what is aqua affinity used for in minecraft

what is aqua affinity used for in minecraft

Minecraft: Aqua Affinity

Posted: Feb 22, 2021 in Minecraft

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mc head By David


On the earth of Minecraft there are a lot of enchantments that make our lives as gamers simpler. Whether or not they permit us to hit tougher, stroll on water, or simply take much less fall injury, they’re extremely helpful. Typically, although, the enchantment isn’t so self explanatory. So as to add to this, Minecraft isn’t the kind of sport to spell issues out for us so simply, so at this time’s weblog will give a short clarification of the Aqua Affinity enchantment. We’ll go over the way it works, what it does, and a few trivia. Let’s start.

Aqua Affinity

The Aqua Affinity enchantment hastens how briskly you may mine blocks underwater. It mainly implies that your mining velocity will likely be equal to for those who had been mining on land. The enchantment might be added to any helmet or leather-based cap by utilizing a fascinating desk, or sport command. You will want to put on the helmet/cap that has the enchantment to expertise the consequences. Not like some enchantments, Aqua Affinity doesn’t have a number of ranges. There is no such thing as a activation or technique to it, however slightly a flat improve in mining velocity solely when underwater.

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The penalty for mining whereas floating in water is unaffected by Aqua Affinity, so it’s suggested to mine whereas standing on the bottom, even when utilizing the enchantment.

Acquiring Aqua Affinity

There are 3 ways you may get hold of Aqua Affinity. (apart from instructions) You’ll be able to enchant a helmet or Turtle Shell in an Enchanting Desk, discover an enchanted guide, or a villager that’s prepared to commerce it. The Enchanting Desk will likely be your greatest guess, as you may preserve rolling till you get it, as an alternative of simply looting chests and villages, because the possibilities of discovering a guide or villager prepared to commerce it are extraordinarily low. Should you do occur to discover a guide with the enchantment, simply use an anvil to use the guide to no matter helmet or Turtle Shell you prefer to.

Achieved and dealt

That’s all there may be to it. Aqua Affinity is a reasonably easy enchantment that could be very efficient and considerably of a necessity for us underwater builders. It’s additionally only a typically helpful enchantment for mining in underwater ravines, getting out of a troublesome state of affairs for those who’re drowning, and rather more. I do want it allowed you to mine sooner when floating, however you may’t get the whole lot. I hope this weblog helped you out, and with that stated, have an important day!

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