what is a stove board used for

what is a stove board used for

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A range board or different names reminiscent of fireside pad or fireside board is a piece of fireproof materials, which is normally used to guard partitions and flooring from the extraordinary warmth and sparks from a wooden range. One other utilization for a range board is to make use of below a pellet range, kerosene heater and gasoline range. Right here is a few details about range board.

A Range Board

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  1. The fabric to make a range board is from any fireproof materials that can perform to construct a barrier between the range’s warmth and a flamable floor. The kinds and the development supplies can be found to swimsuit any funds from cheap metal fashions to extra elaborate sorts reminiscent of marble, granite and slate.
  2. There are various sizes of range boards accessible to meet most calls for and desires, most masking the vary between 5/8 to 1 ¼ inches thick. 36 by 48 inches is the widespread board measurement for a metal range to supply sufficient ground protection for many wooden stoves. The sizes will differ, which in case for fireside extenders the range boards are designed to be positioned on the ground in entrance of the brick hearths.
  3. For anybody who putting in a brand new wooden range in an unprotected space, range boards are necessary to be put in. The range boards will used as wall protectors in addition to in state of affairs the place the range don’t fulfill the clearance wanted of three toes from all flamable partitions.

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