what is clay used for in minecraft

what is clay used for in minecraft

Minecraft has loads of naturally fashioned blocks, and considered one of them is clay. It’s a block present in areas the place sand, grime, and water are current and might principally be present in shallow water, particularly alongside island coasts. When a clay block is mined, 4 clay balls will drop.

Clay could look like a easy block, however there are extra makes use of than the common particular person may assume. Listed beneath are 5 completely different makes use of for clay blocks and clay balls alike!

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Greatest methods to makes use of clay in Minecraft

5) Miscellaneous utilization

Clay blocks have fairly a couple of miscellaneous makes use of: villagers will give them as items to gamers, and when positioned underneath noteblocks, it can alter the sound of the latter.

Villagers will give gamers items if they’ve the “Hero of the Village” standing impact. A mason villager has an opportunity of throwing the participant a clay block as a present, and it’s the solely renewable approach of acquiring a clay block.

Under is a brief video demonstrating what every block does by way of altering the sound, and clay blocks are featured on the 21 second mark.

4) Clay balls

The crafting recipe for bricks (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

When gamers acquire a clay ball after destroying a clay block, they will put the previous right into a furnace, with any sort of gasoline, to craft a singular brick.

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Bricks can be utilized to make brick blocks by inserting 4 bricks in a sq. on a crafting bench. They can be used to create a flower pot, through which the gamers place three bricks in a “v” sample on the crafting bench.

3) Creating terracotta

The different colors of terracotta (Image via Minecraft101)

Terracotta is a block fashioned from clay, and it has a hardness and blast resistance similar to stone. When it’s one block away from a mob that may explode, equivalent to a creeper, or TNT when it explodes, a block of terracotta will shield any block behind it, though the terracotta itself can be destroyed.

When the terracotta is dyed, gamers can put it by way of the furnace with any gasoline, leading to glazed terracotta!

2) Glazed terracotta

Glazed terracotta variants (Image via newurbanhabitat.com)

Glazed terracotta was added in Minecraft model 1.12, from the World of Colour replace! There are sixteen completely different sorts of glazed terracotta, which match the sixteen conventional colours of dye.

Because of the vivid look, glazed terracotta is primarily used for adornment. Nonetheless, gamers should watch out as a result of its hardness is barely lower than stone, and its blast resistance is even decrease than common terracotta.

When glazed terracotta is positioned, the feel rotates relative to the course the participant is dealing with whereas inserting the block.

1) Ornament

A house created using mostly terracotta (Image via Youtube)

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Clay and its variants (bricks, terracotta, glazed terracotta) are usually used for ornamental points. Within the image above, a participant primarily used dyed terracotta to make a contemporary, impressed dwelling.

If gamers want to construct this clay home, they will discover it right here!

It is likely to be clever to spend money on terracotta in participant’s playthroughs, as they’re confirmed to be good at defending builds by being stronger than the standard constructing supplies discovered all through Minecraft worlds.

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