what is a triangle screwdriver called

what is a triangle screwdriver called

Screwdrivers are one of many first instruments a baby is launched to. They carry out a easy operate and have a quite simple design. Or do they?

Most individuals have heard of not less than two kinds of screwdriver, however there may be really a variety to select from. From the frequent Torx to the not-so-common tri-point, each form has its personal goal. Let’s take a second and discover 14 completely different screwdriver varieties and what they’re used for.

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Widespread Screwdrivers

There are a number of kinds of screwdriver heads which might be generally wanted for objects round the home. There’s a superb likelihood you already personal some or all of those.


Often known as: flat blade, flat head, straight

slotted screwdriver

As soon as the preferred of all screwdriver varieties, these screwdrivers have a chisel-shaped blade which spans the width of a screw’s head. They typically double as a chisel in emergencies, and can be generally used on a Phillips head screw.

Identified for being much less more likely to spherical a slot than Phillips screwdrivers, the tip of those is usually liable to slipping sideways out of a slot when quite a lot of stress is utilized. For that reason, they’re not as standard amongst professionals as they as soon as have been, however are nonetheless a staple in most fields.


Often known as: cross head

Phillips screwdriver

Nearly all the things makes use of a Phillips head nowadays, from furnishings to home equipment. The angled tip means you’ll be able to match a screwdriver deeper into the screw head and there’s no danger of the blade sliding out sideways. These drivers are deliberately designed to cam out (i.e. slip out of the pinnacle when a sure torque restrict is exceeded), which is taken into account each a power and weak spot.

Due to their usefulness, you’ll discover Phillips screwdrivers in virtually each subject. Whereas they’ll by no means absolutely substitute slotted screwdrivers, they now are typically probably the most most popular kind of screwdriver and head mixture and the very best screwdriver units will at all times embrace a number of Phillips screwdrivers.


Often known as: Torx plus model, Torx safety model, star

torx screwdriver

Torx drives have been initially used for safety features, however they’ve since change into standard in industrial fields. The blades of those drives resemble a rounded off star or flower and supply extremely excessive torque tolerances.

At the moment, Torx drives are standard in equipment manufacturing and safety fields as a consequence of their effectivity and the truth that shoppers have a harder time taking aside an equipment that has Torx screws.

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Often known as: Allen wrench, hex key, hexagon, safety hex model

hex screwdriver

One other, extra uncommon kind of screwdriver that has change into more and more standard, the hex key mostly lacks a deal with or tip. Normally, they resemble a small, six-sided metallic shank bent into an L-shape and missing a head. They’re typically included for gratis with packaged furnishings.

Allen wrenches are mostly utilized in bike upkeep, however have change into more and more standard with furnishings corporations comparable to Ikea and with some equipment producers. A specialised safety model of the hex key’s utilized in high-risk fields, comparable to jail upkeep.

Hex screwdrivers take it up a notch by having a snug deal with and an extended shank than their allen wrench counterparts.


Often known as: sq. head

robertson screwdriver

That is the least frequent of the frequent screwdrivers and tends to take a seat within the backside of instrument kits, nevertheless it’s really standard in its native nation (Canada) and has maybe the best torque tolerance of all drive varieties.

Due to its sturdiness, sq. head screws are generally present in automotive and furnishings industries. They’re often included in complete screwdriver units, and the elevated recognition of worldwide corporations signifies that these screwdrivers will probably be seeing elevated American utilization within the years to return.

Different Kinds of Screwdriver

Whereas there are many variations in screw head varieties for simply the 4 most typical shapes (slot, cruciform, hex, and Torx), there are way more that you simply’ve seemingly by no means heard of. The next are a number of the many extra specialised screwdriver varieties you might run throughout. You’ll discover that the components of a screwdriver are all very related with the tip being the primary distinction.

Clutch Head

Often known as: bow tie

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clutch head screwdriver

Clutch head screws have gone by a couple of design modifications over time. The slots resemble a bow-tie, with the older model having a round recess within the center. You’ll largely discover these screwdrivers in use all through the automotive business, being standard in leisure autos and older GM autos.

A clutch head screwdriver may have higher torque with these heads, though they’re designed to even be suitable with slotted drives.

There may be additionally a safety model that may be screwed a technique with a slotted screwdriver however can’t be simply eliminated. These are discovered largely in locations the place upkeep is rare, comparable to bus stations or prisons.


Often known as: Reed and Prince

frearson screwdriver

This variation of cruciform is similar to a Phillips at first look, however has some necessary distinctions. The tip of a Frearson involves a pointy level, whereas the Phillips has a rounded level. Moreover, the angle of the tip is nearer to a forty five diploma angle than on a Phillips. This makes it potential to make use of a single Frearson screwdriver on any dimension Frearson screw (in addition to many Phillips screws).

The distinctive form of a Frearson screwdriver permits for increased torque than a Phillips, and the flexibility to hold only one drive makes it highly regarded for nautical tools and in different areas the place precision and a smaller set of instruments are required.

JIS (Japanese Industrial Customary)

JIS screwdriver

Being one of many world leaders in know-how requires uniformity and excessive requirements. Because of this, each main industrial subject follows requirements set my a particular committee. JIS screwdrivers are a cruciform much like Phillips however are designed to withstand camming out.

You will see JIS screws in most high quality merchandise coming from Japan. It’s potential to make use of a Phillips or Frearson drive on these screws, however with an elevated danger of damaging the pinnacle. JIS screws typically have a small mark or dot close to the slot to assist determine them.

Nut Driver

Often known as: hex screw drive

hex socket screwdriver

Nut drivers are one thing quite a lot of DIYers by no means see, however they are often very helpful in mechanical industries. These drives are designed with a socket as an alternative of a blade and tip, thus performing in a similar way to a socket wrench.

The benefit of utilizing a nut driver is clear the second you attempt reaching a recessed bolt. Socket wrenches have a deal with which runs parallel to the floor through which the bolt is embedded, requiring extra house to show. The straight shank and deal with of a hex socket means which you could flip such bolts with little or no clearance. Nice for low torque functions however stick to the traditional ratchet plus socket combo for all the things else.


Often known as: pozi, pozidrive

Pozidriv screwdriver

Designed as an replace of the Phillips design, Pozidriv screws might be recognized by the 4 extra traces radiating from the middle. These screwdrivers have a blunt tip and small ribs among the many blade between the primary edges. These enhance torque and cut back the danger of cam out.

Whereas Pozidriv and Phillips are very related, the designs are completely different sufficient that their cross compatibility comes with an elevated danger of damaging the screw head. Pozidriv screwdrivers have much less likelihood of camming out, however the course of for manufacturing screws requires twice as many steps, stopping them from changing Phillips as an business commonplace.


Often known as: drilled head, pig-nose, Snake-Eyes

spanner screwdriver

To not be confused with the British time period, these uncommon drivers are designed for tamper-proof features. The flat-headed screws have two rounded holes on opposing ends of the pinnacle, making it practically unattainable to take away with out a correct instrument.

Because of their extremely safe nature, you’ll probably see upkeep staff utilizing these screwdrivers in subways, bus terminals, elevators, or public restrooms. Spanner screwdrivers have a novel flat blade with two prong suggestions protruding from the tip.


Often known as: TA

tri-angle screwdriver

Named after its triangular form, the TA drive is often utilized in electronics, toys, and home equipment. Its design makes it tough for folks to tamper with security covers, including a level of safety. Nonetheless, a hex drive can grip TA screws, which is why these drivers aren’t as frequent in screwdriver units.

A variation of the TA is the tri-point-3, which has rounded edges to beat the TA’s less- safe compatibility with hex drives. Measurements for the tri-angle drive are in sizes preceded by a TA prefix.


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Often known as: 3-Prong, Y-type, Y-tip

tri-point screwdriver

The tri-point has a three-edged blade that resembles a Y set at equal 120-degree angles. The screws are extraordinarily standard in handheld electronics and are tough to control with out the proper driver. You will discover these screws in Apple merchandise, Nintendo handheld gaming techniques, and related units, however will hardly ever encounter Y-type screws in bigger electronics or non-electronic fields.


tri-wing screwdriver

Vaguely resembling a pinwheel, the screw heads have a triangular socket with three straight “wing” extensions following every edge in a clockwise path. They have been initially developed for aerospace engineering however at the moment are mostly present in dwelling electronics. A variation of the screw makes use of left-handed threads, though the identical driver could also be used for both thread path.


Up till now, we’ve mentioned screwdrivers primarily based upon the kinds of screw or bolt they work with, however do you know there are additionally variations in shank or deal with design? These variations permit for a a lot wider vary of movement and higher clearance in sure circumstances.

It’s possible you’ll or might not want a few of these, relying upon your occupation or passion, nevertheless it’s at all times good to know they’re out there when wanted.


There are numerous kinds of electrical screwdriver. Every has its personal benefits, however the one factor all of them have in frequent is that they apply torque with out the necessity for handbook power. Generally known as a screw gun, energy screwdriver, or automated screwdriver, these instruments could make powerful jobs a snap, particularly when engaged on broken heads.


battery operated screwdriver

Many electrical drives use battery energy, permitting them to be extraordinarily compact. These don’t have the identical diploma of energy as different varieties, however they take up far much less house in your instrument belt.


corded screwdriver

These aren’t highly regarded just because they require tethering, however the quantity of energy they put out is fixed. This makes them extraordinarily helpful at a busy workstation.


cordless screwdriver

Cordless screwdriver fashions use a chargeable battery pack, permitting them to remove perks from each corded and battery-powered drives. Sadly, additionally they have a number of the disadvantages of each, being bulkier than battery-operated and slowly dropping torque because the battery pack runs out of energy.

A Notice on Utilizing Energy Drills: Whereas not as environment friendly as an electrical screwdriver, electrical driver bits can be utilized in a cordless drill, making this a well-liked various. The draw back is that almost all energy drills are unable to react to modifications in resistance with the identical effectivity, making it simpler to unintentionally harm a screw head or the fabric you’re driving the screw into.


magnetic screwdriver

Magnetic screwdrivers are an more and more standard various to the frequent driver. These drives characteristic a magnetic tip which holds the screw, permitting you to put or extract a screw with just one hand. As a result of increased effectivity, increasingly handbook screwdrivers are being offered as magnetic by default.


ratcheting screwdriver

Some screwdrivers have a ratchet operate. This permits the driving force to show screws in a single path solely. The path (clockwise or counter-clockwise) could also be set relying upon the job. With the ability to ratchet can shorten work instances by stopping the screw from being turned the unsuitable method when adjusting the driving force.

Proper Angle

right angle screwdriver

Because the identify implies, many screwdrivers are designed to be turned at proper angles. This lets you work with screws in areas the place there isn’t sufficient room to suit a straight deal with, making them extraordinarily helpful within the automotive business and related fields.


Often known as: eyeglass, watch


A category of precision screwdrivers, these are drives designed to work with tiny screws, comparable to these you discover in eyeglasses or pocket watches. Normally, jeweler’s units are a mix of slotted and Phillips sizes.


Often known as: electronics

computer screwdriver

Much like jeweler’s screwdriver units, pc units have precision-sized screwdrivers in a variety of blade varieties. Each frequent and unusual blade varieties (comparable to tri-point and Torx) might be present in a pc screwdriver set.


One of many largest issues with instruments is the problem of discovering ones that are suitable with left-handed people. Fortunately, the screwdriver is certainly one of a choose few of instruments which operate in both hand with equal precision. So exit and purchase that set you had your eyes on with confidence!

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