what is long grain rice used for

what is long grain rice used for

For those who’ve ever stopped to check out simply what number of differing kinds and types of rice there are in your native grocery retailer aisle, you’ll know there are various. And it will possibly typically be somewhat overwhelming making an attempt to inform the distinction between all of them. So, to make issues simpler, we’ve put collectively a fast information to rice so as to learn to select which rice selection is greatest in your subsequent recipe and keep away from making any errors like having mushy rice or sticky rice in your rice salad.

Let’s begin with the fundamentals.

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Rice Size

The very first thing it is advisable learn about rice is that it is available in 3 most important lengths: lengthy grain, medium grain and brief grain. Lengthy grain rice tends to prepare dinner up mild, fluffy and separate when cooked relatively than clumping collectively. Medium grain rice tends to prepare dinner up moist and tender whereas brief grain rice tends to clump collectively when cooked and kinds what is named glutinous rice. Though all rice is of course Gluten Free, glutinous refers to its glue-like or sticky rice texture.

Lengthy Grain Rice

So, now that you realize in regards to the size and properties of lengthy grain rice, how will you discover it and what are you able to do with it?

White Rice

Mahatma® Further Lengthy Grain White Rice is a conventional selection for cooking and extremely versatile because it has a impartial taste and a lightweight and fluffy texture with a starchy composition. For greatest outcomes, use white rice in your stir fries, casseroles, rice pilafs and stuffings. It really works completely for every thing from a easy Road Corn and Rice facet dish to creating Fluffy Rice Pancakes for breakfast.

Traditional Mexican Rice made with White Rice, Peas and Tomatoes
Conventional Mexican Rice with White Rice

How you can prepare dinner White Rice? 2 cups of water per every cup of rice, (2:1) ratio.

Brown Rice

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Mahatma® Brown Rice has a signature brown shade as a result of it’s 100% entire grain and harvested with its cereal and bran layer intact, giving it a extra nutty taste and chewy texture. When cooked, the lengthy grain rice stays fluffy and separate making it good for casseroles, salads and stuffings. Because it provides an entire grain contact to meals, many desire this rice selection for rice salads like this Mango Rooster Rice Salad with contemporary greens.

How you can prepare dinner Brown Rice? 2 ¼ cups of water per every cup of rice, (2¼:1) ratio.

Basmati Rice

Mahatma® Basmati Rice is a flavorful and fragrant selection and when cooked, the lengthy grains keep slender and separate making it good for stuffing, rice salads and even rice puddings. The truth is, the standard recipe for Arroz con Leche, or rice pudding, is made utilizing these rice grains for his or her potential to soak up all the scrumptious candy flavors of the creamy milk, cinnamon and sugar.

How you can prepare dinner Basmati Rice? 1¾ cups of water per every cup of rice, (1¾:1) ratio.

Thai Jasmine Rice

Diced tomato with canned tuna and Jasmine rice
Jasmine Rice with Tomato and Tuna

Mahatma® Thai Jasmine Rice is historically grown in Thailand, the place it will get its identify. This selection is one other lengthy grain rice with an fragrant, floral and unique taste that cooks up moist with a delicate texture good to pair with spices in a rice pilaf, rice salad, stir fry or fried rice dish. Because the lengthy grains keep separate when cooked, the flavour is distributed evenly making it ultimate for a dish of Jasmine Rice with Tuna and Tomato.

How you can prepare dinner Jasmine Rice? 1½ cups of water per every cup of rice, (1½:1) ratio.

Medium grain

Our subsequent rice size is shorter and wider than lengthy grain rice and is taken into account medium on the stickiness scale, making it ultimate for each creamy Italian risottos and savory Spanish Paella dishes.


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Though it’s now grown in lots of components of the world, this rice selection is native to Italy and mostly present in conventional Italian consolation meals like Risotto. For this rice, it’s suggested to not rinse beforehand because it comprises mandatory starches which might be launched when warmth is added giving the dish a creamy texture. Mahatma® Medium Grain Arborio Rice is specifically crafted for risottos like this Chorizo and Manchego Risotto.

How you can prepare dinner Arborio Rice? 2 cups of water per every 1 cup of rice, (2:1) ratio.

Parboiled Medium Grain

Paella with Canned Tuna and Artichoke served with lime wedges
Tuna and Artichoke Paella with Parboiled Medium Grain Rice

Mahatma® Parboiled Medium Grain Rice is partially cooked in its inedible husk to assist preserve a better content material of vitamins. This selection cooks up tender and barely chewy with a scrumptious style good for a Spanish Paella dish because it absorbs all the scrumptious flavors.

How you can prepare dinner Parboiled Rice? 2 cups of water per every 1 cup of rice, (2:1) ratio.

Brief Grain

Our third size is the roundest, shortest and widest of the three varieties and by far the stickiest. That is the rice you wish to use when making sushi or rice balls.

Glutinous Rice

Sticky Rice Tuna Poke Bowl with Edamame, Carrots and Asparagus
Tuna Poke Bowl with Sushi Rice

This rice tends to prepare dinner up softer and the starch content material helps it to bind, turning into extra compact, making it good for sticky rice and making rolled meals like sushi or onigiri. Use Mahatma® Brief Grain Rice to make your subsequent Vegetarian Sushi Roll or should you’re not fairly as much as the problem, begin out with one thing tasty and easy like a Tuna Poke Bowl with Sticky Rice.

How you can prepare dinner Sushi Rice? 1½ cups of water per every 1 cup of rice, (1 ½:1) ratio.

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