what is meid number used for

what is meid number used for

Cell Gear IDentifiers (MEID)

A Cell Gear IDentifier (MEID) is a globally distinctive 56-bit identification quantity for a bodily piece of cellular station tools. Gear identifiers are “burned” into a tool and needs to be proof against modification. They’re used to facilitate cellular tools identification and monitoring. Moreover, MEID multi-mode assignments are coordinated with Worldwide Cell Gear Identifiers (IMEIs), facilitating international roaming and harmonization between 3G, 4G and 5G applied sciences as a common cellular tools identifier.

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The MEID is a 14-digit hexadecimal worth. The MEID is able to being transmitted over the air upon a request from the community and consists primarily of two fundamental elements, the producer code and the serial quantity, as follows:

manufacturer code and serial number

All fields are outlined as hexadecimal values with the next legitimate vary.

  • RR – legitimate vary A0 . FF – globally administered
  • XXXXXX – legitimate vary 000000. FFFFFF
  • ZZZZZZ – legitimate vary 000000. FFFFFF
  • C – legitimate vary 0. F – Not transmitted over the air.
  • Within the case of MEIDs for terminals designed to adjust to each 3GPP and 3GPP2 specs (i.e., multimode terminals), all these fields are outlined as decimal values with the next legitimate vary:
  • RR – legitimate vary ’99’, ’98’, ’97’. – globally administered
  • XXXXXX – legitimate vary 0981830117 9
  • ZZZZZZ – legitimate vary 0981830117 9
  • C – legitimate vary 0 . 9 – Not transmitted over the air.

MEID Administration

TIA serves because the International Hexadecimal Administrator (GHA) to assign MEID producer codes. TIA is the only International Administrator with authority to assign a Hexadecimal MEID.

TIA additionally coordinates with the Worldwide Cell Gear Identifier (IMEI) International Decimal Administrator (GDA), the GSM Affiliation, when TIA administers Decimal IMEI/MEID codes for multi-mode tools. The TIA Requirements Committee TR-45 ESN/UIM/MEID Advert Hoc, in cooperation with 3GPP2, efficiently labored with the wi-fi business to help the graceful transition from ESN to MEID. The next library of MEID paperwork is meant to help the MEID understanding and migration from the finite ESN numbering useful resource to MEID:

  • TIA White Paper on the Exhaust of Digital Serial Numbers (ESNs) and Migration to Cell Gear Identifiers (MEIDs) (November 2007; 6 pages; 70KB)

MEID Assignments

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The International Hexadecimal Administrator (GHA) administrator’s report could also be obtainable to materially- and directly-affected events through the TIA MEID database the place a login and password credentials are required.

MEID Tips and Course of

  • The MEID project course of is compliant with the MOBILE EQUIPMENT IDENTIFIER (MEID) GHA (International Hexadecimal Administrator) Project Tips and Procedures
  • TIA_Global Wi-fi Gear Numbering Admin Procedures v3.0

MEID Software Course of

There’s a charge for submitting MEID software assignments. The charge chart is out there right here. Candidates are required to request MEID assignments from the GHA by finishing and transmitting FORM A. As soon as the shape is acquired, the GHA will inform the applicant of the required charge. Assignments will NOT be processed till fee has been acquired.

MEID Varieties

FORM A – Cell Gear Identifier (MEID) Software Type: Candidates are requested to obtain and print and are required to fill out this type to use for Cell Gear Identifiers (MEID). Accomplished types needs to be mailed to admin@newurbanhabitat.com.

FORM C – Cell Gear Identifier Use Declaration: Assignees are required to make use of this type to tell the MEID GHA of MEID MFR Code deployment.

FORM D – Request for Change in Cell Gear Identifier Info: Assignees are required to make use of this type to tell the MEID GHA of any modifications within the contact info on file for the MEID project. The MEID GHA will talk affirmation that this modification has been made by responding with FORM E: Affirmation of Change in Cell Gear Identifier Project Info.

FORM F – Cell Gear Identifier Project Return: Assignees are required to make use of this type to return to the GHA, any MEID MFR Code now not wanted for the manufacturing of cellular stations (MSs), any MEID MFR Code not deployed inside the time interval specified, together with extensions, or any MEID MFR Code not utilized in conformance with these project pointers.

FORM G – Certification of Compliance with MEID Tips: Assignees are required to make use of this type to speak to the GHA, on an annual foundation, compliance with the MEID Tips.

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TIA MEID Database Log-In

TIA MEID Administrator Contacts:

John Derr, Director Numbering Administrator Regulatory Affairs



Cathy Wang, MEID Administrator – Asia-Pacific Area



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