what is an actuator used for

what is an actuator used for

An actuator is part of a tool or machine that helps it to attain bodily actions by changing power, typically electrical, air, or hydraulic, into mechanical pressure. Merely put, it’s the element in any machine that allows motion.

Generally, to reply the query of what does an actuator do, the method is in comparison with the functioning of a human physique. Like muscle groups in a physique that allow power to be transformed to some type of movement just like the motion of arms or legs, actuators work in a machine to carry out a mechanical motion.

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what is an actuator

Actuators are current in virtually each machine round us, from easy digital entry management programs, the vibrator in your cell phone and family home equipment to automobiles, industrial units, and robots. Frequent examples of actuators embrace electrical motors, stepper motors, jackscrews, electrical muscular stimulators in robots, and so on.

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