what is a toilet brush used for

what is a toilet brush used for

DEAR MISS MANNERS: Please assist my partner and me with a disagreement.

Miss Manners: I contend this is not an appropriate use of a toilet brush
Judith Martin

Firstly, I imagine that nobody ought to need to stroll into the lavatory to make use of the bathroom and be confronted with the leftover “markings” of the earlier consumer. I imagine that it’s each dangerous hygiene and horrible manners to depart indicators of your waste for the subsequent consumer. Every individual ought to clear up after themselves!

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Secondly, the bathroom brush is for cleansing the bathroom with cleansing merchandise and for getting beneath the seat areas, not for cleansing your leftovers markings! Should you use the bathroom brush for that, you’re principally leaving a brush stuffed with poop particles to fester in that little holder in your toilet!

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Personally, if leftovers don’t absolutely flush, I take a wad of bathroom paper and really rigorously clear the mess myself, then drop it and flush it. I’m very thorough about hand-washing, so really feel that is essentially the most hygienic possibility.

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My partner thinks it’s completely tremendous to depart the leftover markings for days, after which on occasion, take the bathroom brush and clear all of them out with that. He says that utilizing rest room paper as an alternative of the bathroom brush is unhygienic!

I’ve determined to make use of separate loos for now, as I get fairly disgusted! It was not so dangerous pre-COVID, however we’re sharing the home 24/7 now and I can not take it!!!

Please! Inform us each the right etiquette for lavatory cleansing — each when and the way!!

GENTLE READER: Typically and completely. Whereas glancing again at one’s expulsions is a disgusting affair, it’s a needed one to find out if they’ve been correctly jettisoned. If it’s all the identical, nevertheless, Miss Manners will cease wanting recommending a specific methodology for cleansing it, so long as it’s one the place no excrement stays seen or odorous in any manner. She’s going to depart you to it.

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I’ve an exquisite stepdaughter. She lives together with her mom and spends each different weekend with us, at which era we now have different members of the family over for dinner.

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Ashley has lengthy, tremendous blond hair. She is an angel at 15, however has one behavior that drives me loopy: She always braids, then undoes, then ponytails, then undoes, then places her hair in a messy bun — all within the kitchen, whereas we’re having hors d’oeuvres, or cooking and consuming our meal. She does it with out considering, and I’m guessing it’s a coping mechanism.

I’ve requested her to please cease, as it isn’t good manners to take action in a kitchen or eating space.

Am I being unreasonable?

GENTLE READER: By not wanting lengthy, tremendous blond hairs in your hummus? Miss Manners assures you, that is cheap. She suggests saying, “Ashley, expensive, please attempt to not repair your hair within the kitchen. Whereas we might nicely must floss our enamel after dinner, we’d slightly not do it with certainly one of your pretty strands.”

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