what is blackstrap molasses used for

what is blackstrap molasses used for

Blackstrap molasses could also be a lesser identified sweetener to many, and its makes use of are considerably of a thriller. So what’s the cope with blackstrap molasses? Often called a “more healthy” sweetener, blackstrap molasses carries potential well being advantages as a consequence of its vitamin and nutrient content material. From baked recipes to scrumptious sauces, blackstrap molasses can add a depth of taste like no different sweetener. And though it’s nonetheless technically an added sugar that it’s best to restrict, this sugar has extra healthful attributes, making it just a little little bit of a better option than different refined sugars.

What It Is

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Earlier than we get into the numerous versatile makes use of of blackstrap, right here’s just a little background on what blackstrap molasses actually is. Blackstrap is one among three sorts of molasses created from sugarcane. Every boiling of the sugarcane is a part of the refining course of, by which completely different vitamins are left behind after every boiling. Gentle molasses is created from the primary boiling of sugarcane; it’s lighter in colour and is normally from a younger sugar cane. This mild molasses is typically handled with sulphur dioxide, which might act as a preservative. Darkish molasses is the byproduct of the second boiling as soon as extra sugar is extracted; it isn’t as candy and is greatest for cooking or baking. Darkish in colour and richer in vitamins, blackstrap molasses is produced from the third boiling. The most effective qualities of blackstrap molasses is its wealthy supply of plant-based iron.

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Particularly, 13 grams (about 2 teaspoons) of blackstrap molasses comprises iron (13% DV), manganese (18% DV), magnesium (7% DV), copper (14% DV), calcium (12% DV), and potassium (10% DV). In comparison with maple syrup, blackstrap comprises extra minerals, however doesn’t style as candy. Blackstrap molasses has an identical calorie rely as sugar, however a decrease glycemic index.

Use It

By itself or blended with different sweeteners corresponding to maple syrup, blackstrap molasses can be utilized in cereals, marinades, dressings, sauces, smoothies, cookies, desserts, and extra. For marinades, add a few tablespoons to any natural, spicy or savory combination with olive oil and lemon juice so as to add a heat taste to grilled tofu or greens. Combine a tablespoon or two into sauces, corresponding to barbecue sauce or salad dressings. In smoothies, a tablespoon or extra can add a lift of gentle sweetness, in addition to vitamins. Puddings and breakfast oats are additionally nice recipes that profit from a swirl of blackstrap molasses so as to add taste, a contact of sweetness, and vitamins. Blackstrap molasses can be utilized in baking, together with cookies, bars, muffins, pancakes, fruit cobblers, and truffles. The sweetener provides a light, smoky bitter-sweetness, and a heat colour to many recipes. It’s even good in savory dishes, corresponding to chili, baked beans, and stews, the place that smoky gentle sweetness and darkish colour can add a taste increase.

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Take a look at one among our favourite recipes utilizing blackstrap molasses: In a single day Spiced Oats with Figs and Walnuts.

Written by Melissa Samaroo, Dietetic Intern with Sharon Palmer, RDN

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