what is a saucer used for

what is a saucer used for

How do you drink your espresso? So many people seize our grande pumpkin spice latte on the go, or for those who make your favourite espresso drink at dwelling, you in all probability have a favourite mug. Up till the not so distant previous, although, nearly all espresso cups had been a part of a two-piece set that included a cup and a saucer. The saucer was one thing an individual may maintain whereas the cup was nonetheless too sizzling to drink from, however folks additionally used to drink espresso from the saucer.

Did Folks Actually Drink Espresso From A Saucer?


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Drinking Coffee From A Saucer is an Old Tradition Your Grandparents Probably Did

Ingesting espresso from a saucer was actually completed as a approach to rapidly settle down the recent beverage contained in the cup. As a result of espresso was boiled, it was served extraordinarily sizzling. Saucers, a few of which had been extra like shallow bowls, allowed the liquid to chill quicker by spreading it over extra floor space. It was extra environment friendly, and extra well mannered, to drink espresso from a saucer reasonably than slurping it whereas it was sizzling.

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It is not clear the place consuming espresso or tea from the saucer began as a apply. There are references to the apply being widespread in Russia and Scandinavia. In Sweden, they purposely overfilled their cup so they may drink from the saucer; they might maintain a lump of sugar of their entrance tooth and sip the recent beverage by means of it in a custom referred to as “dricka på bit” or “drink with a lump.”

The apply was widespread throughout the 18th century and, in actual fact, was used to clarify a key little bit of how the American authorities was shaped. The story goes that Thomas Jefferson was in France throughout the Constitutional Conference; when he returned to america, he requested why the delegates created two homes of Congress:

“Why did you pour that tea into your saucer?” requested George Washington. “To chill it,” mentioned Jefferson. “Even so,” responded Washington, “we pour laws into the senatorial saucer to chill it.”

The apply of saucering lasted effectively into the twentieth century, though it was used much less and fewer in what was thought of well mannered society. In case you learn the Little Home on the Prarie books rising up, perhaps you keep in mind the bit in “Farmer Boy” with the outline of Father Wilder consuming tea out of the saucer as an alternative of the cup:

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Eliza Jane was extra bossy than ever. She mentioned Almanzo’s boots made an excessive amount of noise. She even instructed Mom that she was mortified as a result of Father drank tea from his saucer.

“My land! how else would he cool it?” Mom requested.

“It is not the type to drink out of saucers any extra,” Eliza Jane mentioned. “Good folks drink out of the cup.”

At present, consuming espresso from a saucer is not normal apply within the U.S. You would possibly run into some older of us who keep in mind it, however even for those who’re capable of finding a espresso store that serves espresso cups with saucers, likelihood is you will not see anybody drink from it.

This publish was initially printed on February 13, 2020.

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