what is a male ladybug called

what is a male ladybug called

Pagoda flower is a dramatic clerodendrum for the warm-season garden.
Pagoda flower is a dramatic clerodendrum for the warm-season backyard.

Q: What do you name a male ladybug? I am not making an attempt to be cute; it is simply a kind of “inquisitive minds need to know” issues.

R.M., El Lago

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A: A male ladybug is named the identical. Females are normally bigger than males. In any other case, you may want a microscope to inform any variations.

I’ve usually learn the next (and comparable) story on how the ladybug received its title. I might love to listen to others.

When bugs have been destroying crops in Europe in the course of the Center Ages, Catholic farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary for assist. Quickly it arrived within the type of bugs that did away with the pests and saved the crops. The farmers known as the beneficials the beetles of Our Girl, and the little bugs ultimately grew to become referred to as woman beetles. The crimson wings represented the Virgin’s cloak, and the black spots represented her joys and sorrows.

Right this moment we use the names woman beetles, ladybird beetles and ladybugs.

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Q: I’ve seen each the yellow and pink blooms in my backyard described as rainlilies. Which is, and which isn’t?

T.M., Houston

A: Each the blooms in your emailed picture are rainlilies. A number of pink, yellow and white rainlilies within the Habranthus and Zephyranthes genera thrive in Texas gardens, flowering two to a few days after an excellent bathe spring to fall, relying on the species. Habranthus maintain their trumpet-to-funnel-shaped blooms at an angle; Zephyranthes carry small crocus or lilylike blooms on slender, hole stems.

The white Zephranthes candida, typically known as autumn crocus, is a superb late-summer and fall bloomer. The dainty, six-petaled, 2-inch blooms flutter on slender, hole stems, and the foliage creates tufts of almost foot-tall rushlike leaves.

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This exceptionally straightforward South American native has tailored to less-than-ideal circumstances alongside Texas roadsides. However for the very best present in a backyard, plant in solar or half solar and a well-draining, moist soil.

Yellow rainlilies, Zephyranthes spp., have exuberant lots of 1-inch goblets and slender, grasslike foliage.

There are pink rainlilies in each genera. Habranthus robustus and Zephyranthes grandiflora are examples.

Ideas: Plant rainlilies to perk up a monkey grass floor cowl or as small focal factors in blended beds. In addition they thrive in rock gardens and containers. Save and sow the beneficiant quantities of seed. Divide the bulbs in early spring.

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Q: I used to be advised my potted ‘Meyer’ lemon could be extra productive planted within the floor. After transplanting, it had blooms and leaves, however then all fell off. Then this occurred once more. Perhaps it isn’t getting sufficient solar?

F.A., Houston

A: Slightly than insufficient solar, maybe transplant shock was the wrongdoer. Overfertilization, overwatering and poor drainage additionally set off drop. Many areas had appreciable Might-June rains, and if the roots sat in soggy soil, the highest would present harm.

However usually, younger citrus timber self-abort flowers and fruit. It is also regular for mature citrus to drop some flowers and fruit they cannot assist. And typically, a fungus can set off post-bloom fruit drop. This varies in keeping with the time of bloom in relation to rainfall, in keeping with citrus knowledgeable David Shackleford.

Given a number of hours of solar and a well-draining soil, hopefully your tree will settle in, bloom and fruit.

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Q: I’ve by no means grown tomatoes in containers. Are you able to give me any requirements to contemplate?

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C.T., Houston

A: Containers might differ from giant terra-cotta pots to whiskey barrels, however they need to present wonderful drainage and room for the vegetation to develop. A 20-gallon container stuffed with a fertilizer-enriched soil combine will extra simply accommodate a giant root system and a vigorous, productive high than a smaller pot.

After a month, apply a water-soluble fertilizer weekly or biweekly, relying on how a lot you water to maintain the soil evenly moist, however not soggy. Temperature, wind and the pot’s materials affect soil moisture. Plastic and glazed pots dry much less shortly than porous terra cotta.

Frequent watering leaches vitamins from the soil. You may also sometimes apply fish emulsion and/or a handful of compost per pot.

Plant spring tomatoes in March, a fall crop in late July or August.

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Q: We’ve a large-leaf plant with massive clusters of crimson blooms. Are you able to establish it?

D.P., Friendswood

A: It is known as pagoda flower, Clerodendrum paniculatum This root-hardy tropical has broad, deeply veined leaves, and the scarlet flowers seem in 10- to 18-inch panicles summer-fall and entice hummingbirds and butterflies. The 6- to 10-foot plant likes a fertile, well-draining, moist soil and solar to half shade. It might produce suckers.

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Be aware: The Houston Rose Society not too long ago created a horticulture scholarship for junior-level undergraduates or graduate college students targeted on careers in horticulture. See the directions and software at houston newurbanhabitat.com.

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