what is it called when your heart skips a beat

what is it called when your heart skips a beat

Whereas we might say our coronary heart skips a beat in the case of falling in love. However when your coronary heart actually skips a beat, it’s referred to as an arrhythmia.

Day in and time out, you probably don’t discover your heartbeat in any respect, particularly if it’s functioning usually. Nonetheless, if you expertise stress otherwise you’re performing strenuous train, you could discover a better coronary heart price and even sensations of fluttering in your chest.

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Nonetheless, for people dwelling with an arrhythmia, emotions and sensations reminiscent of this may increasingly happen with none exertion or stress in any respect.

“Put merely, arrhythmia is the medical identify for an irregular heartbeat,” says Shalabh Chandra, MD, an electrophysiologist at Georgia Coronary heart Institute. “There are numerous totally different types of arrhythmias that may trigger your coronary heart to beat too rapidly, too slowly or irregularly.”

If you happen to’ve been recognized with an arrhythmia, is it a critical well being situation? Dr. Chandra solutions that query and gives key insights about this widespread coronary heart situation beneath:

Q: What precisely is an arrhythmia?

Dr. Chandra: The guts’s electrical system is what coordinates every heartbeat and coordinates the contracting and pumping between its chambers. Nonetheless, when that system is disrupted or not functioning appropriately as a consequence of harm, illness or different elements, this may trigger your heartbeat to turn out to be irregular.

In some instances, an irregular heartbeat could also be non permanent and can come and go (episodic) or it may be current on a regular basis (persistent).

Q: What are the various kinds of arrhythmia?

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Dr. Chandra: When your coronary heart beats too quick, it’s referred to as tachycardia. When your coronary heart beats too gradual, it’s referred to as bradycardia. When your coronary heart beats too early, it’s referred to as untimely contraction. And when your coronary heart beats erratically, it’s referred to as fibrillation.

You’ll have heard about atrial fibrillation, the most typical kind of arrhythmia, which is when your coronary heart beats erratically and quick.

Q: What causes an arrhythmia?

Dr. Chandra: An irregular heartbeat can have many causes. In case your coronary heart has ever “skipped a beat” if you’re anxious about one thing, you understand that your psychological well being can have an effect on your coronary heart.

The truth is, arrhythmias can have bodily, emotional and genetic causes, and in lots of instances, it’s a mixture of a number of various factors. This will embrace all the pieces from different medical or heart-related situations or thyroid issues.

There’s additionally an necessary distinction between triggers and causes. For people experiencing arrhythmia episodes, there are specific elements that may set off an irregular heartbeat, reminiscent of dehydration, caffeine and stress.

Q: Do arrhythmias have signs?

Dr. Chandra: If you expertise an irregular heartbeat, you’ll probably discover some sensation in your chest and/or coronary heart. Relying on the kind of arrhythmia, it could really feel like a skipped beat, fluttering or pounding within the chest.

Persistent arrhythmias could cause different signs to develop, together with fatigue or weak spot, dizziness, lightheadedness, fainting, shortness of breath, sweating and chest ache or stress.

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As a result of these signs overlap with these of a coronary heart assault, it’s necessary to be evaluated by a medical supplier. If you happen to’re recognized with an arrhythmia, your medical supplier can advocate whether or not therapy is important and what kind of therapy is finest in your distinctive wants.

Q: Is an arrhythmia harmful?

Dr. Chandra: It relies upon. Sooner or later, each particular person experiences an arrhythmia, which most likely seems like your coronary heart is fluttering or racing.

In lots of instances, these irregular heartbeats are innocent and can resolve on their very own. However once they happen persistently, they are often critical.

When your coronary heart’s rhythm is disrupted, it isn’t pumping oxygenated blood effectively, which might trigger hurt to the guts and the remainder of the physique.

In case your coronary heart beats too quick, for instance, the guts’s ventricles might “quiver,” which might trigger an abrupt lack of coronary heart perform referred to as sudden cardiac arrest. Different arrhythmias may also lead to extra critical well being situations; having atrial fibrillation is related to a tremendously elevated danger of stroke.

Q: How are arrhythmias handled?

Dr. Chandra: Whereas arrhythmias could be advanced and critical, we now have a sturdy array of diagnostics and therapy choices obtainable to deal with each kind of coronary heart rhythm dysfunction.

At Georgia Coronary heart Institute, we now have an skilled workforce of fellowship-trained electrophysiologists – specialists specializing within the therapy of arrhythmias – together with superior observe suppliers, all working collectively to successfully diagnose and deal with your arrhythmia.

Study extra concerning the revolutionary and complete providers we provide – and simply schedule your appointment on-line immediately!

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