what is elk stack used for

what is elk stack used for

  • E stands for ElasticSearch: used for storing logs
  • L stands for LogStash : used for each delivery in addition to processing and storing logs
  • Okay stands for Kibana: is a visualization instrument (an online interface) which is hosted by means of Nginx or Apache

ElasticSearch, LogStash and Kibana are all developed, managed ,and maintained by the corporate named Elastic.

ELK Stack is designed to permit customers to take information from any supply, in any format, and to look, analyze, and visualize that information in actual time.

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On this ELK stack tutorial, you’ll be taught

  • What’s the ELK Stack?
  • ELK Stack Structure
  • What’s Elasticsearch?
  • What’s Logstash?
  • What’s Kibana?
  • Elk vs splunk
  • Case Research
  • Benefits and Disadvantages of ELK stack

ELK Stack Structure

Now on this ELK stack tutorial, we are going to find out about ELK structure:

Right here is the straightforward structure of ELK stack

ELK Stack Architecture

ELK Stack Structure

  • Logs: Server logs that must be analyzed are recognized
  • Logstash: Accumulate logs and occasions information. It even parses and transforms information
  • ElasticSearch: The remodeled information from Logstash isStore, Search, and listed.
  • Kibana: Kibana makes use of Elasticsearch DB to Discover, Visualize, and Share

Nevertheless, another element is required or Knowledge assortment known as Beats. This led Elastic to rename ELK because the Elastic Stack.

ELK Stack Architecture with Beats

Whereas coping with very massive quantities of information, chances are you’ll want Kafka, RabbitMQ for buffering and resilience. For safety, nginx can be utilized.

ELK Stack with other platforms

Now on this Elastic stack tutorial, Let’s deep dive all of those open supply merchandise:

What’s Elasticsearch?

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Elasticsearch is a NoSQL database. It’s primarily based on Lucene search engine, and it’s constructed with RESTful APIS. It provides easy deployment, most reliability, and straightforward administration. It additionally provides superior queries to carry out element evaluation and shops all the info centrally. It’s useful for executing a fast search of the paperwork.

Elasticsearch additionally permits you to retailer, search and analyze large quantity of information. It’s largely used because the underlying engine to powers purposes that accomplished search necessities. It has been adopted in search engine platforms for contemporary net and cellular purposes. Other than a fast search, the instrument additionally provides advanced analytics and plenty of superior options.

  • Open supply search server is written utilizing Java
  • Used to index any type of heterogeneous information
  • Has REST API web-interface with JSON output
  • Full-Textual content Search
  • Close to Actual Time (NRT) search
  • Sharded, replicated searchable, JSON doc retailer
  • Schema-free, REST & JSON primarily based distributed doc retailer
  • Multi-language & Geolocation help

Benefits of Elasticsearch

  • Retailer schema-less information and likewise creates a schema on your information
  • Manipulate your information report by report with the assistance of Multi-document APIs
  • Carry out filtering and querying your information for insights
  • Based mostly on Apache Lucene and gives RESTful API
  • Supplies horizontal scalability, reliability, and multitenant functionality for actual time use of indexing to make it quicker search
  • Lets you scale vertically and horizontally

Necessary Phrases utilized in Elastic Search

Now on this ELK tutorial, let’s find out about key phrases utilized in ElasticSearch:

Time period Utilization Cluster A cluster is a group of nodes which collectively holds information and gives joined indexing and search capabilities. Node A node is an elasticsearch Occasion. It’s created when an elasticsearch occasion begins. Index An index is a group of paperwork which has related traits. e.g., buyer information, product catalog. It is rather helpful whereas performing indexing, search, replace, and delete operations. It permits you to outline as many indexes in a single single cluster. Doc It’s the fundamental unit of knowledge which may be listed. It’s expressed in JSON (key: worth) pair. ‘{“person”: “nullcon”}’. Each single Doc is related to a sort and a singular id. Shard Each index may be break up into a number of shards to have the ability to distribute information. The shard is the atomic a part of an index, which may be distributed over the cluster if you wish to add extra nodes.

What’s Logstash?

Logstash is the info assortment pipeline instrument. It collects information inputs and feeds into the Elasticsearch. It gathers all varieties of information from the completely different supply and makes it accessible for additional use.

Logstash can unify information from disparate sources and normalize the info into your required locations. It permits you to cleanse and democratize all of your information for analytics and visualization of use circumstances.

It consists of three parts:

  • Enter: passing logs to course of them into machine comprehensible format
  • Filters: It’s a set of circumstances to carry out a specific motion or occasion
  • Output: Choice maker for processed occasion or log

Options of Logstash

Now on this LogStash tutorial, let’s find out about options of LogStash:

  • Occasions are handed by means of every part utilizing inside queues
  • Permits completely different inputs on your logs
  • Filtering/parsing on your logs

Benefit of Logstash

  • Presents centralize the info processing
  • It analyzes a big number of structured/unstructured information and occasions
  • ELK LogStash provides plugins to attach with varied varieties of enter sources and platforms

What’s Kibana?

Kibana is a knowledge visualization which completes the ELK stack. This instrument is used for visualizing the Elasticsearch paperwork and helps builders to have a fast perception into it. Kibana dashboard provides varied interactive diagrams, geospatial information, and graphs to visualise advanced quires.

It may be used for search, view, and work together with information saved in Elasticsearch directories. Kibana lets you carry out superior information evaluation and visualize your information in a wide range of tables, charts, and maps.

In Kibana there are completely different strategies for performing searches in your information.

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Listed here are the most typical search sorts:

Search Sort Utilization Free textual content searches It’s used for looking out a selected string Subject-level searches It’s used for trying to find a string inside a selected subject Logical statements It’s used to mix searches right into a logical assertion. Proximity searches It’s used for looking out phrases inside particular character proximity.

Now on this Kibana tutorial, let’s find out about vital options of Kibana:

Options of Kinbana:

  • Highly effective front-end dashboard which is able to visualizing listed data from the elastic cluster
  • Allows real-time search of listed data
  • You possibly can search, View, and work together with information saved in Elasticsearch
  • Execute queries on information & visualize leads to charts, tables, and maps
  • Configurable dashboard to slice and cube logstash logs in elasticsearch
  • Able to offering historic information within the type of graphs, charts, and so on.
  • Actual-time dashboards which is well configurable
  • Kibana ElasticSearch permits real-time search of listed data

Benefits and Disadvantages of Kinbana

  • Simple visualizing
  • Absolutely built-in with Elasticsearch
  • Visualization instrument
  • Presents real-time evaluation, charting, summarization, and debugging capabilities
  • Supplies instinctive and user-friendly interface
  • Permits sharing of snapshots of the logs searched by means of
  • Permits saving the dashboard and managing a number of dashboards

Why Log Evaluation?

In cloud-based surroundings infrastructures, efficiency, and isolation is essential. The efficiency of digital machines within the cloud might range primarily based on the precise masses, environments, and variety of lively customers within the system. Due to this fact, reliability and node failure can develop into a major subject.

Log administration platform can monitor all above-given points in addition to course of working system logs, NGINX, IIS server log for net visitors evaluation, utility logs, and logs on AWS (Amazon net companies).

Log administration helps DevOps engineers, system admin to make higher enterprise choices. Therefore, log evaluation through Elastic Stack or related instruments is vital.

ELK vs. Splunk

Elk Splunk Elk is open supply instrument Splunk is a industrial instrument. Elk stack doesn’t provide Solaris Portability due to Kibana. Splunk provides Solaris Portability. Processing velocity is strictly restricted. Presents correct and speedy processes. ELK is a know-how stack created with the mix Elastic Search-Logstash-Kibana. Splunk is a proprietary instrument. It gives each on-premise and cloud options. In ELK Looking, Evaluation & Visualization will probably be solely doable after the ELK stack is setup. Splunk is a whole information administration bundle at your disposal. ELK instrument doesn’t help integration with different instruments. Splunkis a great tool for establishing integrations with different instruments.

Case Research


Netflix closely depends on ELK stack. The corporate utilizing ELK stack to watch and analyze customer support operation’s safety log. It permits them to index, retailer, and search paperwork from greater than fifteen clusters which comprise virtually 800 nodes.


The well-known social media advertising web site LinkedIn makes use of ELK stack to watch efficiency and safety. The IT crew built-in ELK with Kafka to help their load in actual time. Their ELK operation consists of greater than 100 clusters throughout six completely different information facilities.


Tripwire is a worldwide Safety Data Occasion Administration system. The corporate makes use of ELK to help data packet log evaluation.


Medium is a well-known blog-publishing platform. They use ELK stack to debug their manufacturing points. The corporate additionally makes use of ELK to detect DynamoDB hotpots. Furthermore, utilizing this stack, the corporate can help 25 million distinctive readers in addition to hundreds of printed posts every week.

Benefits and Disadvantages of ELK stack


  • ELK works finest when logs from varied Apps of an enterprise converge right into a single ELK occasion
  • It gives wonderful insights for this single occasion and likewise eliminates the necessity to log into hundred completely different log information sources
  • Fast on-premise set up
  • Simple to deploy Scales vertically and horizontally
  • Elastic provides a bunch of language purchasers which incorporates Ruby. Python. PHP, Perl, .NET, Java, and JavaScript, and extra
  • Availability of libraries for various programming and scripting languages


  • Completely different parts Within the stack can develop into troublesome to deal with while you transfer on to advanced setup
  • There’s nothing like trial and error. Thus, the extra you do, the extra you be taught alongside the way in which


  • Centralized logging may be helpful when making an attempt to establish issues with servers or purposes
  • ELK server stack is beneficial to resolve points associated to centralized logging system
  • ELK stack is a group of three open supply instruments Elasticsearch, Logstash Kibana
  • Elasticsearch is a NoSQL database
  • Logstash is the info assortment pipeline instrument
  • Kibana is a knowledge visualization which completes the ELK stack
  • In cloud-based surroundings infrastructures, efficiency and isolation is essential
  • In ELK stack processing velocity is strictly restricted whereas Splunk provides correct and speedy processes
  • Netflix, LinkedIn, Tripware, Medium all are utilizing ELK stack for his or her enterprise
  • ELK Syslog works finest when logs from varied Apps of an enterprise converge right into a single ELK occasion
  • Completely different parts Within the stack can develop into troublesome to deal with while you transfer on to advanced setup

Refer our ElasticSearch Interview Questions and Solutions for brisker in addition to skilled candidates.

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