what is horse gram called in hindi

what is horse gram called in hindi

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SCIENTIFIC NAME : Vigna Unguiculata

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MEDICINAL VALUE : Helpful in cough, respiratory issues, flatulation, hicups, stones and fever. Eliminates germs and worms. Relieves piles.

NUTRIENT VALUE : Wealthy in power, moisture, protein, fats, carbohydrates and so on

CULINERY AND OTHER VALUES : Horse grams are utilized in many dishes like maharashtrian usal, salads, soups, curries, and so on.

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GLOSSARY : English : Horse Gram Tamil : Kollu Malayalam : Mudhira Telugu : Ulavalu Kannada : Hurule Hindi : Kulthi / Hulthi Bengali : Kulthi-Kalai Gujarati : Kuleeth Konkani : Kuleetu / Kulith Marathi : Kuleeth Oriya : Kolatha Tulu : Kudu

Recipes with Horse Gram:

1) Horse Gram Chutney Horse Gram Chutney 2) Muthira (Horse Gram) Chammanthi: Muthira (Horse Gram) Chammanthi: 3) Ginger Horse Gram Tea Ginger Horse Gram Tea 4) Kollu ( Horse Gram) Puli Kuzhambu Kollu ( Horse Gram) Puli Kuzhambu 5) Muthira (Horse Gram) With Coconut Muthira (Horse Gram) With Coconut

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