what is ciel phantomhive’s real name

what is ciel phantomhive’s real name

Expensive Okay-e-i-l-y,

Nope, we have now no true names for our fundamental three characters. (ÓωÒ)

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Individuals actually ought to cease making claims which are simply not true… what’s with this fandom and all these daring claims out of nowhere? (Ô_ó)

“Yana says Grell is a person”, “O!Ciel’s title is Astre/Noel/Merde/and so on.”, “Kuro was purported to be a Yaoi”, “Undertaker’s title is Adrian Crevan” …advert nauseam.

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If his title actually is ‘Merde’, I’d perceive why the second his brother died he took the chance to do away with that cursed title XD Is perhaps good materials for fic too!

The next is all I may discover about true names of Kuro characters on Yana’s Twitter, utilizing all key phrases like 本名 (actual title), 名前 (title), 名 (title):


“I’ve been requested the next in in letters and mails: “Is the the title ‘Undertaker’ (EN) the mortician’s first title or final title?”, however ‘undertaker’ is solely the English time period for a mortician (undertaker), and his true title is unknown. The identical goes for Sebas whose true title can be unknown, there certain are plenty of characters with unknown true names (laughs)” 【Toboso】


“As of now this has turn out to be a manga with plenty of characters with out recognized true names amongst foes and allies alike. (Laughs) it’s partially as a result of I simply don’t connect plenty of significance to names in character making, and I’ve been largely giving [my characters] low-cost/easy names. Although typically there are additionally names that make you believe you studied it’s an anagram of actual individuals. Blavat Sky for instance.” 【Toboso】


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I believe the title O!Ciel was given at delivery is simply one thing like a ‘useless title’ to him, and ‘Ciel Phantomhive’ is his assumed and chosen title. I really doubt Yana is ever going to disclose the true title of both Sebas or O!Ciel, as a result of the thematic of “you’re who you show your self to be” is kind of sturdy within the collection.


O!Ciel’s character arc proper now’s that he’s going to show how he isn’t any much less ‘Earl Ciel Phantomhive’ than his older brother is just because he was born to the title, title and place.

Due to this fact I believe storytelling-wise, it would weaken this level if Yana have been to disclose O!Ciel’s delivery title. Then he’ll at all times be often known as ‘Ciel’ who is definitely [insert name], and it’ll hang-out this character eternally. As soon as a reputation is useless, it’s useless, in spite of everything.

However hey, I may be confirmed unsuitable by Yana any time ^^

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