what is alpaca fur used for

what is alpaca fur used for

Everybody who has visited South America is undoubtedly aware of alpaca woolen merchandise. Fashionistas and sustainable consumers, you’ll in all probability have heard of this eco-friendly and splendid fiber, too. For these of you who’re new to the fluffy world of alpaca, you may marvel what else you should use alpaca wool for.

The alpaca fiber has insulating capabilities that make it the proper materials for a lot of issues: from housing insulation to dryer balls, and from child put on to unique vogue. Alpaca woolen clothes can be utilized for all-season and all-weather functions and are snug, sustainable and classy.

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Here’s a record of 23 issues that alpaca wool can be utilized for:

  1. Dwelling insulation
  2. Climbing gear
  3. Summer season put on
  4. Duvets
  5. Thermal underwear
  6. Dryer balls
  7. Socks
  8. Toys
  9. Felting
  10. Child garments
  11. Unique vogue
  12. Ponchos
  13. Ruanas
  14. Coats
  15. Knitting
  16. Sweaters
  17. Cardigans
  18. Hats
  19. Mittens
  20. Blankets
  21. Scarves
  22. Collar Scarves
  23. Shawls

How are you going to do and make all of these items with alpaca wool? Alpaca wool has insulating capabilities which might be corresponding to these of a home. In winter, a well-insulated home retains the warmth inside. In summer time, it retains it cool inside and retains the warmth exterior.

Alpaca wool is due to this fact extremely versatile and can be utilized for a lot of completely different functions: from crib to residence, and from catwalk to mountain path. Let’s check out this record in additional element.

1. Insulating Your Dwelling With Alpaca Fiber

You’ll be able to insulate your own home with alpaca fiber. Some of the shocking makes use of of alpaca fiber, not the wool (which is the end-product of the fiber), is as insulating materials for your home.

As I used to be researching the completely different makes use of of alpaca wool, I got here throughout this superior firm, known as AFICO, that makes use of the alpaca fiber as an eco-friendly and sustainable insulating materials for houses!

Alpaca is a fairly current discovery relating to insulating houses with it, however similar to it really works for sweaters and scarves, it really works contained in the partitions of your home, too!

Alpaca wool is a sustainable different relating to insulation due to its insulation properties and plenty of different causes (based on AFICO):

  • Very low flammability
  • 100% pure
  • Sustainable
  • Acoustic properties (drowses out sound)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Makes use of little or no vitality to fabricate
  • Is not going to mildew
  • Is straightforward to put in

2. Climbing Gear

You’ll be able to go mountaineering with alpaca wool. Alpaca wool is a will need to have for all-weather hikes and out of doors actions.

Once I lived in Cuzco, Peru, I used to go mountaineering usually. Aside from the altitude (>11,000 ft), one of many hardest issues about dwelling there have been the adjustments in climate and temperature.

The climate might be lovely within the morning, with a blazing solar and no wind. Ten minutes later there might be a thunderstorm accompanied by a downpour and razing winds. Ten minutes later, you’d be soaked and the solar could be popping out once more. Or not, and also you’d nonetheless be soaked.

Peruvian landscape
Excessive, dry, chilly, sunny, windy, wet, sizzling, and every thing in between: you by no means knew what the climate determined to do in Peru!

Whenever you’re out mountaineering, you wish to be ready for every thing. Particularly when mountaineering in excessive altitude. Steep hills and uphill paths may cause you to sweat and really feel sizzling, whereas the climate could be harsh and even chilly. Alternatively, the solar is likely to be heat and even burning, whereas the wind cuts your pores and skin.

Layers are all the time a good suggestion whenever you’re mountaineering, however to stop your self from placing a sweater on and taking it off, and on and off, simply to place it again on and take it again off once more, you might attempt mountaineering with alpaca woolen clothes.

  • Arms of Andes has lovely alpaca woolen clothes for out of doors occasions!

Not solely is alpaca wool tremendous light-weight, additionally it is adaptable to all these completely different sorts of climate. Alpaca wool is wind resistant, water repellent, and protects from direct publicity to sunrays. It’s also breathable and each insulating and isolating. If it does get moist, alpaca wool will evaporate sweat and water with out absorbing any of the odors.

The alpaca animal is native to the Andean highlands. After all, the climate right here is as unpredictable as you possibly can anticipate it to be in mountainous areas. Mom nature has carried out an important job in offering the animal with a fiber that may deal with actually each kind of climate conceivable.

Alpaca wool even retains you heat and cozy within the snow!

Alpaca wool is due to this fact an important, nice suggestion for hikers and different out of doors adventurers who take care of swift adjustments in local weather and climate.

3. Summer season Put on

Now this is likely to be a shock to a lot of you with fundamental instincts. It was for me and it nonetheless feels bizarre… however it actually is true: you possibly can put on alpaca wool in summer time.

It is because alpaca wool has the aptitude of sustaining the identical temperature with out being prone to adjustments in its setting.

Thermoregulation is the aptitude of the physique to maintain its temperature kind of constant. The physique is designed to take action even when the encompassing temperatures change.

Any merchandise that’s manufactured from (pure) alpaca wool, may have nice thermo-regulating capabilities. Due to the hole fiber, alpaca wool can regulate temperatures. That implies that when it’s chilly exterior, it should preserve the physique temperature and work to maintain that temperature constant and throughout the fiber.

It additionally means, that when it’s sizzling exterior, it should preserve the physique temperature and forestall it from heating up.

Young woman (Eveline) wearing alpaca woolen scarf on the beach. The weather is windy and sunny and the alpaca woolen scarf protects from both.
Alpaca wool can also be excellent to put on on a sunny day!

The cool factor about alpaca wool is that it additionally evaporates sweat. So when your physique is working to chill you down (aka, whenever you begin to sweat), the alpaca fiber is not going to take up the water, however will really evaporate it. It stimulates the physique to maintain doing its pure issues, with out interfering with the method.

Alpaca wool doesn’t conduct warmth both. Think about you contact one thing sizzling or chilly; your physique will take up that temperature, particularly if a bigger floor of the pores and skin is uncovered to the supply. Alpaca wool doesn’t switch warmth (or chilly), as a result of it’s a poor thermal conductor, (which is an effective factor!).

So on high of being insulating, isolating and breathable on the identical time, alpaca wool doesn’t transmit adjustments in temperature, both.

4. Duvets

You’ll be able to sleep below a cover made with alpaca fleece. Have you ever ever touched an alpaca? When you have, you in all probability need one to cuddle up with throughout a day siesta, proper? A cover manufactured from alpaca fleece makes that dream nearly come true.

For folks with allergy symptoms. an alpaca woolen cover could also be a superb answer to make it via chilly nights. Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic, which implies that it doesn’t comprise micro allergens that may trigger allergic reactions. It’s also freed from lanolin, which might help folks with wool allergy.

  • I wrote a whole article in regards to the hypoallergenic options of alpaca wool on this article Is Alpaca Wool Hypoallergenic (Lanolin Free)?

Alpaca wool is temperature regulating and sleeping below a kind of covers will make all your desires come true! 🙂 Think about a heat mattress, a contemporary room, a breathable cowl and no sneezing, sweating, or chilly ft.

As a result of alpaca wool can also be thermal, it should preserve your mattress cool throughout summer time, too!

In accordance with newurbanhabitat.com, there are numerous benefits to alpaca woolen duvets. In comparison with sheep’s wool, an alpaca woolen cover is:

  • Lighter
  • Hotter
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cooler
  • Breathable
  • Higher isolating
  • Spreads heat higher
  • Usable in summer time, too

5. Thermal Underwear

You should utilize alpaca wool to make thermal underwear. Oooh, these occasions when it’s chilly and also you’re placing in your thermals, and also you’re so joyful that you just put on them, till you begin shifting actively, it will get hotter, too sizzling, you begin sweating, it begins itching and you would like you had by no means put them on. These occasions are over now.

Not all thermal put on will trigger your physique to sweat. Alpaca thermals are breathable, snug and itch-free for most individuals.

Poor high quality thermals is not going to regulate the warmth that it creates and can trigger you to sweat. When your physique cools down and the sweat will get absorbed by the material, or stays in your pores and skin, it should make your physique really feel a lot cooler. And that’s not good. Thermals are speculated to heat you up, after which hold you heat.

Alpaca wool doesn’t take up sweat and evaporates water that’s fashioned (the fiber traps the warmth, which works as a micro-heater). So it should shortly information water (sweat) to go away the physique via the material, somewhat than blocking it, leaving it on the pores and skin, or absorbing it.

On high of that, alpaca wool is generally itch-free, which makes it excellent for next-to-skin clothes. It relies upon barely on the standard of the fiber, and on whether or not you have got delicate pores and skin or not. In a nutshell, alpaca wool is round 24 to 30 microns, and most of the people don’t really feel an itch from wool decrease than 30 microns.

Individuals with delicate pores and skin nonetheless, can really feel an itch from something greater than 20 microns. Thermal underwear is commonly made with Royal Alpaca Wool (of roughly 18 microns).

  • I wrote a whole article about whether or not or not Alpaca Wool is Itch-free. Learn extra about it.

6. Dryer Balls

You should utilize alpaca fiber to make dryer balls! As I used to be researching makes use of of alpaca wool, I discovered these superior dryer balls from Alpacas of Montana. These are manufactured from felted alpaca fiber, which implies that they’re manufactured from the fleece, earlier than it’s spun to wool.

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When you have entry to unspun alpaca fiber, you possibly can tremendous simply make these funky balls from Instructables your self and save your pockets, your dryer AND the planet detergents, softeners, and different dangerous chemical substances. HURRAY!

In accordance with Alpacas of Montana, dryer balls are used to:

  • Cut back wrinkles
  • Get rid of static
  • Shorten drying time
  • Soften your garments

Alpaca dryer balls are additionally:

  • Environmentally pleasant
  • Sturdy
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Freed from chemical substances

7. Socks

You may make socks with alpaca wool. You’ll by no means ever have chilly ft with a pair of alpaca woolen socks. Typically used for mountaineering due to their air regulating qualities, or in-house (as a result of they’re simply sooo heat).

In the event you’re going for mountaineering socks, be sure you go for finely threaded socks, usually some form of mix. Regardless of what one may anticipate, alpaca woolen socks is not going to trigger your ft to sweat, as a result of they’re breathable and insulating on the identical time. Sure, this sounds counter intuitive, however it’s true.

Alpaca wool has a particular fiber that retains heat inside, chilly exterior, and doesn’t take up water or sweat. If sweaty ft do happen, it should evaporate the wetness shortly. Apart from, the fiber will probably not take up any smells or odors, and may simply be aired out earlier than you slip your ft into them once more.

One other nice characteristic is the energy of the wool. Since alpaca wool could be very robust, it should last more than different socks and can resist put on and tear longer.

The silky fiber can also be tender and easy, which helps to stop friction. Particularly for mountaineering, you will need to keep away from friction always. Alpaca has this scale-like texture that makes it unlikely to trigger friction.

For night-time and cocooning socks, I like to recommend the warmest, thickest, fluffiest socks you’ll find. Heat ft, foreveeeeeeeeeeeer. Understand that the silky texture may trigger the socks to slip down your ft. For that cause, you’ll usually discover alpaca woolen socks which have been blended with a while of different materials, like elastic or acrylic fibers.

  • Pssst! Child Alpaca Woolen socks for Infants are being knitted AS WE SPEAK! Hold a watch out for them in my Webshop!

8. Toys

You may make toys with alpaca wool. YEEES and I’m not speaking about toys within the form of alpacas (which there are numerous of, too, really), I’m speaking toys which might be manufactured from alpaca wool (or felt).

Individuals get tremendous artistic relating to DIY toys, and alpaca wool is a good instance of it.

Since alpaca wool is hypoallergenic, tremendous tender, and doesn’t take up any smells or stains, it’s the excellent toy for youngsters. So when your toddler feels that Mr. Stuffed Alpaca can use some spaghetti or shampoo, don’t worry, it should survive.

Alpaca toys could be extraordinarily sturdy due to their nice high quality materials. Learn rigorously to see what your toy is manufactured from and whether it is 100% alpaca wool that has been used.

One draw back of alpaca woolen toys, is that it might be utilizing some wire on the within. This after all, is tough, whilst you’d anticipate a stuffed animal to be tender.

Additionally, watch out with sewn on eyes or different tiny particulars that might be harmful for younger kids.

9. Felting

You may make felt with alpaca wool. Felt is made by urgent fibers collectively till it turns into a robust textile that can be utilized for a lot of various things. Whereas felting generally is a craft in and of itself, it might probably additionally occur by accident when alpaca woolen clothes are washed incorrectly.

We’ve already seen the felt dryer balls and a few toys, however you are able to do a lot extra with felt than that. In itself, this might be a whole record and article, so I’ll simply clarify shortly what felt is, and share some concepts of what you are able to do with it.

Felting is a pure course of that happens with wool when friction or warmth harm the fiber. The wool or hair turns into tougher and sturdier and loses a little bit of its softness. This isn’t a superb factor when you have a woolen sweater, or scarf, or different merchandise, that you just purchased due to its softness. Nevertheless, it may be a superb factor if you wish to use alpaca wool for different functions, like handicrafts.

If you wish to felt your individual alpaca fleece, Alpacas of Montana gives some good directions on how to do this. It’s also possible to purchase felted sheets prepared to make use of on-line.

Different concepts of what you are able to do with alpaca felt are listed right here:

  • Purses
  • Purses
  • Hats
  • Mittens
  • Stuffed animals
  • Dryer balls

10. Child Garments & Equipment

You’ll be able to wrap your child in alpaca woolen garments or equipment. Alpaca wool is extremely tender, heat, and hypoallergenic. It’s also itch-free, which is nice for a child’s pores and skin. Alpaca wool is understood to be softer than sheep’s wool, and since it’s unlikely to go away an itch, it’s excellent for our little ones.

Infants aren’t able to regulating their very own temperature in addition to adults. Infants as much as 18 months outdated can use a little bit assist to keep up their physique temperature steady. Plus, infants don’t have the glands to supply sufficient sweat to chill their our bodies down when overheating.

Consequently, infants want garments and blankets that hold them heat and preserve their physique temperature, with out making them clammy and sweaty. Delicate wool like alpaca wool, child alpaca wool and merino wool – that are all recognized for his or her softness, heat, and breathability – are excellent for this.

A child’s delicate pores and skin is not going to be irritated by lanolin-free alpaca wool, it received’t get rashes from itchy fibers (be sure you go for unblended, prime quality yarns), they usually received’t get sweaty beneath a blanket.

Take a look at the Yanantin Child Blankets made with 100% Child Alpaca

11. Unique Style

You’ll be able to put on unique vogue manufactured from alpaca wool. Alpaca wool is an unique fiber. It’s not quite common and it’s not a broadly used kind of wool. It really works completely with the availability and demand of it.

Due to this, alpaca wool is commonly used for high-end vogue that’s high-quality, costly and presumably with uncommon designs. Many objects are hand-made, with limitless precision and a focus to element.

Plenty of designers that work with alpaca wool are native to South America, and they’re going to usually combine the main points (colours, patterns, designs) of their indigenous roots into their design.

In the event you like extraordinary, distinctive and unique vogue, wanting particularly into alpaca woolen clothes could be a particularly fascinating fashion-niche for you.

Please notice that alpaca wool doesn’t must be costly or unique. The truth is, I wrote a whole article about this and I like to recommend you learn this to know the worth of alpaca wool: Is Alpaca Wool Costly?

12. Ponchos

You’ll be able to put on ponchos which might be manufactured from alpaca wool. The classical use of alpaca wool is, after all, a poncho. You see folks within the Andes put on ponchos, that are cape-like clothes, with lovely patterns and colours. Ponchos in South (and Latin) America are used as coats. They’re snug, versatile and heat.

You’ll usually discover these capes manufactured from sheep or alpaca wool, in all probability constructed from the fleece of the folks’s personal animals!

If a poncho is manufactured from alpaca wool, it is not going to solely be heat, but additionally wind and rain resistant. Within the Andes, it is a crucial characteristic of the poncho, as a result of the climate could be unpredictable (however should you have been going to foretell it, it might be chilly, windy and moist).

The qualities of alpaca wool make a poncho the proper garment to have, and its use is as versatile because the wool itself. Made in probably the most lovely colours, a poncho is an actual eye-catcher!

13. Ruanas

You’ll be able to put on ruanas manufactured from alpaca wool. For these of you who love the concept of a poncho, however would love one thing maybe rather less Andean, and a extra classical look, a ruana is a good, nice, nice, different.

A ruana (Wikipedia) is much like a poncho however is open within the entrance, and could be worn in additional other ways. Most ruanas these days are very unique vogue objects and are sometimes manufactured from luxurious child alpaca wool. You’ll be able to put on them fashionably with a belt or with one of many sides tipped over the shoulder. A ruana is certainly an merchandise of standing and luxurious!

14. Coats

You’ll be able to put on coats manufactured from alpaca wool. Because of its water repelling qualities, alpaca wool could be completely used for coats and jackets. Particularly in comparison with down jackets, a woolen coat can really get moist and nonetheless be heat. Alpaca wool has the capability to wick away moisture earlier than the fiber can take up it, and can evaporate water shortly to stop it from soaking.

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One other benefit of an alpaca woolen coat is that it’s a lot lighter than sheep’s wool, and due to this fact much more snug to put on.

From bomber jackets, to buckle coats and fashionable trench coats… You could find woolen coats in all shapes and sizes. And worth tags! On condition that alpaca wool comes immediately from an animal, you will need to know what the supply of your model is. Spend money on sustainable, eco-friendly and animal-friendly manufacturers.

15. Knitting

Maybe the obvious reply on this record: after all, you possibly can knit with alpaca wool. Alpaca wool is a good looking, luxurious yarn that you may completely use for knitting and making your individual objects. Doing a little bit of the onerous work your self will make alpaca woolen objects cheaper and extra according to your private model.

Understand that knitting with alpaca wool is completely different than different forms of wool. Alpaca wool has a silky really feel to it, making it troublesome for inexperienced knitters to take care of. Whereas some folks selected to keep away from knitting with alpaca wool full, there are methods to get acquainted with the wool.

In accordance with LB Handknits, alpaca wool is ideal to knit drapelike designs:

  • Select a seamless design
  • Select an merchandise that has a flowing design (cardigan, tunic, pullover or gown)
  • Work with a looser gauge

One other profit to educating your self to knit, is that whenever you don’t like or match an merchandise anymore, you possibly can simply unravel a chunk and reuse its yarn! Alpaca wool is powerful sufficient that you may simply recycle it!

16. Sweaters

You’ll be able to put on alpaca woolen sweaters. A traditional memento from Peru is a fluffy knitted sweater with Andean patterns and motifs. You’ll be able to’t go flawed with an alpaca woolen sweater relating to the fundamentals of your wardrobe. An alpaca woolen sweater is available in numerous lovely colours, patterns, designs and types.

Young woman (Eveline) sitting on a chair with her knees pulled in and a sweater wrapped around them. The sweater is made of alpaca wool and looks very stretchy.

Nearer to the supply (Peru) you can see alpaca woolen sweaters for decrease costs (though not essentially) and extra eccentric designs (Andean – colourful and stuffed with patterns). Different, maybe extra internationally oriented manufacturers can present sweaters which might be extra according to the most recent vogue traits or much more impartial.

17. Cardigans

You’ll be able to put on alpaca woolen cardigans. After all, cardigans are one other nice asset in your closet and may even be extra versatile than sweaters.

The distinction between cardigans and sweaters is the opening within the entrance. Cardigans could be opened and closed with a zipper or buttons.

After all, you should purchase alpaca woolen objects. For the artistic ones amongst us, you can even knit alpaca woolen sweaters and cardigans. The Alpaca Yarn Firm is a good supply of inspiration relating to knitting patterns.

18. Hats

You’ll be able to put on alpaca woolen hats. Once I take into consideration wool, I take into consideration hats. I like hats. Particularly in winter. But additionally in spring, and fall. And in summer time. Alpaca woolen hats are wonderful: they’re further heat, don’t let any wind undergo to your head, are tremendous snug and adapt to your head with out shedding form.

Whereas some hats may cause itchy heads (to my head at the least), due to the boiling warmth that my noodle apparently creates, alpaca wool is extraordinarily breathable and won’t trigger such discomfort.

One other doable drawback to alpaca woolen hats is that they’re so isolating, that they’ll really drown out sound.

Along with mittens and scarves, hats kind a vital trinity of winter put on. The fundamentals to get began in a chilly local weather are to guard your head, throat and arms from the chilly.

Take a look at the superior Yanantin Alpaca beanies which might be manufactured from 100% alpaca wool.

19. Mittens

You’ll be able to put on mittens with alpaca wool. Fingerless mittens, common mittens, gloves… You title it, your arms is not going to be chilly when they’re protected with alpaca woolen knitwear.

Identical to every other merchandise manufactured from alpaca wool, mittens will likely be wind and waterproof, heat, tender, and tremendous snug!

Mittens and gloves are the form of accent that you may make your self, too. A enjoyable DIY mission to check out some alpaca wool might be to get your self began on making mittens. At Cascade Yarns I discovered a ton of inspiring patterns of several types of gloves and mittens.

20. Blankets

You’ll be able to journey with alpaca woolen blankets. I’ve a few small alpaca woolen blankets that I introduced with me whereas I used to be travelling in South America. Bus rides, airplane rides, ready at terminals… With an alpaca woolen blanket you’re ready to sleep wherever.

The BIG benefit of travelling with a lightweight blanket like an alpaca woolen one, is that it’s gentle, but tremendous heat! Alpaca wool has this nice characteristic of a hole fiber, which makes it insulating and isolating on the identical time, with out making it heavy or cumbersome.

On high of that, it is vitally stain and odor resistant and it is possible for you to to journey for hours with out your blanket getting stuffy or smelly.

21. Scarves

You’ll be able to put on scarves which might be manufactured from alpaca wool. A shawl is smaller than a scarf and due to this fact extra used as clothes that may shield you from the weather. An alpaca woolen scarf will shield you from actually each aspect with its wind and water resistance.

A shawl generally is a welcome addition to maintain your neck and throat protected throughout chilly days. Scarves are sometimes lengthy and could be wrapped a number of occasions across the neck.

With the right care and precautions, alpaca woolen garments can last a lifetime! The fiber is incredibly strong and durable, and can look good as new for a very long time!
100% Alpaca Woolen Scarves

Take a look at each single certainly one of these colourful scarves in my Webshop!

22. Collar Scarves

You’ll be able to put on a collar scarf manufactured from alpaca wool. Collars are available two forms of designs: modern or sensible. They’re also referred to as loop scarves, infinity scarves or col scarves.

The modern collars are gorgeously embellished clip-on equipment that you should use to offer your outfit a lift – whereas staying heat.

  • Sensible collars are extra geared in the direction of hikers or individuals who train open air and are easy but very, very sensible. The advantage of a collar in comparison with a scarf is that they’re tremendous small and provides extra freedom to maneuver the neck. They don’t have the additional cloth that may be in the best way when you’re shifting so much.

In accordance with Imaginative and prescient Occasions, the safety and heat that collars present may even alleviate sore muscular tissues!

23. Shawls

You’ll be able to put on shawls of alpaca wool. As versatile as alpaca wool itself, shawls are available many sizes and colours, shapes and fashions. From a shoulder overlaying wrap or a neck defending collar… A scarf of alpaca wool will hold you heat regardless of your model.

The massive advantage of shawls is its versatility. My alpaca woolen scarf goes with me from winter via summer time, on hikes and dinner events, matches my pyjamas and retains my legs heat watching motion pictures. Actually, there isn’t any event or cause that excludes my scarf.

Take a look at Yanantin’s sustainable XL shawls manufactured from 100% alpaca wool. They arrive in a rainbow of colours and contribute to ladies’s empowerment in Bolivia.

Why Is Alpaca Wool Versatile?

The alpaca fiber is usable for a lot of completely different functions, climates, circumstances, and so forth. Alpaca wool has a hole fiber, which helps it to be extremely heat and insulating. The alpaca fiber works to make and preserve a physique heat.

You’ll be able to evaluate alpaca wool to an insulated home: the layer of alpaca wool retains every thing beneath it heat, whereas retaining the chilly exterior. Alternatively, you might use alpaca wool in summer time: when the warmth is saved out whereas a cooler temperature is maintained on the within.

On high of that, alpaca wool is a poor thermal conductor, which implies that it doesn’t transmit adjustments in temperature.

Alpaca wool can also be wind resistant, water repellent, and protects from direct daylight.

Regardless of being insulating, alpaca wool nonetheless has an unbelievable breathability. The fiber of the alpaca hair is hole, with little micro baggage of air inside. The air is trapped in right here, which creates the safety from wind, rain and altering temperatures.

A strong fiber would make the material little or no breathable, inflicting sweaty, sizzling and clammy our bodies. This isn’t the case for alpaca wool.

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