what is foam board used for

what is foam board used for

What Is Foam Board?

stacks of white foam core board

Foam board is likely one of the hottest forms of signage that you simply’ve most likely seen in your native grocery store or in malls however most likely by no means knew the title. Foam boards are also referred to as foam core boards, the phrases are normally interchangeable.

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Foam board is a sturdy and light-weight materials that’s straightforward to chop with a pointy craft knife or with an image framing mat cutter. A foam board is often used for mounting prints and pictures and as a backing in image frames.

Most architectural college students use this materials to construct inside design and constructing buildings.

Makes use of of froth board

Lectures, commerce exhibits, displays, and architectural mannequin buildings and buildings can all be accomplished with foam board. Quite a lot of companies use foam board indicators for occasions or to show gross sales for his or her prospects. Different makes use of embrace:

Aisle markers Menu boards Notices Promote gross sales Science truthful and analysis initiatives Picture galleries Foyer décor Moveable signage and the listing goes on…

Foam boards have three layers: an inside layer of polystyrene or polyurethane foam, coated with an outer dealing with on all sides of both a white clay coated paper, cotton archival paper or frequent brown Kraft paper.

Acid-free alpha-cellulose clad boards are among the best foam boards for image frames. They last more and don’t leach acids into the artworks.

Benefits of utilizing foam board

stack of foam board art

Should you’re on the lookout for a sturdy, less-malleable materials, foamboards are supreme. In comparison with different forms of poster boards, foam board has a strong core and is totally inflexible. The fabric lies flat with out help, it may possibly keep straight when propped up or hung and is extremely proof against curling and bending. Foam boards are a greater choice is you’re in quest of a tough poster board.

Foam board can also be very light-weight and is slightly thicker than different forms of poster board.

The froth core contributes to nearly no distinction in its weight. The light-weight attribute of a foam board makes it simpler to maneuver round, show on the wall and for simple storage.

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As a result of it’s light-weight, foam boards are additionally straightforward to print and lower. Photos and designs could be printed straight onto the froth core, and the boards could be simply trimmed to only about any form.

You possibly can laminate or body your foam board for a water-resistant end. And in addition select from a wide range of finishes equivalent to shiny, textured, or matte.

Disadvantages of utilizing foam board

Foam boards are cheap, this implies which you could change it out simply with out breaking the financial institution. That stated, foam boards aren’t the most suitable choice for outside use. It’s inclined to the elements- solar and water, and might simply turn out to be warped, discolored and disintegrated if uncovered to extended UV gentle.

You received’t be capable to dangle a foam board in your toilet or kitchen or anyplace that simply will get damp. Not like different signages like Sintra, foam board is susceptible to put on and tear and can have to be handled with the utmost care.

Thickness and dimension of froth board

There are 4 customary sizes for foam board prints: 8”x 10”, 16”x 20”, 18” x 24”, and 24”x 36”. Foam boards are available in a wide range of colours, thicknesses, and sizes. And the thicker the froth board, the extra physique and stiffness it should have. Whichever thickness you select, foam board is sturdy, robust and could be personalized to any form or dimension.

Thickness of froth board

stack of white and black foam board

1mm and 2mm thick foam boards are the simplest to chop and could be simply hung with a stapler or with holes. This thickness is used for exhibitors or skilled photographers to hold image collage on the wall.

3mm thick foam board is the most suitable choice for displays, lectures or for a temper board. Temper boards utilized by inside stylists or designers could be created with foam boards. Most retailers use such a foam board to create engaging shows.

3mm thick foam boards are additionally a funds choice as they can be utilized for a similar purposes as a 5mm thick foam board. As a result of the panels are cheaper, they’re additionally much less inflexible and straightforward to chop.

5mm thick foam board is the most typical selection. The spine of this selection is the A3-size, which is 42 by 29.7 cm white foam board. This can be utilized for displays, infographics, map, printing particular photos or as a ornament for a room. If the 42 by 29.7 5mm foam board doesn’t lower it for you, 5mm thick foam boards can go as huge as 100 by 140 cm.

10mm thick foam board is used to cowl bigger floor areas. Sizes of 100 by 140 cm upwards would want a ten mm thick foam board, for a most floor space of 140 by 300 cm. The 10mm thick foam board has extra physique and is extra inflexible. This thickness is much less more likely to bend and is the most suitable choice for exhibition stands, theatre efficiency or photoshoots.

Measurement of froth board

8 x 10 foam board dimension is often used to print pictures and for foam board thickness 3/16”.

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16 x 20 foam board dimension is the usual medium poster dimension. Most shops use it to show gross sales, it’s an reasonably priced choice for printing a number of sale indicators.

18 x 24 foam board dimension can also be generally used for promoting and in shops info.

24 x 36 foam board dimension is the usual massive poster dimension. Buying malls normally have this dimension on metallic stands, in addition to film posters.

Foam board printing choices

it is much better to provide your foam core posters to professionals than to stick a paper cut-out onto it. This makes the completed product smoother and prevents separation and bubbles that may occur if you DIY-paste paper to the board. There are three forms of foam core printing;

Double-sided foam core printing: You possibly can both select between single-sided printing or double-sided foam core printing at the next value. Such a print could be seen from either side, particularly when hanging from a ceiling. Laminated foam board prints: Extending the life span of your foam board print could be accomplished by laminating it. Though there’s an additional value, it offers your print a polish end and makes it last more. Heavy obligation poster board: To make the board extra sturdy and inflexible, you may improve from the usual 3/16” core board to ½”foam core board.

Foam board ending choices

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Foam board prints normally both have a matte or shiny end. Matte end is proof against fingerprints and glare-free. Though matte has a delicate, subdued look, it may possibly make high-contrast images look grainy.

Shiny finishes are extra susceptible to fingerprints and glare however can repel moisture simply. The shiny end is often used for top contrast- high-saturation pictures. It’s extra eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing, supreme for film posters, and journal covers.

Foam board mounting

Foam board mounting is the strategy of attaching a photographic picture to a foam board for show. This may be achieved with glue, adhesive spray or double-sided adhesive sheets, nevertheless, many foam boards include self-adhesive coatings.

Distinction Between “Mounting on Foam Board” and “Printing on Foam Core”

Foam core mounting is when a preprinted picture adheres to a foam board. Foam core printing evades the affixing course of and prints the picture straight onto a foam board with the usage of high-quality printing machines. You too can mount on different related boards.

With foam core printing, you get vibrant photographs, lengthen the lifespan and it permits you to lower the paintings into 4 sections for show. Immediately printing on foam board supplies a moisture barrier when the print is laminated. By laminating the print, the probabilities of warping are diminished, which implies it may be displayed open air for longer. If the picture is mounted, it may possibly turn out to be extra inclined to the outside components.

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