of creating interlocking components with the items of wooden and becoming them collectively like a puzzle.

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Joints fall into two classes:

  • Glue Solely Joints -where the wooden items are held along with simply glue
  • Mechanical + Glue Joints the place the items are held along with each glue and a few form of mechanical locking mechanism – take a look at dovetails as an incredible instance of any such joint.

Let’s check out one of many easier glue solely joints – the Lap Joint.

two rabbets joined together to show lap joint Lap Joints 101

A lap joint falls into the class of halving joints – the place two halves make an entire. It’s a comparatively straightforward joint to chop and an incredible studying joint if you’re simply getting moving into woodwork.

Whereas not notably sturdy, lap joints are easy joints you need to use to make image frames and mirrors. As with most joints, there are variations, however all of them depend on the lengthy grain glue floor space (the cheek of the rabbet) for his or her power.

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long grain on cheek

Lap Joints Are Product of Rabbets

Let’s begin by trying on the components of the lap joint and a number of the tips you need to use.

Each bit of wooden has a pair of cuts made on it – one horizontally, one vertically. These cuts lead to one thing known as a RABBET (from the French phrase rebate).

The completely different components of a rabbet are as follows:

Basic Tips when laying out the Rabbets for a Lap Joint

There are two common tips when reducing rabbets. Not following them may intervene with the structural soundness of the joint.

  1. Size of cheek shouldn’t be greater than the width of the wooden
  2. Depth of the shoulder shouldn’t be greater than half the thickness of the wooden.

How To Lower Lap Joints

You possibly can reduce a lap joint with all kinds of instruments such because the desk noticed, bandsaw, handsaw however an important side is that they’re reduce precisely.

hand tool joinery - lap joint with a chisel

Completely different Varieties of Lap Joints

There are many various kinds of lap joints however all of them depend on halving the face in a method or one other.

The place Can You Use Lap Joints?

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Lap joints are sometimes utilized in latticework and Kumiko – Japanese latticework – reveals this to nice impact.

kumiko panel

You should utilize them to make dividers in packing containers

Easy frames round doorways (that aren’t heavy) or mullions for glass paneled doorways or home windows.

The lap joint can be an incredible joint to do you probably have been out of the store for some time or if you could get your mind warmed up.

In case you are new to woodworking or joinery it is a nice joint to start out with and if you happen to want a bit extra assist, think about taking a JOINERY CLASS on the Florida Faculty of Woodwork in Tampa Florida.

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