what is copper wire used for

what is copper wire used for

Copper Wire Uses

Copper wires are very generally used within the technique of supplying electrical energy as they’ve a excessive stage of conductivity. Learn the article to know extra in regards to the copper wire makes use of and advantages.

Copper comes beneath the class of transition metals and holds the twenty eighth place within the periodic desk. It’s reddish brown in colour however its salts usually impart a turquoise colour. It’s extremely ductile which implies it may be drawn and stretched into wires. Copper has a excessive thermal and electrical conductivity. It’s broadly utilized in a number of issues like utensils, equipment, roofing, plumbing, electrical gadgets, electrical wires, and many others. Amongst all these makes use of, virtually 60% of the copper is utilized in making wires. There are a selection of makes use of of copper wire which makes it a necessary steel. Let’s discover out varied makes use of of copper wire within the following paragraphs.

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About Copper Wire

Copper wire has the most effective electrical conductivity after silver. As silver can’t be afforded in all kinds of issues, it’s copper which may be very broadly used. As a result of excessive ductile energy of copper, it may be reworked into a powerful wire. In accordance with analysis performed by scientists on the College of Nevada, Reno, a 4 inch thick copper bar will be heated and pulled right into a 20 million occasions lengthy wire than the dimensions of the copper bar which shall be thinner than the human hair strand. Therefore, we are able to say that the copper is without doubt one of the finest metals for use within the type of a wire.

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Copper wires will be divided into plain copper wires, tin coated copper wires and braided copper wires. Plain copper wire is utilized in digital gadgets to make level to level connection on the printed circuit board, for electrical connection in practice and trolleys, and many others. Tin coated copper wire has virtually the identical purposes just like the plain copper wires. The one distinction is that the tin coating prevents the copper wire from eroding or oxidizing. Braided copper wires are used on the locations the place flexibility is required. It’s used within the headphone cables, speaker wires, and many others.

Makes use of of Copper Wire

Copper wires are utilized in a wide range of purposes. Following are a few of the most typical makes use of of copper wire which can enable you to to grasp the need of this steel.


Earlier, copper was a serious a part of telecommunication because it was used within the phone wires which have been used on the phone poles. However these days copper is changed by fiber optics for higher and sooner transmission of alerts. Nonetheless there are few locations the place copper wires are used on this trade.

Electrical energy Provide

Supplying electrical energy to the home and delivering it to all of the home equipment is without doubt one of the main makes use of of copper wire. Because the wires are ductile, they are often bent and will be very simply used the place ever they’re required. Copper can also be a less expensive choice than some other steel which might conduct correct electrical energy.

Car Trade

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Introduction of recent know-how has elevated the demand of copper wires within the cars trade. It continues to extend at a charge of roughly 5% per yr. Copper wires will be simply used within the cars due to their capacity to bend simply. They’ve a excessive melting level therefore, will be safely used within the locations the place the local weather continuously modifications.


Copper wire can also be utilized in jewellery. It is rather well-known among the many individuals who like junk jewellery. It’s also used as silver enameled copper wire which is used to exchange sterling silver. As copper is immune to tarnishing, the article made out of it may be used for a really very long time.

Different Makes use of

As copper wires have a superior sinking charge, they are often simply utilized in deep water fishing. Copper wires are additionally used within the PVC insulated cables which assist in the underground transport system, electrical energy networks, and many others.

So, right here we come to the tip of this ScienceStruck article. By going via the makes use of of copper wire, we are able to say that it’s a necessary a part of every day life. Hope this text was useful and informative for all of the individuals searching for the makes use of of copper wire.

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