what is an oscilloscope used for

what is an oscilloscope used for

Most client merchandise embody digital circuits or elements, and an oscilloscope is used all through the product design course of to check these elements. However what’s an oscilloscope? And what does an oscilloscope measure?

An oscilloscope is an instrument that graphically shows electrical indicators and reveals how these indicators change over time. Engineers use oscilloscopes to measure electrical phenomena and shortly check, confirm, and debug their circuit designs. The first operate of an oscilloscope is to measure voltage waves. These waves are displayed on a graph that may let you know many issues a few sign, equivalent to:

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  • The time and voltage values of a sign.
  • The frequency of an oscillating sign.
  • The “shifting components” of a circuit represented by the sign.
  • The frequency with which a specific portion of the sign happens relative to different parts.
  • Whether or not or not a malfunctioning element is distorting the sign.
  • How a lot of a sign is direct present (DC) or alternating present (AC).
  • How a lot of the sign is noise and whether or not the noise is altering with time.

At a really primary stage, the graph displayed on an oscilloscope reveals how the sign adjustments over time with voltage displayed vertically on the Y axis and time represented horizontally on the X axis.

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You might want to know: what is the battery test for deep cycle batteries called

The depth or brightness of the sign on the scope’s show is typically known as the Z-axis. On Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes (DPO), the Z-axis might be represented by shade grading of the show.

You might want to know: what is the battery test for deep cycle batteries called

Z-axis on an oscilloscope showing the intensity and brightness of a signal

You might want to know: what is the battery test for deep cycle batteries called

For extra details about reconstructing indicators, sign integrity, and waveform measurements, learn concerning the oscilloscopes fundamentals.

What does an oscilloscope measure?

Whereas oscilloscopes are primarily designed to measure volts, they’ll detect and measure a wide range of different indicators, together with:


current electrical diagramThere are a couple of methods to make use of an oscilloscope to measure present; one can be to measure the voltage dropped throughout a shunt resistor. The opposite is to easily use a present probe.


sound electrical diagramIt’s doable to measure sound by means of an oscilloscope. You would wish a transducer (to ‘convert’ the audio sign to a voltage), which you then connect with a channel on the scope. You’ll then show the sign as a corresponding voltage vs. time.


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capacitance electrical diagramWhereas an oscilloscope gained’t give a direct measure of capacitance, it may be used to measure a time fixed with a purpose to discover the precise capacitance of {an electrical} system or element with an Arbitrary Perform Generator.

DC Voltage

DC Voltage electrical diagramMost fashionable oscilloscopes present the choice to measure DC voltage robotically. Nonetheless you’ll be able to measure it manually by ‘counting’ the vertical reticules and multiplying by the volts per division.


frequency electrical diagramVery similar to with DC voltage, most fashionable oscilloscopes measure frequency robotically. Nonetheless, it’s doable to calculate the frequency manually by calculating the interval of the sign (utilizing cursors or the horizontal reticules) and dividing 1 by the interval providing you with the frequency.


inductance electrical diagramIn the event you don’t have an LCR meter, you’ll be able to measure inductance with an oscilloscope and a operate generator. This will likely be a easy measurement with a 3 to five% uncertainty worth.

Discover the precise oscilloscope in your software

Not all oscilloscopes are created equal. So, earlier than deciding which machine to spend money on, it’s essential to grasp your mission necessities and the kind of oscilloscope you would possibly have to get probably the most environment friendly, correct measurements.

There are a variety of issues to contemplate when deciding which oscilloscope to purchase, together with bandwidth, rise time, pattern fee, channel density and appropriate probes. Learn our breakdown of how to decide on an oscilloscope or discover our full line of oscilloscopes to seek out the precise one in your software.

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