what is angular 2 used for

what is angular 2 used for


Angular 2 is a framework for constructing internet or cellular functions in HTML and Javascript or Typescript. It’s the correct selection of framework to make use of in your internet or cellular functions.

In the present day, we’re going to debate a few issues that will aid you increase your growth course of:

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  • Some great benefits of utilizing angular2,
  • Fundamental ideas to begin a brand new challenge,
  • How an angular2 challenge is structured and the way every ingredient works.



What’s typescript? Nicely, Typescript is an ES6 superset, which suggests it contains each perform EM6 has but additionally has its personal additional features. This makes potential so that you can combine JavaScript code and typescript code with out a downside. Typescript is simpler to make use of; and makes your code extra comprehensible. You aren’t obligated to make use of this language when programming in Angular2, and you might be nonetheless capable of code in ES5 and ES6, though I like to recommend you to make use of it as a result of it is going to be simpler so that you can discover documentation and examples about it.


Routing is simpler than ever in Angular2. It has an intuitive configuration due to @RouteConfig through which routes are outlined, each route has a element linked to it and an ID, which is used to create the hyperlink. Knowledge could be handed by the hyperlink.


Angular2 isn’t a very self-sufficient framework, however considered one of its greatest strengths is that different element creating applied sciences could be built-in simply into it. For instance, with the assistance of Ionic we are able to use Angular2 to create hybrid cellular apps. This makes Angular a really helpful and highly effective instrument.


Knowledge binding is the connection between what the consumer sees and the logic of the applicationIn Angular1 data-binding took numerous time to course of on the browser. Now in Angular2 the developer can management and direct simply the information circulate making the applying newurbanhabitat.com kinds of knowledge binding in angular2 are this:

  • Interpolation
  • One-way binding
  • Two-way binding
  • Occasion binding


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This instrument is supplied by the Angular group, beginning with Angular2. It makes the method of beginning a challenge simpler since solely command folders and recordsdata which are essential in your challenge are created.

To have the ability to use the CLI first it’s essential to set up it with this command:

npm set up -g angular-cli

You will need to say that to make use of the npm and the ng instructions it’s essential to have put in Nodejs in your pc.

To create a brand new challenge with its default folders and recordsdata it’s essential to use the subsequent command:

ng new project-name

The Angular CLI has a server included so you may run the challenge; the command to make use of the server is that this:

ng serve

This command will launch the online server, and within the hyperlink to the server will seem on the newurbanhabitat.com Angular CLI comprises a major quantity of helpful instructions; on this part, I simply confirmed you just a few of them.

The Construction of Angular2

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In Angular2, the whole lot works round elements. Elements have templates, lessons and metadata related to them, on this part we are going to study all of those parts that make up a element. However first, what’s a element and the way do they work?


Elements are HTML tags that we use to hold out the mandatory features for our newurbanhabitat.com outline a element like this:

@Part({ moduleId: newurbanhabitat.com, selector: ‘tag-name’, templateUrl: ‘project-name.element.html’, styleUrls: [‘project-name.component.css’]})


The selector is the title we give to the tag so we are able to use it in a while within the HTML file, the template URL refers back to the view related to the element and the styleUrls refers back to the stylesheet related to the newurbanhabitat.com name the element within the HTML file all it’s essential to do is write the textual content we assigned to the selector like it’s a regular HTML tag, like this:



A element for Angular2 will likely be at top quality till you specify Angular that it’s a element, we are able to do that utilizing metadata. Allow us to use the earlier instance:

@Part({ moduleId: newurbanhabitat.com, selector: ‘tag-name’, templateUrl: ‘project-name.element.html’, styleUrls: [‘project-name.component.css’]})

On this code, all of the configurations we make are metadata (selector, templateUrl and styleUrls). The metadata tells Angular the place to get the recordsdata or instruments you specify for the element.


Angular2 is a strong instrument for each programmer whether or not you’re a newbie or an professional, it makes simpler to prepare and code your challenge. You possibly can combine different applied sciences fairly straightforward! So, what are you ready for? Angular2 is the instrument for you!In ClickIT we use this framework to present a high quality service to our shoppers as Ticket To Go , implementing the very best practices and integrating the highest applied sciences for the time being.

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