what is a person from denmark called

what is a person from denmark called

1. The Dutch capital of Copenhagen is stuffed with Denmarkians

The folks of Denmark are referred to as Danes. Issues which might be from Denmark are referred to as Danish. Dutch has nothing to do with Denmark. And please don’t use Danish as a noun. It’s an adjective. There isn’t a such factor as ‘a Danish’. Even when they style nice.

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Cool viking warrior

2. The place did the Vikings come from?

This can be a query we get lots on our excursions. However the Vikings didn’t come from wherever and they didn’t disappear to wherever else. They had been simply the folks residing right here in Scandinavia. They began attacking the remainder of Europe within the late 700s AD. In a while they adopted Christianity, grew to become extra peaceable and settled down. Nearly all of folks in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland are descendants of those Vikings.

And did they’ve horns on their helmets? No. That may be a fable.

3. Why is Denmark not a part of the European Union?

Map of European Union
Map of the European Union

We’re. We simply don’t use the euro.

Identical to Sweden and the UK are members of the EU (for now!) with out being a part of the euro.

Danish governments have wished to hitch the euro for many years. However the Danish structure doesn’t enable such a call and not using a referendum and the folks have voted no twice. Fortunately, the Danish Krone is without doubt one of the World’s most steady and dependable currencies and rates of interest are very low.

Bicycles in Copenhagen
Bicyclists in Copenhagen

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4. Why so many bicycles?

It at all times amazes foreigners what number of bicycles there are in Copenhagen. Why is an effective query.

Native politicians typically attempt to take credit score saying that individuals use bicycles as a result of they’ve constructed bike lanes all over the place. However even earlier than the bike lanes, the town was filled with bicycles. (Simply take a look at this video from the 1930’s). All we are able to say with certainty is that Copenhagen is comparatively flat, temperatures are good for exercising and it has develop into a social norm to trip your bike.

5. The Queen has nothing to say, proper?

Nicely… Sure and no. The monarch really has a variety of energy in accordance with our structure. She decides who’s member of the federal government. She decides when to carry elections and legal guidelines are solely legitimate if she has signed them. In apply, she at all times does what the Parliament desires. But when in the future, she would refuse to signal a regulation, we might probably not know what to do as there could be no constitutional option to drive her to take action. It might trigger a serious headache for the Danish political system.

Map of Scandinavia and Finland
Map of Scandinavia and Finland

6. What’s the distinction between Scandinavian and Nordic?

This one is pretty straightforward.

Scandinavia is Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

The Nordic international locations are Scandinavia plus Finland and Iceland.

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7. Is tipping anticipated in Denmark?

Tip box
Tip jar

No, however it’s not unusual. Ideas are for service that has been higher than anticipated. Bartenders and taxidrivers don’t count on a tip. However if you’re proud of the service at a restaurant, it’s regular to go away a ten% tip. However solely if you’re proud of the service.

8. Is it authorized to purchase hashish?

No. It’s unlawful to each purchase, promote and possess medication. As we spoke about in no 1, we’re not Dutch.

German Reichstag
German Reichstag

9. Is it true that Danish is a department of German?

Oh boy. Watch out. It won’t go down properly when you assume that we’re some form of Germans.

Danish IS a department on the Germanic language tree. However so is English, Dutch and German and the opposite Scandinavian languages. Danish is most intently associated to Norwegian and Swedish though, to foreigners, it sounds extra like German and Dutch.

10. Are there any well-known Danes?

In fact. Simply to call a couple of:

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  • The writers Hans Christian Andersen and Soeren Kierkegaard
  • Former Secretary Normal of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen
  • The actors Viggo Mortensen and Connie Nielsen
  • The World’s most elegant footballer ever (in our subjective opinion), Michael Laudrup and the goalkeepers Peter and Kasper Schmeichel
  • American Footballer Morten Andersen (second highest variety of factors within the NFL ever)
  • Tennis participant, Caroline Wozniacki
  • The World’s greatest handball participant, Mikkel Hansen.

What do you assume is essentially the most complicated factor about Denmark? Allow us to and others know what you assume: