what is group 2 called?

what is group 2 called?

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Group 2 incorporates smooth, silver metals which can be much less metallic in character than the Group 1 components. Though many traits are widespread all through the group, the heavier metals corresponding to Ca, Sr, Ba, and Ra are virtually as reactive because the Group 1 Alkali Metals. All the weather in Group 2 have two electrons of their valence shells, giving them an oxidation state of +2. This allows the metals to simply lose electrons, which will increase their stability and permits them to kind compounds by way of ionic bonds. The next diagram exhibits the placement of those metals within the Periodic Desk:

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The desk beneath offers an in depth account of the descriptive chemistry of every of the person components. Discover a rise down the group in atomic quantity, mass, and atomic radius, and a lower down the group for ionization vitality. These widespread periodic traits are constant throughout the entire periodic desk.

Atomic # Mass (g) Oxidation State(s) Electron Configuration Atomic Radius (pm) Ionization Vitality (kJ/mol) Melting Level Boiling Level Flame Shade Magnetic Order Crystal Construction Be 4 9.012 +2 1s22s2 105 899.5

1560 Okay

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2742 Okay None Diamagnetic Hexagonal Mg 12 24.31 +1, +2 [Ne]3s2 150 737.7 923 Okay 1363 Okay Vivid White Paramagnetic Hexagonal Ca 20 40.08 +2 [Ar]4s2 180 589.8 1115 Okay 1757 Okay Orange/ Pink Diamagnetic Face Centered Cubic Sr 38 87.62 +2 [Kr]5s2 200 549.5 1042 Okay 1655 Okay Scarlet Paramagnetic Face Centered Cubic Ba 56 137.3 +2 [Xe]6s2 215 502.9 1000 Okay 2170 Okay Inexperienced Paramagnetic Physique Centered Cubic Ra 88 226.0 +2 [Rn]7s2 215 509.3

973 Okay

2010 Okay ~ Non-magnetic Physique Centered Cubic

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