what is magma cream used for in minecraft

what is magma cream used for in minecraft

In Minecraft, magma cream is a peculiar merchandise that has devoted use in potion brewing. It is also used within the crafting of magma blocks.

Created both by combining blaze powder and slimeballs within the crafting menu or earned by killing and looting magma cubes, magma cream does not have an enormous array of makes use of.

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Nonetheless, magma cream’s inclusion in Potions of Fireplace Resistance can assist hold Minecraft gamers alive within the Nether and the Overworld.

Minecraft: All present makes use of for magma cream

Magma cream may not have as many applications as some materials, but it is particularly helpful in potion brewing (Image via Mojang).

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As of Minecraft 1.17, magma cream is used for 3 major capabilities:

  • The creation of mundane potions.
  • The brewing of Potions of Fireplace Resistance.
  • The development of magma blocks.

As soon as gamers have acquired their wanted magma cream, it may be utilized within the following methods:

  • To create a secular potion, place the magma cream within the high slot of a brewing stand whereas setting a water bottle in one of many bottle slots on the underside of the brewing interface. Make sure that the brewing stand has sufficient blaze powder to gasoline it, in any other case the potion will not be brewed.
  • To create a Potion of Fireplace Resistance, place the magma cream within the topmost slot of the brewing stand whereas putting a clumsy potion (created by combining Nether Wart and a water bottle within the brewing stand) in one of many bottle slots on the backside. After a brief brewing course of, the potion might be prepared to be used.
  • To assemble a magma block with magma cream, merely open a crafting menu on a crafting desk and place 4 magma lotions in a sq. form within the bottom-left of the crafting grid.

Although these are presently the one makes use of for magma cream in vanilla Minecraft, Mojang is all the time altering and enhancing upon the sport’s huge assortment of things. It’s completely potential that magma cream may get hold of extra makes use of sooner or later.

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Magma cream has existed since Minecraft: Java Version model 1.0, so it has endured and been by way of loads of adjustments already. Nonetheless, a number of extra are completely potential over the sport’s lengthy lifespan.

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