what is group of turkeys called

what is group of turkeys called

If you’re a chook lover then certainly you’ll be in love with this majestic creature turkey. It seems like a kingly chook of the peacock style.

Since childhood, I’ve been a fan of Turkey’s superb character. I carry on watching this chook for hours and hours on a farm close to my residence. Every time I went near it, I explored one thing new about this superb creature. This text is a positive piece of my latest analysis about one of many essential points of turkey’s social life and a few superb issues concerning the group of turkeys.

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What’s a bunch of turkeys known as? Merely, a bunch of turkeys known as a flock of turkeys or a gang of turkeys. In technical phrases, the gathering of numerous turkeys known as a rafter. Nevertheless, the rafter is used to explain a bunch of domesticated turkeys in poultry not wild. Few different phrases are additionally not often used as a brood of turkeys and dule of turkeys.

Turkeys are principally produced on a big scale in america. Nevertheless, they weren’t native to the US. The meat of turkey is tender and scrumptious. Individuals like to make their barbecues. They’re energetic social creatures. They type teams to guard themselves from predators.

Let’s learn the small print of widespread names of teams of turkeys.

Totally different Group of Turkey Names?

It primarily is dependent upon whether or not you might be speaking a few wild group or poultry breeding turkeys. Protecting this truth in thoughts, there are few quite common names used for a bunch of turkeys. Let’s take a look at one after the other:


Individuals who know little or no typically use the time period gang to symbolize the gathering of this chook. So, chances are you’ll discover children or generally adults name them a gang as a result of once they come collectively they seem like a bunch of gangsters as a result of they’re infamous and don’t worry people in any respect.

This time period is usually used to explain greater than 20 numbers.


You might name the group of turkeys as a rafter. This time period is an informed one. Typically poultry and home breeders use it to symbolize a set of turkey. Nevertheless, you may’t use it for a bunch of species within the wild. Rafter is extensively utilized by US poultry breeders however clients nonetheless don’t know something about it. This phrase got here from greek in English which means sew collectively. The world rafter itself just isn’t new however its utilization as a bunch of turkeys is someway unique.


Have you ever heard the flock of birds within the sky? Sure, this time period is quite common and oldest to symbolize various birds touring collectively. This phrase can be utilized for nearly all flying or non-flying teams of birds. Flock just isn’t a set phrase for birds solely. It can be used for the gathering of individuals in lots of conditions. For hundreds of years it has been used for the massive variety of birds that stay, eat and fly collectively. It can be used for mammals like –

  • Flock of sheep
  • Flock of goat

What Are The Incorrect Names of a Group of Turkeys

Typically folks consult with this group with incorrect names. The rationale behind this false impression is just a lack of know-how. There are two mistaken phrases used for the naming group of turkeys

  • Gaggle
  • Google

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Gaggle is time period particular for a bunch of geese, not turkeys. Geese typically utter gagging sounds. For this they’re gaggle.

Gooble has no which means, no historical past no affiliation in context with turkeys. So, each these phrases are simply mistaken methods to name a bunch of turkeys.

What’s The Story Behind Why a Group of Turkey is Referred to as Rafter

Everytime you hear the phrase rafter, it comes shortly in your thoughts from the place this phrase got here from? What’s the background story behind this time period?

One other supply is the Arabic phrase raff which implies woven enclosure. It is usually associated carefully to the phrase roof which means sheltering.

If you happen to observe a bunch of untamed turkeys they appear to be trotting for shelter alongside the woods. From distance, they give the impression of being stay woven or sew collectively in a disciplined manner. For that reason, the group of turkeys is known as rafter.

What’s a Group of Child Turkeys Referred to as

What should you name child turkey as a child chook? However you is perhaps curious to know the official time period for a bunch of child turkeys.

The Group of child turkeys known as poults or chicks. This time period is derived by poultry breeders and sometimes shoppers don’t perceive it in any respect child turkeys look very cute identical to chicks. They transfer close to the mom chook as they’re delicate sufficient and cant defend themselves from predators.

For domesticated breeders child birds are poults. For wild and non-domesticated immature younger ones chances are you’ll use the time period chick additionally. There are not any arduous and quick guidelines about naming this animal group, If you happen to do any mistake, no person will punish you. Consider me.

What’s a Massive Group of Turkeys Referred to as

Turkeys are social animals that like to type teams. Each wild and home turkeys want to stay and fly collectively for security. Typically they might type a big group of 20-40. This occurs extra in home birds and fewer within the wild. Rafter is a technical time period used for giant teams of turkeys. This time period is derived from the phrase raft which implies “massive assortment of one thing”.

James Lipton, a famend chook lover first used this time period for the outline of a giant group of turkeys in his writings. Now within the USA breeders use it fairly often.

What Do You Name a Group of Turkeys

The expressive time period is a gang and the technical time period is rafter. Nevertheless few collective nouns are additionally there that are not often used for a bunch of turkeys. All these collective nouns are right from the language standpoint. Nevertheless, some are quite common whereas others are least widespread. Let’s see these collective nouns –

  • “Brood of Turkeys”
  • “Dule of Turkeys”
  • “Flock of Turkeys”
  • “Raffle of Turkeys”
  • “Rafter of Turkeys”

What Do You Name a Bunch of Turkeys

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Merely a bunch of turkeys is a flock and gang. Turkeys are intensely energetic birds with aggressive personalities. To watch their social behaviors, I typically stand behind bars in poultry homes. They transfer in the direction of meals in a bunch whereas females observe child birds. They all the time appear to type a bunch or teams. If you realize little, chances are you’ll name them solely a bunch of turkeys, the flock of turkeys. Children might even name them chicks or teams of turkeys.

What Do You Name a Flock of Turkeys

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Often Requested Questions (Faqs)

What’s a bunch of turkeys known as gaggle?

No, a bunch of turkeys isn’t known as a gaggle. Solely the group of geese known as a gaggle. It’s a false impression anyhow.

What number of turkeys are in a rafter?

In rafter, chances are you’ll discover as few as two turkeys and as massive as 40 turkeys. It is dependent upon how a lot they’re there within the poultry farm cage at the moment.

Why is it known as a rafter of turkeys?

The Phrase rafter is derived from the Greek phrase raft which implies” Massive in quantity”. James Lipton’s first named group of turkeys as a rafter.

What’s a bunch of ravens known as?

Ravens are the identify of symbolic crow whereas a bunch of ravens is termed as unkindness and conspiracy. Since ravens are related historically with creepy habits.

What’s the mistaken identify of a bunch of turkeys?

Gooble and gaggles are incorrect names for a bunch of turkeys. Gaggle refers to a bunch of geese, not turkeys. Equally, gooble is the mistaken phrase and has nothing to do with turkeys.

Ultimate Phrases

For chook lovers, what’s a group of turkeys known as is a really attention-grabbing and informative article. It covers virtually all doable names prompt for the gathering of turkeys.

After studying this you may determine that flock and gang are extensively used for wild teams whereas rafter is the fashionable time period for various domesticated turkeys in poultry. All this data is genuine and picked up from unique sources. If you happen to discover it useful, do share it with your mates.

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