what is a sieve used for in cooking

what is a sieve used for in cooking

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We generally check with each colanders and sieves as “strainers,” though technically we use a colander to empty (discarding liquids like pasta water) and a sieve to pressure (saving liquids like broth for inventory). A colander has a large bowl (typically with two handles) and toes or a base that permit it stand by itself in a sink when you pour a pot of pasta or boiled greens into it. Constituted of plastic, stainless-steel, aluminum, or enamel-coated porcelain, colanders normally have a whole lot of small holes recurrently spaced throughout, though some are made from mesh. Higher fashions have loads of holes near the underside of the bowl to forestall liquid from pooling up.


Sieves, then again, are made from wire mesh and are designed with one lengthy deal with. The higher ones have a hook or a loop that rests on the rim of a pot or bowl, making it extra handy to gather strained liquid. The bowl of a sieve could be rounded or cone formed.

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Sieves are normally known as coarse- or fine-meshed. You’ll end up utilizing a coarse-mesh sieve for many on a regular basis duties, from straining small quantities of inventory to sifting flour or different dry substances. Relating to making exquisitely clear consommé or a really refined sauce, you want a fine-mesh sieve—one which eliminates all lumps or any trace of graininess. A fine-mesh sieve may also be used for making clean purées from cooked greens or fruits.

A basic conical formed French sieve, referred to as a chinois (pronounced sheen-WAH), has a double layer of fantastic mesh (which might face up to the stress of a picket spoon or pestle forcing solids by means of it) and is mostly thought of the Rolls-Royce of sieves.

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A French sieve, or chinois (high) and a single-mesh sieve (backside).

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