what is another name for a greek christmas carol

what is another name for a greek christmas carol

Greek Christmas Eve Custom of Singing Carols (Kalanda)

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Like many components of the world, there’s a custom in Greece of going door to door to sing Christmas carols. Nevertheless, in contrast to in different components of the world, that is primarily performed in Greece by youngsters, who are sometimes invited into folks’s houses for a snack after they’re performed singing. When they’re performed with their go to, they transfer on to the subsequent home. Right here’s extra details about this custom:

What’s the Greek Kalanda Custom?

A carol is also referred to as Kalanda or Kalanta in Greek. These carols play an essential half in Greek Christmas custom and they’re sometimes sung on each New Yr’s Eve and Epiphany Eve, which is on January 5. Kids go door to door singing, usually carrying triangles and different devices, reminiscent of drums, to accompany the songs. Their mother and father usually give them some cash in order that they’ll purchase sweets alongside the best way.

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The kids first begin their go to by knocking on the door. They ask, “Na ta poume? Translated in English this implies, “Shall we embrace it?” or “Lets sing?” The reply, in fact, is sure. When you comply with allow them to sing, they start. As soon as the tune is over, they’re often invited in the place they’re given a small present or requested to get pleasure from some refreshment with the household, reminiscent of some cookies or a kouloura, which is a kind of candy roll that’s usually offered in bakeries and as a avenue meals.


Which Songs are Sung?

A wide range of songs are sung, reminiscent of a Greek translation of “Silent Evening” and different conventional carols. Though a few of them are translated from different carols which can be sung, there are some distinctive ones. Particularly, the “Kalanda Tune” can also be a well-liked favourite. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter what tune the youngsters sing, they often add some verse that needs the top of the family an extended life and prosperity. That is what they sing:

Σ’ αυτό το σπίτι που ‘ρθαμε, πέτρα να μη ραγίσει κι ο νοικοκύρης του σπιτιού χρόνια πολλά να ζήσει.

And right here is similar verse, translated into English:

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On this home we’ve come No stone might ever crack And the owner Could dwell for a few years.

The place Did the Custom Come From?

Caroling has been part of Christmas celebrations in Greece for hundreds of years. In truth, it has its roots in Historical Greece the place youngsters would carry small boats and sing songs honoring Dionysius. The custom of praising the top of family additionally started in Historical Greece. Along with singing songs to honor their god, they’d additionally bestow the family with a present of an olive department, which additionally signified prosperity.

At this time, many components of this historical custom nonetheless exist. Initially, youngsters usually do nonetheless maintain adorned picket boats whereas singing the carols. The sentiment can also be the identical – they need the householders well being, wealth, and prosperity by what they sing.

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